How Tough Are You?

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
Sep 3, 2015
The Cosmos~!
Here in the Salty Spatoon Boogaloo Bar, we don't take lightly to little babies! In order to get in, you must show us how tough you are! Show us how tough you are (or aren't) and see if you can get past our BoogaGuard. Think you have what it takes to join? Are you tough enough?!

It's easy to play. Just answer the following question: How tough are ya'?

You don't need to give a literal answer, you can make it comedic as well. For example:

How tough are ya?!

Z: How tough am I?! I own many children... one of them being Luppy.

"Y-Yes, come right in."

I hope you all enjoy the game! Don't worry about a response, just show us how tough you are!

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