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Sep 3, 2015
The Bob Ross Series is a competition, which aims to draw out the maximum potential of all kinds of artists in the growing media. An exclusive competition of the Art Garden section, any artists can participate in the Bob Ross series to display their work, including feedback, awesome awards and improving your artistic skills even further. Each Bob Ross Competition has their own tasks and guidelines in order to challenge your artistic ability.

All Bob Ross Series will have three anonymous judges that will pick out the top three artist in the Bob Ross Series; they will provide any comments and feedback of the artwork to enrich you the knowledge of what areas that need help your improvement as an artist.

Life Drawing Event is a skill-based event that aims to challenge your ability to replicate an real-life person in drawing form. You can use any tool from any medium (traditional, digital, painting, air-spraying, etc) to create your piece. Tracing is an automatic disqualification. You can chose one from 3 photos to replicate in your participation. 

Life Drawing Event begins on July 5th, Thursday and ends on August 25th at 12:00 AM PDT. You can post your artwork anytime within that time-frame. Pleas use IMGUR as a photo hosting place for posting your artwork. 

To register, post in this thread to acknowledge that you are participating, if you don't, your entry will not be counted.

Participating and/or winning a Bob Ross Series competition grants some nice awards! Certain Awards are limited to certain competitions. Can you collect them all?

  • Artist Badge: Placed Third in the Bob Ross Competition
  • Michelangelo Badge: Placed Second in the Bob Ross Competition
  • Mioi Badge: Placed First in the Bob Ross Competition
  • Da Vinci Badge: Placed First in 4 different Bob Ross Competition
  • Bob Ross Award: Placed First in the Big Artwork Competition
Special Badges
  • OC Master Badge: Win Donut Steel Competition
  • Waifu-Husbando Badge: Win Waifu-Husbando Badge
  • Opposite Day Badge: Win Opposite Alignment Event 
  • Life Drawing Badge: Win Life Drawing Event
Life Drawing Photos You Can Choose From





I'll give it a shot! Do we need to claim any pictures or can we all end up drawing the same one?
~ Z ~ said:
I'll give it a shot! Do we need to claim any pictures or can we all end up drawing the same one?

The latter. Multiple people can end up drawing the same photo. :thumbs:
Hey uh, I only just noticed this but I seem to have uploaded a different file by mistake. Scanned it the first time and made a second version with some slight changes afterward but uploaded the old one by mistake as it was 2 AM and the old noggin' wasn't quite working right. Am I allowed to swap it out?
I'm entering, hopefully I can get it scanned and done by the deadline!

Will edit soon to insert the picture itself.

ETA: here's my entry! The color looks really weird for some reason, I assure you it looks better in person...
Competition is now closed! Now we have three entrances by people who actually tried to get out on their comfort zone and not make excuses of why they can't do this. I'll be posting the judges comments in a few days! Thanks again for actually joining this comp instead of claiming the "my fingers are broken" excuse.
Considering that there were only three people in this event that actually tried to test out their abilities, instead of declaring an winner, I opted out that everyone wins based on two counts: Participation and Limitless.

Life Drawing Event, as with all events, is supposed to be challenging, respectable to the artists' ability to draw and encourage them to come out of their comfort zone. I believe that everyone at least tried, even if they don't feel 100% confident, to tackle this tough one. I hope you will tackle on the Redraw Challenge next because, once again, it challenges your ability to take a scene and draw it close to the style, or go explicitly wild and press it in your style (or even morphed it different, whatever expertise you have under your belt). 

You should not be bound or limited by your own fears, laziness, lack of care nor confidence. This goes for everyone, and hopefully, the fruits continues to blossom to show that true potential of artists. With that said, it seems that we have only one judge this time around:

Judge #1 said:
JamesYTP: It is a lovely drawing and I give him props for posting out of his comfort zone, however, there are some flaws, as with all the others. Let’s start with the Pros. The face is draw pretty accurately and I like the detail of drawing the hair one strand at a time. I also like her expression the best! He really hit the facial features and hair on the dot! Now for the Cons… While the drawing is good, I believe JamesYTP might have to strengthen his skills on drawings necks/Bodies. The head and face are nicely done but it cannot stand alone if it does not have a good body to stay on. I recommend he focus on practicing anatomic poses or even the folds on clothes to really show the beauty of the face. The body just distracts me from the beauty of the face. 

ShineCero: I like the bold choice he did by choosing a very hard picture to replicate, especially if you are not experienced. He has got most of the hijab down as well as the rest of the girl’s clothing. One thing he would need to work on would be the hands. It doesn’t look entirely like hands to me and it looks like she doesn’t have wrists. I think the fingers are too thick as well. Another problem I see is that the eyes and lips are too big for the face… maybe that’s just me. Overall, I recommend that ShineCero practice his hands/wrists/fingers. With more practice, they will not look as blocky as they do in the drawing.

LoopyPanda: Plump girls always look so fun to draw but I believe they can prove a little difficult. I really love the color! I also love the little trick Loopy did by letting the color in the woman’s hair define her hair. What I mean is that she didn’t have to draw the entirety of the woman’s hair. The only con I have to say is that the woman in the drawing looks shorter than the woman in the picture. It looks like her torso is too short, especially for a plump woman. I recommend that Loopy practice torsos of different proportions of women. She can also practice the bodies of plump people since they have more to work with.

Everyone is a winner here (thus, everyone earns the Life Drawing Event Badge!), and you should be proud for tackling this one. In the future, I hope to see you bring out your limits of being a powerful artist in the next Life Drawing Event! Hopefully @"LoopyPanda" picks better selections than I did (inb4 it's a lot harder)!
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