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Sep 3, 2015
Premise: A group of college students was going on a field trip as required for pick out their majors once they finished two years of their college. However, along the way to the site, a tragedy struck. However, the students wake up and find themselves in another world, different from their original home. A strange being appeared before them, stating that their deaths had be halted temporarily—but in order to return to life and go back to their original world, the strange being asked them to save his world from destruction, but they are the most compatible ones who unleashed “Mecha Evolution”.

Thus, they are task to travel around the world and defeat “Gods”, including defeating their leader, Malvada, to restore freedom and liberty for all—as they get stronger and unlock more transformation to return their original world and go back to their normal lives.

What is Mecha Evolution?

Mecha Evolution is a transformation process that turns humans into machine warriors. They possessed incredible strength, speed, intellect and stamina to battle for long duration, using the Mecha Band latched within their arm. Mecha Evolution is the easiest level to maintain and doesn’t drained stamina unlike the higher levels. The first stage has a more humanoid appearance. If a character is defeated or runs out of stamina, they will become destabilize and returned back to their human form.

General Rules and Information
  • You can pick any (and only) elemental abilities for your Mecha Evolution such as Fire, Ice, Water, etc. You can expand them in higher levels. Once the elemental is chosen, it cannot be taken.
  • You can base your armor on anything, from Animals, Dragons, even mythologies of your choosing. Just reminder that the first stage of Mecha Evolution will always be humanoid. Once we gain higher levels, it’ll become more “beast-like”.
  • You can only have 1 OC.
  • Cannot be younger than 21.
  • Don't distort things that were already established within the role-play without permission.
Character Template

Appearance: You can described both the character and its Mecha Evolution.
Mecha Name: 
Special Ability:
Special Moves: [4 Moves Maximum]
Background: [Two Paragraphs Maximum]
Name: Mecka Armon
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Personality: Tends to make rash decisions and headstrong.
Mecha Name: Dracon
Elemental: Fire
Special Ability 
  • Burning Spirit, the more the battle continues, the stronger he becomes at the cost of his stamina.
Special Moves
  • Dracon Fire: Unleashed a powerful beam formed within his hands and launched a powerful blast towards the enemy.
  • Burning Knuckles: Unleashed rapid-fire punches at the enemy.
  • Heat Dome: Creates a powerful barrier to block incoming attacks.
  • Solar Strike: Using up all the stamina, it creates a powerful punch that seen extreme heat and strength against the enemy. 
Background: Mecka is a young inspiring student that wants to become a Librarian, looking to introduce children from all ages of literature across the world and expand their worldview. He was the first person in his family to go to college and hopes to complete his studies.
Name: Lily Foliage

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lily is primarily short with tan-ish skin and light/pastel pink hair. Brown eyes. (Will provide image later)

Personality: Lily is very cautious and tends to hesitate in making a major decision. She's hard to open up to others but is very nice to everyone she meets. One could say she's a bit naive. 

Mecha Name: Fayree

Elemental: Electricity.

Special Ability: Electric Surge - Upon transforming, releases a small electrical surge to very briefly stun nearby enemies. (It's weak in the beginning but gets stronger as the RP goes on)

Special Moves: 

Fayree Speed - Uses electricity to power up tiny wings. Helps boost speed for a short amount of time.
Static Fling - Throws a rock with supercharged electricity at the enemy. 
Thunderbolt - Fires a highly concentrated bolt of electricity at the enemy at the cost of her speed and stamina.
Discharge - Unleashes a field of electricity to attack nearby enemies. The radius is small.

Background: Lily loves to code on her laptop and wishes to become a part of Cyber/computer forensics. She has a vivid imagination and tends to say the wrong thing at the wrong time but is actually very emotional and a bit of a baby in some instances. She's still young in her mind and is a very hard worker.
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