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Sep 3, 2015
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So basically, I just shitpost and don't have a real niche for my channel. I just do goofs when I feel like it. Sometimes I'll post on the Boogaloo Channel now that we have that going, but all the stuff I have is pretty old now that I think about it. Probably because I don't do much besides film things in my room with my smartphone. 

I don't have any fancy editing or capture software either, but I'm looking into a free screen-recorder one for the computer that I particularly liked. Windows Live Movie Maker will do for now while I look into some decent video editors that don't cost me anything (I'm only for free stuff ok)

 I'll post my most recent and go down from there.

Made this today for testing and goofs. 
For context: When I was about 6 or 7, I took the masterball and caught a damn Caterpie with it because I didn't believe that it would catch anything without fail. For the decade+ I've left that cartridge untouched this Butterfree has sat in there watching. And waiting. 
Didn't have the heart to release it so I've transferred this baggage with me to my Diamond copy. It haunts me.

Pokemon - VS Sabrina (I actually haven't played any more of this because of how underleveled my pokemon are, so I haven't battled anyone past her or Lt. Surge).
I'm v self conscious abt my voice so I definitely sound like a guy who hasn't had his voice deepen yet imho

Some more goofs
My legacy....

Ed Edd Eddy is literally the funniest video I've ever come across with xD

> Sounds like a guy

:kek: No
Wow, that Ed, Edd, N Eddy vid really blew up! That's a lot of views!! Also, I can't believe you used a Master Ball on a Caterpie.....XD
I had some free time cleaning out my playlists, and realized how awful the sound quality was for my Rainy Mood overlay, so I went ahead and just rerendered the entire thing in 1080p and extended the audio. I think you will find this one much more pleasant to listen to.

For those wondering how I did this, I basically took the hard way since I'm too cheap and technically challenged to buy an actual editing software. And unfortunately, Movie Maker doesn't allow you to overlay two audios at a time, only sequentially. So, I actually used Windows Live Movie maker (the old one on Windows 7 lmao) and simply inserted the audio for Pyrite Town first with the image I made here and saved it as its own wmv file (DO NOT SAVE USING THE RECOMMENDED DEFAULT SETTING, IT WILL KILL YOUR AUDIO) at "High-definition display (1080p)" settings, with the audio at max volume. It took a while to render, but that may be because it's 11 minutes long. After that, I reloaded it into WLMM, but clicked "add music" again to insert the Rainy Mood file. After that, I just messed with the volumes for the "Video audio" and "Music audio" so that one didn't overpower the other. Then I rendered it again as a wmv... took awhile.​

Anyway, I love overlaying smooth jazz with rainy sounds, so I did it with this one but made sure the actual theme wasn't too quiet. Hope y'all enjoy it!​
A small may-may because I keep watching multikill compilations

Also, sorry if it sounds quiet for some reason, I couldn't make it any louder for some reason.
Bumping to post all the bloodborne vids I've made for (almost) all the boss battles I've done so far. If I wasn't focused on getting all the optional areas and items in the hidden areas for my first run before New Game, I probably would have finished Bloodborne like a month ago. But here I am... I'm also a very visual person, so I like to look around every nook and cranny if it helps me put together the setting better. BB isn't very in-your-face about what's going on around Yharnam. But I digress.

Posted in order of encounter.
[align=center]I didn't record the boss battles for Witch of Hemwick or Bloodstarved beast.... oops​
[align=center]I realize that I used the Saw Cleaver in nearly all of these... even though I have a +4 and +6 Hunter Axe and Ludwig's Blade at my disposal :|​
But I feel like they're too slow for the boss battles a lot of the time... I did use the Axe for the Witch of Hemwick tho.​

The Shadows boss would've been my 3rd boss battle that I completed on the first try, but I was an idiot and basically tried to get a free hit in while all three of them were together, resulting in me getting torched while being hacksawed to death. So I ended up getting it done the second try. Which was something I wanted to avoid, since nightmare fog notoriously turns the PS4 into a toaster right as you walk through it-- which was the case for me, but for some reason the capture recorded it as normal. huh.​
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