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Sep 4, 2015
Name: Vox, The traveler
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female (Male in mind)
Birthplace: Unknown(So well traveler and so old)
Position: Rouge Mage (this dos have a bit of a double meaning for him)
Height: 5'11"
Species: Demon (Human in mind)
Appearance: He is in a mages robes that cover his body despite having a body that any supper models would love to have.
Personality: Vox is the type of man just at home speaking about most anything. Vox wend needed can be professional but most the time he quite easy going most of the time. Despite being a demon he is an ok guy(He is a human in mind but a demon in body).
Special Ability: Spell Rouge: able to use most any kind of magic and able to return most spells to sender.
Weapon/Items: Well hidden daggers and a billy club
Natural Summons: 
 Elementals: Can use any type of Elementals of any number. 
 Summon Succubus: Can summon them grated that what kind of demon he is.
Attacks: (Besides the stander rouges move set nothing specials)
Magical Attacks: (Known) 
 Wind blades: Invisible blades made of wind that slash at a foe.
Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status: (Known)
 Soul Purge: Its exorcism that not a line with a god of any deity.
 Cat's Grace/Freedom of movement: its a lot harder to be lose footing and can't be held.
Biography: He did not know a lot of a job that was forced on him would internal. All he know is that he was to take an magical idiom and bring it back to this order for his life. He got lucky and the person that he was hired to rob gave him a different job. He did take the job offer only because it worst case death comes faster with the noble than sticking with a job he was forced in taking. He has served as one the noble's lieutenants ever séance(In a long war that was long over). Vox is one the very few people that can say "l love my job" mostly cause he has the freedom to what he wants(Mostly because the noble is long dead).
Name: Vosh
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown ()
Birthplace: Unknown
Position: Biomancer
Default Height: 6'0" (This can change at will)
Default Weight: 200lb (this can change at will)
Species: Unknown (can be a mix of any thing)
Default Appearance: Has green tentacles for hair, 2 Blue eyes. Its hard to tell if he is male or female at a glance. He has fairy wings. He dress like a person ready for an expedition.
Personality: For what he is quite kind if not a bit odd.
Special Ability: 
 Rapid Evolution: This lets him use as well mix and match any DNA he gets as soon he gets it.
 Naturalists tools: use to gather samples of any life form he comes across.
 Surgeons tools: (I feel this one is self explanatory)
 Bag of holding: (the name is self explanatory) It lets hold most any thing he needs or collects on his travels.
Natural Summons: 
 Drones: These creatures can take a lot different forms.(they are bout apart of and not part of Vosh)
 (most any thing that the wild life can do combined that with some one that quite intelligent)
Magical Attacks: (Only going to list some the things)
 Breathes: He can use any breathing attract that any life form can use.
 Fairy magic: Thank to his attempts with using fairy magic
Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status: (I only going to some the things)
 Binding Vines: Seeds rapidly grow to hold some one in place.
 Rapid Change: Can change his form quickly to help 
 flying: He can fly.
 Edged with Fairy magic(Passive):All his moves power are enhanced with Fairy magic/Pure Energy.
 Rapid Regeneration(Passive): He can regenerate very quickly.
 Splicing: can give any of his powers and ability's to others.(This can be for a short time or permeant)
Thanks to his skills at biomancy he has is quite wealthy and has lived for a long time. Most the time he been doing research and trying to improve him self.
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