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Sep 3, 2015

No More Heroes’ Grand Return

No More Heroes Anarchy is a revival and a complete reboot of the original No More Heroes and No More Heroes Rebirth series. Before I ended the original series, I contemplating idea of either continue No More Heroes but on a more refresher ground (a complete reboot) or end it before becomes too over bloated; I chose the latter because I thought a complete reboot would turn players off who been contributing to the story for three amazing years. However, after seeing a resurgence of the Fallen Empire, perhaps players are more than willingly to do a reboot on stuff. 

In short, NMHA will be a complete reboot of the entire series; the story takes a different, darker path; key elements will revamped and/or change; characters, by players’ discretion, can see new revisions or different takes of their personalities.

The Chapter System

A first time for this particular RP series is the introduction of the chapter system (recommended by Loopy, first brought in by Vegetto). In the chapter system, whenever a chapter/arc concludes, the thread will closed (moved to Museum) as a new one takes its place. This allows readers an easier time reading a thread with a set number of posts without having to shovel through hundreds of pages for a particular arc and/or scene.

Each chapter will focus on a particular theme; centers around the Busters solving a problem the best way they can. Based on that, players can introduce a villain (remember, you can only have three characters max) that introduce a theme that involves the Busters to tackle; these themes can be anything. However, you must discuss with kind of concepts with me so we can iron out the details. Of course, you will not be able to introduce your villain until the next 3 arcs so players can see the swing of things of how it works in action.

Finally, all the chapter threads will show up in No More Heroes Anthology via links.

The Premise

The Busters Organization is a group of Specials who banded together to deal with problematic specials in their own way in hopes of changing the public opinion on them. However, their activity is increasingly becoming more dangerous as their popularity increased, drawing in unwanted foes. 

Important Links
General Notes
  • Specials are human beings; despite having powers, bullets and such will still kill them.
  • The story will not be on hold. So if you do not post within the week, we will skip you. 
  • Do not introduce outer-space elements or anything of the sort. Galactic Ruins has all that space magic.
  • Do not metagame, powerplay, godmodding or bunnymodding.
  • Expanding metagaming, do not mix your knowledge with IC (in character) with OOC (out-of-character information), your character(s) do not know everything.
  • The maximum character limit is 3; you can choose to introduce a new one if one dies, but they cannot be used until the next chapter.
  • Need help figuring out your power? Check the Power Wikia.
  • Do not introduce your "new story" as an arc without approval.
  • For three arcs, the villains will be maintain by me; players will have a chance to introduce their villain in the future.
Done! Thanks to your suggestion, it became No More Heroes Anarchy :maybe:
Why does everything have to be so dark when it comes to Shine?! Well... it's Shine, what do I expect? B|

I'm excited to see what kind of new changes will be falling around when you make the RP. I seriously can't wait! Be sure to update these with the juicy details.  :pimp:
\No More Heroes Anarchy will be different of how the original No More Heroes began; a bit more focused on deconstruction, less obscure references to animes and more focused on the aspect of heroes itself. My plan is to make it emotional for the players to get invested in, truly feel how their characters feel. :thonk:
The last NMH made me cry! Don't you think about hurting us even more. B|

Is it okay for us to bring the same character/powers but switch up their personality? I might have to think up some new-ish characters... Also, can we claim a power for future characters?  :think:
Yes. You can claim the power for future characters, if they are registered. If you didn't have them register, then it doesn't count. Powers will be "first come, first served" type of thing.​
ShineCero said:
Yes. You can claim the power for future characters, if they are registered. If you didn't have them register, then it doesn't count. Powers will be "first come, first served" type of thing.​

Ah, I see! Alright, I guess I can improvise for a new character I have in mind. 
ShineCero said:
Soon, my child. Soon :kat:

I'm the only one who can call Loopy my child. B|
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