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Sep 3, 2015

No More Heroes Anthology

"Power is Nothing When You Do Nothing."​

The first case of human beings having “powers” appeared during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. A man named Nally Barre shattered the world record of the 200 metres race in .002 seconds, shocking the entire world. After the event, more humans started showing signs of having extraordinary abilities: some can bend fire at will, manipulate objects with a thought, or achieved incredible strength beyond normal human standard. By the early 2000s, there was a significant population growth of humans with powers, dubbing them as “Specials” to classified them.

The existence of Specials resulted a panic about their impact on society. Due to the nature of their abilities, they can perform duties easily and faster than normal humans, making them favorable for companies in the job market. Along with social and political issue, it also became an economic issue. In the United States, there was a special interest group that looked to pass legislation to regulate the agency of Specials to ensure some form of balance. Furthermore, special interest group launched a series of attacks on Specials, labeling them as dangerous due to superior power over normal humans; citing that if one were to go on a rampage, it would lead to catastrophic results.

Tensions continues well into the Bush Administration; hatred, fear, paranoia, envy, jealously; all these negative emotions became a central front to control these collections of powered humans, it managed to push some legislation action against Specials and their usage of powers. Specials were banned from all sporting events, hard labor jobs, military and government positions. Although these laws fell to obscurity under the Obama Administration, hatred of Specials continued to grow rapidly.

In 2012, a Special who calls himself Origin, launched a series of attacks in the Bismarck, North Dakota; easily dismantling half of the population. After a long, hard fight, he was eventually killed by police force and a special, who later became Unstoppable-Man, in their ranks to put him down. Although only a minority of specials committed crimes—this event sparks an outrage from not only Americans, but citizens across the planet calling for major action against Specials.

One of the major driving points of dealing with Specials occurred in the United Nation meeting; backed with support from many countries, it created a division of highly trained Specials, known as the Special Task Force, tasked with cracking down out-of-control specials. There were plentiful of successes, but the hatred did not stop growing, especially in the United States.

In 2017, there were two orders on the regulation of specials: to construct a sanctuary to house out-of-control specials for rehabilitation, which according to the president in his speech in Oregon:

The President said:
“These people; I mean, these specials, let me tell you…. This construction is not a concentration camp, because the word concentration…camp does not even fall in my vocab. This place is good for these specials, because if they behave, you know, like good Americans, they get out better than ever. Therefore, I do not even see the point of them even complaining about because they are stronger, better and faster than us, but not smarter because they do not think the positives. Besides, they are still humans; they can be killed by bullets just like you and me and I got big guns, if they see me coming, I am going be locking and loading. You know what I am saying; these are for out-of-control specials, so we can make sure they are not trying to destroy this country. Let me tell you, if I had powers, I’ll be grabbing everything in sight, let me tell you.” 
The construction site, known as "Specials’ Rehabilitation Center”, is a gigantic area place in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas. Its purpose was to reform “out-of-control” Specials and integrate into society, but this is nothing more than a ruse, a facade to hide the truth of the matter. Any specials that were involved in any problem, no matter how insignificant, were forced to be in the center on a permanent basis; especially those with problematic abilities. Support such as reasonable food or services were constantly late or not up to standard of safety issues.

The second order is that if a Special completed the program, they have a choice of becoming a hero (a celebrity status), joined the elite squad or live regular lives with powers limited. It is a very selective process—only a few specials managed to get it.

There were Various complaints over the past two years in the center, but it went on ignored in the United States and the rest of the world. Outside countries saw success of the program and start sending their unwanted Specials there to wipe their hands clean of the issue. Overtime, the center became a prison in a sense; once a Special enters, it is impossible to get out. If a special managed to escaped, they will be dragged back by an elite squad.

Yet, despite the horrors and unfavorable conditions Special faced, there is a group, known as the Busters Organization, led by the young, strong-willed girl named Susie Charm, who looked to bring peace between humans and specials; showing that specials can be a benefit for the world, becoming heroes just like in the comics.

Essential Information

Specials’ Rehabilitation Center 

Specials’ Rehabilitation Center is a gigantic, educational institution complex, found in Nowhere, Kansas. The main goal of the institution is to reform out-of-control Specials and integrate them into society as proper citizens. Once they passed all the required testing and criteria, they are processed and able to return to outside world as either entertainers under the Heroes program, a member of the Special Task Force or become regular, everyday citizens with strict monitoring and limited usages of their powers.

It has several departments with a focused field—each has their own building: a therapy section, a medical section, an educational section, a physical section, a mess hall, room and board and isolation room. In many ways, it shares similarities to that of a standard federal prison. It can hold around 7,000 people at once at a time (excluding the staff).

There is a dedicated building, paid by the United Nations, for the Special Task Force (United States). They kept a watchful eye on the Specials Rehabilitation Center, making sure there no escapees or rampaging Specials making an absolute scene. 

