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Sep 3, 2015
Have any of you ever wear any Jewelry? If so, what kind of jewelry? Do you have a specific type of jewelry that you like? For those who don't wear it, how come? State your thoughts about the discussion of bling bling here  :D
I have a very bad habit of buying necklaces and rarely wearing them. Guess I like having hoards of shiny things rather than wear them.

The only piece of jewelry I consistently wear are my earrings. If I take them off, I feel naked. XD

Sometimes I'll wear rings, but I've gotten in the habit of wearing more necklaces & bracelets as of late.
I always wear my necklace and I hate wearing earrings. The last time I had them on was middle school.
I like simple and cute jewelry, nothing expensive or too big/crowded (dunno if I'm making any sense)
I usually wear earrings but since childhood I've had a habit of breaking or losing them so I'm not wearing any these days...
I like bracelets, specially those that have little things hanging...
but I don't always ware them just when I go out I like to much them to what I'm wearing...
but inside or when I was in college they annoy me trying to draw or write...
I really love the sparkling cute jewelery, i just got a ring on vancaro called the black queen. The band is black and looks like old, dead tree branches coming together with a red ruby in the shape of a heart in the middle, i love it
My favorite necklace broke today unfortunately. No worries, I'll get another one. But for now, I feel naked...
I love love LOVE bracelets and pendants. I buy them whenever I have the resources for it, especially the vintage-y ones. And brooches too, since I also consider them jewelry for my hijab.
I usually have things like necklaces and few rings. Don't know if Watches counts as jewelry but I wear those alot lol
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