The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
Have any of you ever wear any Jewelry? If so, what kind of jewelry? Do you have a specific type of jewelry that you like? For those who don't wear it, how come? State your thoughts about the discussion of bling bling here  :D
I have a very bad habit of buying necklaces and rarely wearing them. Guess I like having hoards of shiny things rather than wear them.

The only piece of jewelry I consistently wear are my earrings. If I take them off, I feel naked. XD

Sometimes I'll wear rings, but I've gotten in the habit of wearing more necklaces & bracelets as of late.
I always wear my necklace and I hate wearing earrings. The last time I had them on was middle school.
I have a necklace, pair of earrings and bracelet that I wear when I go out somewhere, but otherwise I don't wear jewelry. xD
I have a lot more earings than any other kind of jewlery haha. I have a few necklaces but always forget to put them on, or if I'm wearing one I forget and fall asleep with it on, so I usually don't wear them.
I like wearing simple long necklaces with a charm or a small object dangling. I never liked heavy accessories. :p

That is, if I remember I have them to wear. XP
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