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Nick's terrible nub-y art

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Yes I do art, but that is not the question, the question is, do I do good art? ...    No. The answer is just no man.

The Idea was that if I could make something that could serve as a framework for my characters then I may actually manage to make something, anything that was humanoid, it isnt really any good though... I still to this day cannot draw people, or creatures...

So I copied the arm off of the frame above and tried to make it into an idea I had had at that time, it was to be a character that had beed killed in a fight, his hand was hanging from wherever his body had been flung/left to rot. It was meant to be scarred, cut, and bloody, with an emphasis on the blood running down his arm, and to the end of his finger where it would drip off at.

Five minutes after uploading it to Imgur like this, I decided to add skin color to it just because...

And its tan because I'm not social enouph to be able to draw anything that uses anything other than myself as reference material...

Please note, I Actually looked across all of AF (the horror that that experience was) to see if I had any art, but apparently I had nothing more that the OC drawing...
Anyways, these are the things I have 'arted' together for forum purposesI
To start this off I have my terrible art of my character for an RP that Freak was hosting based on RWBY (The Secrosia Chronacles) back when we used AF, I got impatient and ended up leaving the RP because NOTHING WAS HAPPENING just a lot of people milling around their dorm room...

Then we have this incomplete piece that I was making for the May 2016 Artist of the Month competition, I had ended up loosing faith in my ability to complete it and just went off to play SWTOR with Grey and Veggeto... Basically everything you can see that is designed here was supposed to be covered with vines and flowers... I still want to finish it so I may soon come back to it.


Finally for my Forum ART I have a signature art for the graphic design competition of February 2016

So this first one is an incomplete attempt at drawing my Minecraft skin, I still can't manage to draw the face though...

Next is a version of my book cover, for a story that I haven't even bothered to write yet, (Im considering writing it as a group project within Boogaloo) The idea of the art is that the city is built on a massive Nuclear reactor, the city was also heralded the the rest of the world as having been over radiated to the point that nobody may enter the area around it for like a millennia or something, that's not super relevant to the image though, its just a massive Reactor, with a city built on it, and a fence a hundred miles away as it's perimeter.


another slightly different version...

I would like feedback on those two covers by the way guys...

Now finally the last digital thing I still have saved is this thing I had posted as a poll on Google+, the question was whether you see a person or an animal first, literally nobody on the entire internet had given an answer though sooooo.... If you look at it though, at least for me, I can see either a Pig with a golden eye, or a person looking at the sun, while wearing an earing...
Anyways, assuming you have looked through this in any amount, I would like feedback, anything you can muster up for me would be appreciated.
-----------6/27/16 New ART ------------
The design was meant for P.O.H. Unanswered Questions as my character's (Eos Veil) main weapon, The left was the initial design, and the right was the one I would say is my character's weapon, it even has a sheath for it and it looks frigging awesome in my opinion.

Inspired design: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15424/?  [Modular Assassin sword by faxivcm]

[align=center]-----------2/26/17 New ART ------------​

This was meant for the first Boogaloo Challenge, but I didnt realise that the competition was a week long... because that made sense....

Its basically a badly done Mario, with a giant monkey wrench being held like Cloud's sword from Final Fantasy in some of his art. And I never finished the face, I just cant do faces for some reason....

-----------4/4/17 Non-digital ART from a class ------------​

First off is my Mad Max: Road warrior box art hand drawn:


Then my other project, which is to make a super hero/villian comic book cover, which I then overthought, and failed at making effective torso proportions, and I cant draw her head...




Black Jacket
I dunno about you but this isn't even that bad! You aren't Drago. He literally drew a circle in Paint and called it an art entry XD

If you're tired of using GIMP for art, I've heard good things about FireAlpaca. They say software doesn't matter but honestly I hate GIMP and have never gotten it to work for anything. I refuse to use it for even sig making. XD

And it's good to actually paint with :p

I like the cover best, but you're not shabby drawing people  (I can't draw animals except Pokemon lmao). It helps to use stock images for hands and poses and keep it in a separate window as you draw for reference. To get foundations, I recommend life drawings of random objects you have physically. Helps a lot!

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
You got your own style which is what makes it super cool imo. I think your strength is with backgrounds and buildings. I will admit that you draw backgrounds better than me and you should keep it up! As for your human-like drawings, you need a bit of practice. You actually draw humans better than I did when I started out, so that's already a good sign!

You keep practicing and you'll be looking back at your old art and cringe. Keep up the great work and I'll be happy to see more from you! :D


Green Jacket
- you will learn basics
- you enjoy it
- are kinda good at it
- keep practising
- do something else

Since Im not enough knowledgable to judge any art, I rather leave a neutral comment that might motivates you or saves you a time.
Anyway, I highly en ourage to try&learn new stuff, new ways, new skills, thats a well spend time.



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New piece of ART added!


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Final Fantasy Mario sounds like a better game than the FF series itself tbh (no diss to the FF fans)

To be truthful, the face will always be the toughest hurdle if you don't do them with button noses and mouths like I do. It might also depend on the style, since each kind of stylized art will make the face look different. Have you considered doing one of those art memes where you take a character and draw them in like 6 different series styles? You could try that for a basic grip of how to draw the face before you attempt stylizing it to your liking.


Green Jacket
Im drawing this from a dream. Basic details I'm aiming for are person holding (cuddling?) their white cat while both are asleep. The cat is happy to be close to their owner.
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