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Sep 3, 2015
This is a general thread that discuss all things related to any future Nintendo Directs. You can speculate, talk about the games and your overall thoughts of the presentation. You can also post any potential leaks/rumors, but please be mindful and take everything with a grain of salt!

As of now, we are getting an Nintendo Direct tomorrow:

The September Nintendo Direct will be broadcast on Nintendo’s YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter channels at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET. Nintendo says the presentation will last roughly 40 minutes.

We know that Pokemon Sword and Shield is getting an presentation, along with Luigi Mansion. I'm expecting some games that benefit the Nintendo Switch Lite and maybe a little more insight on the new Animal Crossing game. What are your thoughts and hopes about this one?
I can't wait since this will be right on our birthday. Let's see what new stuff Pokemon SW/SH will bring to the table. I also can't wait to see what other stuff Nintendo has in store for us. Maybe it involves that Overwatch tweet they put up?  :think:
Nintendo did say that they are only focusing on 2019 games for right now... but considering that the entire thing is about 40 minutes long... I have my doubts that they won't show anything new for next year, me thinks.

I don't know if Overwatch will come to the switch, but I think it's rather strange that they instantly delete a tweet about the bag of all things. And the fact that it's coming out in a week or 2... :thonk:
I think that half of the airing time will be for Luigis Mansion and Pokemon.. other half I literally dont know. Maybe new Smash Character and Overwatch... other than that Idk since most stuff I was looking forward to is already released or releasing next month. But excited nonetheless!
I'm thinking that we could get an official reveal for the starters, but usually, when a Pokemon game is in a Direct, it doesn't get that much attention (in comparison to its own direct, if you catch my drift). Hopefully we see more towns and more Gym Leaders though.

Not really interested in LM3... Overwatch character in Smash is going to be hilarious lol
Whelp, it's confirmed. Overwatch is coming to the Switch next month according to this article. OW character in Smash... imagine the god damn salt mine.
For those who haven't seen it:


Yeah, I was holding out for an Overwatch character in Smash or a second OW game, but this is fine too. Gyro controls, like Splatoon, is godsend for these types of games. Let’s hope they enable cross-platform and saves.

There was a lot of stuff, especially Pokémon (let’s save that for its own thread) in the Direct. Usually ports and indie games, such as Devil May Cry 2 coming to the Switch. Xenoblade Chronicles is also getting a port as well. It was ported (?) to the 3DS (I have it), so it’s cool that the game is getting some love.

The mecha game… It looks cool, but I don’t know. Not really feeling it, you know what I mean?

What ever happened to Persona 5 Scramble? Where the living hell is Shin Megami Tensei 5!?
Finally gathered my thoughts xD

Overwatch got overshadowed by literally almost everything else shown in the direct. XD

Sans actually got into Smash, I'm glad for the creator, he even went to Sakurais house and played Smash against him. XD Too bad I know nothing about Undertale.

The small rapid segments of new games had nothing I was interested in. Only Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE looks interesting now.

XENOBLADE REMAKE IM HAPPY ABOUT, POKEMON IM HAPPY ABOUT!! Especially the customization!!! All those characters looked so stylish! New pokemon were cute as well and I'm curious about the camp thingy!

Animal Crossing looks super neat too!
I did find it odd they didnt show anything about Digimon Cybersleuth coming to Switch next month.. thought that would've been worth mentioning.. oh well.

Also superglad we're getting more Smash DLC, it really seems like this Smash is the Ultimate version ever, even Sakurai said he can't top it. So i think its smart of them to just add more characters to this game instead.
I WANT FE3H in smasssh!!!!!!
I'm slightly titled that we have no information about Shin Megami Tensei 5. Like seriously, not even a hint of update about the game? Anything is something at this point--even something like "yes, we're still working on it." or something like that. But nope, just flat out dead silence.
This year has just begun and we've already had like 3 specific game directs happen or announced xD

The Animal Crossing direct is taking place on Thursday!
So Animal Crossing taking place on Thursdays... that means Nintendo Direct should be right around the corner. Probably won't be on the 27th since that's Pokemon Day. So it's either before or after if the rumors about "two directs in month" should be taken seriously.
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