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Sep 3, 2015

Premise: A group of college students was going on a field trip as required for pick out their majors once they finished two years of their college. However, along the way to the site, a tragedy struck. However, the students wake up and find themselves in another world, different from their original home. A strange being appeared before them, stating that their deaths had be halted temporarily—but in order to return to life and go back to their original world, the strange being asked them to save his world from destruction, but they are the most compatible ones who unleashed “Mecha Evolution”.

Thus, they are task to travel around the world and defeat “Gods”, including defeating their leader, Malvada, to restore freedom and liberty for all—as they get stronger and unlock more transformation to return their original world and go back to their normal lives.

What is Mecha Evolution?

Mecha Evolution is a transformation process that turns humans into machine warriors. They possessed incredible strength, speed, intellect and stamina to battle for long duration, using the Mecha Band latched within their arm. Mecha Evolution is the easiest level to maintain and doesn’t drained stamina unlike the higher levels. The first stage has a more humanoid appearance. If a character is defeated or runs out of stamina, they will become destabilize and returned back to their human form.

General Rules and Information
  • You can pick any (and only) elemental abilities for your Mecha Evolution such as Fire, Ice, Water, etc. You can expand them in higher levels. Once the elemental is chosen, it cannot be taken.
  • You can base your armor on anything, from Animals, Dragons, even mythologies of your choosing. Just reminder that the first stage of Mecha Evolution will always be humanoid. Once we gain higher levels, it’ll become more “beast-like”.
  • You can only have 1 OC.
  • Cannot be younger than 21.
  • Don't distort things that were already established within the role-play without permission.
It was early in the morning, just on the verge of 7 AM. The sun just barely a few hours ago, with college students rounded up on the school bus. Each of these students are nearly done with their first two years of college and required to take the fieldtrip to the auditorium with multiple speakers, club attendees and high networking people who can introduced these students into various programs and get them started on their major.

“Please take a seat everyone!” A professor that is supervising the trip stated, using a mic to ensure that people can hear her. “We will be departing in a few minutes, so make sure you have your belongings on your person at all times, including your I.D. with you. Make sure your cellphone is fully charge as well in case of emergency.”

Mecka was sitting in the middle row of the large bus, sitting near the window. He let out a long yawn as he wiped his watery eyes. “Too damn early for this…” He uttered under his breath. He was young, rash and a bit hard to talk too—but he isn’t malicious. Mecka tightened his jacket, feeling the cold breeze in the bus and causing him to shiver. “No heater in this bus… I’m freezing...”
Lily was in the bus but still had yet a place to seat. She noticed an empty spot by Mecka and tried to see if there were any other seats available around the bus. She noticed that none her available for the meanwhile and she did not seem entirely comfortable sitting next to him, mostly because she did not want to bother him. In the end, she had no choice and slowly approached the student while she held on to her notebook. She gave him a nervous smile and gently sat herself next to him, trying to give the boy his space.
“Oh.” Mecka said, seeing Lily sitting next to him. “Never seen her around the campus before. Might as well introduce myself since this is going to be a long ride.” He thought to himself. Mecka turned around. “Hey, never see you around the campus. Name’s Mecka.”
"Oh, hi," Lily smiled awkwardly. "My name is Lily. Uhh, I think it's going to be a long bus ride to our destination. I wonder what kind of stuff we'll be introduced to."

Lily was still slightly uncomfortable sitting next to someone and was not used to being surrounded by a lot of people, even if it was just a bus. Regardless of how she felt, she still wanted to try to be friendly to Mecka, so she thought about asking a typical question.

"So, eh, what do you study? I study programming and information security."
“Beats me. I heard from my peers that it usually different each year, so what happened last year won’t be the same for us.” Mecka said. “I’m studying to be a Librarian, so I need to aim for a master’s degree. Hopefully this trip will set me off on the right path. Programming Security, huh? So, you can hack into things or something?” Mecka made a joke, showing his ignorance of the field.
"Kinda, but it's mostly just digging into computers to find evidence or repairing them back to an original state. I guess you can call me the Internet Police. Heh..."

Lily cleared her throat, feeling awkward at her bad joke. She smiled upon hearing Mecka's major and wondered about the ideas of what a Librarian would do. She assumed he was a bookworm but decided not to speak up against it. 

"So you read a lot of books? What kind of books do you like?"
“Ahh…” Mecka said, letting out a slight chuckle at Lily’s joke. “Yeah, I guess you can say that. I’m mostly into fiction and history novels, to be frank. Thought it’ll be easy when I figured that’s my best bet… but after reading everything you need to do… it’s quite stuff.” Mechka scratched his head. “Anyways, you’re excited for this trip? I’m kind of nervous.”
"I mostly read fantasy and sci-fi books but I'm obsessed with crime documentaries. It's kinda intriguing how some people get caught and baffling how some don't get caught." Lily laughed to herself before looking out the window. "But yeah, I'm nervous and excited about this trip. I really don't know what to expect."
“Ahh, I guess people have their interests in that kind of stuff. Let’s just hope we get to it soon. It’s blazing hot in this damn bus. They couldn’t afford a decent bus with air conditioning instead of this run-down school bus?” Mecka complained.

After their chitchat, the bus driver turned on the ignition, ready to drive off to their destination. The professor, who took her seat, turned around once more to face the students. “Alright, we will be there in about 30 minutes, so take the time to get to know one another and learn about their interests! I know it’s hot but please bear with it for now.” After her statement, the bus drove off.

“Bear with it?” Mechka groan. “Don’t tell me the heat doesn’t bother you, eh?” Asking Lily.
"It doesn't bother me much since I'm used to heat and humidity," Lily giggled. "But I guess being stuck in a bus without air conditioning isn't the same as a cool breeze. Maybe when we arrive to our stop there will be a building with some nice cool air inside. Besides, a little sweat doesn't hurt anyone."

Lily turned to look around the bus and figured they could open a window in order to let some of the air vent and allow cooler air inside the bus.

"Maybe we can open a window, that usually vents out all the hot air."
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