The grandmaster of the entire center is Morisa Theresa, a religious woman who is convinced that the powers is the work of Satan and looked to banish those abilities out of them so they can become humans once more. She’d personally approves nearly any method asked by the medical staff on the Specials—she considered such treatments blessing for, as she referred them as, “devils”. She forced religious education onto the educational department to test Specials the ways of God and forced them to contempt and pray for forgiven for their sinful births. There are multiple rumors towards her being abusive towards patients, including children, failure to supervise the medical staff’s ethics, making deals with the wealthy and the sort.

For example, there were rumors of Theresa letting the wealthy employed specials into their organization as means for protection—as long they committed to make sure of them in a way that impressed the lord. Another rumor is the treatment of patients in the medical department. The doctors became overly obsessive on what causes humans to gain abilities, either study extensively on uncommon powers, such as psionics or matter manipulation or run destructive experiments and trials on patients to the point that they received mental damage of their torture. Various independent organization cited the unethical practices draws in doctors who wished to perform their unruly desires to what makes someone kicked. Despite these reports, hardly is ever done due to the unpleasant nature of Specials towards the public eye.

Some doctors also became obsessed on the theory that "Specials" have an inherited desired to destroy things, but nothing fruitful came out of it since it is nothing more than a croak theory, but the people seemingly believe that they are naturally prone to commit crimes despite no evidence supporting it. Hence the physical department often times forced Specials with uncommon powers to constantly give their all to see them reach their absolute limit.

In the therapy building, the therapists tried to find the source of their anger, their reasoning for attack and tried to make them understand their actions. In the end of their required sessions, whether group or singular, all of them would get some form of medication for their problems. It works wonders for some but made things worse for others.

Lastly, the Isolation room is for Specials too dangerous to interact with others and themselves. As of now, there are no reports aside from rumors here and there about the isolation rooms.

All Specials must partake in the daily events in some fashion, including the educational courses. Once their therapy sessions are over, they are free to join a group therapy session for additional support—or not. However, to leave the complete, they must take a psychological examination to see if they are considered fit to be released from the center. 

Once a Special successfully becomes rehabilitated they have a choice of becoming entertainers (Heroes Program), become regular citizens with their usage of abilities to a minimal or join the Special Task Force.

Heroes Program

Although Specials are barred from obtaining employment in hard labor, military and government positions, they are often employed by various organizations for entertainment purposes. Heroes Program allows Specials to become “heroes”; celebrities with the sole purpose of entertaining the people, work with police force to stop petty crime and clean up the community. This is an extremely selective process that based upon looks, favorable power and behavior acceptable to the people. Unstoppable-Man is an example of this where he gained recognition for defeating Origin in the Bismarck Massacre. 

The Special Task Force

The Special Task Force is a group of powerful Specials, employed and trained by the United Nations, to deal with specials that goes on a rampage. They have a base in the United States, Japan, Botswana, Germany and Chile; all of them funded directly from United Nations. Their purpose is to disable all specials and bring them to the Specials’ Rehabilitation Center in Nowhere, Kansas, or killed them when they are proven to be too dangerous. 

The Specials in the Task Force is an antithesis to the Busters Organization; they are not interested of bringing peace, but instead, simply enjoying the fruits of benefits they get for being on the team. Some of them harbor hatred of against Specials; there are reports that few members killed specials when there is no reason to do so but most people turned a blind eye on this. It is said that the Special Task Force (United States) has the most killed count for dealing with rampaging specials. 

The Busters Organization 

The Busters Organization was founded by Susie Charm in 2015. The original purpose of the organization was aiding Specials with various problems and issues that affected their lives. They offered community work, goods and resources to Specials abandoned by their love ones or in troubled with the law. Unlike the Special Task Force, highly trained individuals suited to combat Specials, the Busters followed an olive branch approach of settling things; the means of violence is treated as a last-ditch choice.

However, the goals of the organization shifted when the Specials Rehabilitation Center opened in the second half of 2017. The Busters Organization were the most prominent voice in protesting the construction of the site. It claimed the center encourages discrimination, allows the stereotypes to flourish in the minds of people and further alienated Specials with real problems. Despite voicing their concerns and reasoning, the construction was built and plenty of Specials across the world were sent there. This led Susie Charm to expand the organization more to not only helping Specials, but humans alike.

The first goal is showing off that Specials can help contribute to society in plentiful ways without interfering. The second goal is including humans into the mix, tackling their issues to show off the first goal more prominent. In Susie’s eyes, this is way to create a “true hero society” unlike the Heroes Programs that makes them celebrity entertainers, rather than actual heroes.

Originally, they had their base set up in Lander, Wyoming but they moved their base near the center, as a way of encouragement for Specials who completed the program, can go to the Busters and joined in their cause. In terms of size, if the Special Task Base can be comparable to a hospital, the Busters Organization base is comparable to a clinic—the Busters do not have the luxury of having a large staff, but their hearts are in the right place. They offered room and board in a sense, but it is extremely limited.

Oddly, the Busters Organization is growing to become quite popular in the states; even in other countries, small groups are talking about the Busters Organization and their ambitions for their cause. The most significant case of a Special who referred himself as “Mr. Sound”, bringing him to justice for all the crimes he’d committed. It is one of the reasons why the United States Government nor the Special Task Force have not done anything against them—it could potentially make them martyrs if they shut their operations down prematurely.
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