Mecha Evolution [Planning/Discussion]


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Sep 3, 2015
Mecha Evolution 

Premise: A group of college students was going on a field-trip as required for pick out their majors once they finished two years of their college. However, along the way to the site, a tragedy struck.

The group of college students wake up and find themselves in another world, different from their original home. A strange being appeared before them, stating that their deaths had be halted temporarily—but in order to return to life and go back to their original world, the strange being asked them to save his world from destruction, but they are the most compatible ones who unleashed “Mecha Evolution”.

Thus, they are task to travel around the world and defeat “Gods”, including defeating their leader, Malvada, to restore freedom and liberty for all—as they get stronger and unlock more transformation to return their original world and go back to their normal lives.

Now that BoogaVerse is in the process of rebooting (and now I have much more freedom here), I'm finally able to freely make this idea I had for years. So I want to see if anyone has any interest. 

Note: You don't pilot mechas. Your character becomes one. :wink:
Huh, sounds pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind joining just to test out a few characters of my own. I'm curious to know where you take it, knowing how you RP. xDD Since it sounds familiar to a story I'm making, I think I'll be happy to see that you put in Mechs and stuff. Kinda reminds me of Digimon.
Yeah. It's basically an "easy-going" RP but with lots of story and elements. It won't be as heavy like original BGV and NMH, but enough to enjoy the fun, character interactions and epic battles... and cool transformations :grin:
Sounds good to me. I say go for it. Hopefully, I don't get distracted with this one. ><
Same :p

Here's a visual of what the process looks like:

Mecha Evolution... Mega Evolution... both have arm hands... WAIT. iseewhatyoudidthere.  :maybe:

Huh, looks interesting. So they are becoming robots/Mechas. Does it have to look entirely like machines or can the mecha have it's own unique appearance? For example, can my mecha take the form of an animal or is it strictly humanoid? Also, do the Mechas have any sort of special powers or is it a general 'boost' to the player's abilities?  :thonk:
Yes. They basically become machines—but they can have unique appearances for each character. The first stage of their transformation have a more humanoid appearance (as shown in the visual above) but can have different elements that showcase them. For example, one of them can be red and have dragon-like elements on their armor, while another is pink and can have fairy-like elements on their armor. They can also have abilities as well.

In general, it increase their overall stats, but can provide a separate skill to make them unique i.e. one character has fire powers, while another has ice.
Ah, I see. This gives me a lot of Digimon vibes, so I assume the type of evolution will be similar as well? For example, at first, the mechas look like a humanoid version with dragon-like features. As they continue through the adventure, they continue to evolve and the Dragon-Mecha begins to look more and more like a Dragon. Kinda like a gradual type of evolution. I assume this is the route you plan to go on or am I way off?
Yup. You're on point. They'll gradually become more dragon-like in terms of appearances when ascending to higher levels :smile:
Also, this roleplay will now be considered private between Z and I (meaning, you cannot join the RP without permission)! If you wish to join the RP, you have to DM me. :smile:
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