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Sep 4, 2015
Hello my fair Boogafriends! I haven't tried to make a big RP here in a long time, but that's mostly because no-one's ever interested. But! With all my heart I have crafted a massive Tabletop Pencil-and-Paper RPG! If anyone is interested in the infinite possibilities of this system, or the chance to play such a game, this would be a perfect time to express interest! I'm hoping beyond hope that this can work because I really do want to get back into big group roleplay again, and the slower pace of a Forum RP might help me relax a little! Let us together go beyond the impossible and build a unique new world together and create a big story for all to enjoy! I will post character creation stuff later, but first, I need to make this interest check! Come one guys, let's MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Hey losers! Still wanting to do this! Sure someone must be interested or care about my life's work.
I think a great way to get people interested in joining your RP is details exactly what it is. This will give users an clear image of what they are expecting, including the story and the end-goal.
This ^ 

It's been a few years since we've seen any of ur stuff, and as far as I know, not everyone exactly knows the ins and outs of a tabletop game system vs the more streamlined play-by-post style we tend to go by. I'm aware of how DnD works but the most I know is that a lot of outcomes depend on the role of the dice and some character stats... based on Critical Role ofc. Because how else would a total normie like me know what a tabletop is.  :shutdown:

Also, this is probably a good opportunity to take said details and put them in its own thread over at this sub. The usual approach we've been doing is to use planning threads for some confirmation of details so people stay up to date with where we want to go with the story while all the worldbuilding/background gets its own thread for easy lookup. This isn't enforced, but that's how we've gone about it for dedicated RPs with certain systems in place.

The only RP stuff we try to enforce is Boogaverse (excluding the reality vortex, which currently is not taking new players due to being in a closed-rp arc for now)
Nice. Looks fairly lengthy so I will sit down and read it when I finish cleaning house later today.

Also, the default font color changes depending on the theme you use, so if you change the text color from its default theme color, the changes will be reflected on both themes. So if you make the text black using the Light theme, it will look very low contrast on the gray background of the Dark theme.
I didn't know that! Thanks. I'll be working on lore n' jazz if you want me.
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