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Jan 6, 2016
On earth :))))
Hey guys! Lately I've been thinking about Bage. He's been around for a while (and some of y'all know just how long that while has been :p ) and recently I've been thinking of a way to change it up, which brings me to this point. 

With the whole deal of separate universes and the tournaments bringing them together,  in dragon ball super I'm wondering if it would be possible for a person from one universe be able to live in a completely different universe. Like say, Bage being from universe 6 and moving to universe 7 to be with Panich. :teehee:

Of course, I know that something similar happened with Hit traveling to universe 7 or Champa wanting to used the super dragon balls to swap the earths and such, but I wanted to gage my peers opinions on something like this. Would something like that have weird space consequences? Would something like that only be possible with the super dragon balls? What do you all think?
It's possible! There was a theory about how the people thought they were going to merge all the universes into one in order to filled Universe 7 with more life (since it's only 28 planets with life). 

I don't think it would have consequences unless the universes had some kind of thing that prevents people from living other universes (unless its involved some time shenanigans). I don't recall a series that did thing (probably DC Comics in their infinite reboots/Marvel Comics); but that does sounds interesting to have "order" of things in a story though!
I'm no expert on Dragon Ball. Far from it. Casual fan is barely applicable to me.

But, Beerus and Champa are siblings who somehow ended up Gods of Destruction in different universes. Hit got hired by Goku to assassinate himself, so somehow he crossed universes. Really all that would be needed would just be a way for Bage to travel from one universe to another, like a one way plane ticket. Otherwise I'm not aware of any difficulties.
Thanks so much for your input you guys! I guess im just a stickler when it comes to that kinda thing, haha! Especially when making characters. 

I guess I just assumed there would be some explanation, or consequence for leaving the universe of your origin. That was very much helpful!
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