Home Cooking vs. Take-Outs

Home Cooking or Take-out?

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Sep 3, 2015
The Cosmos~!
We all need food but how do we like our food? Done by our hands or someone else? What is your opinion on the matter and what do you mostly eat? Why do you pick your stand? I know that I eat a LOT of take-out because we have no time to cook and I can't exactly be called a good cook... (I burnt the noodles in my soup once...) So most of the times I usually eat some take out because it's a lot easier for me. They give me a ton of food, a variety each day, and I can take it on the go in case of emergency. That's just me tho', but what about you guys? What do you guys usually prefer?
I prefer homecooked food. Even though I can't took a lot, knowing someone took the time to make food for me to eat and put love in it (assuming it's edible) is more satisfying than Takeout food. Also good comfort food! Same with baked goodies. Ordering dessert doesn't taste quite as good as making it yourself. Even if it takes quite a bit of time. It feels rewarding in a way.

Unless said takeout is something I can't get my hands on in homecooked form. Then that's when I go and get it. :lmao:
Sometimes having take out food to break the same old stuff at home is a treat, although I do like home cooked food the most. Most take out food is really salty/greasy and makes me break out and have bile dumps so I hardly ever have it.
I agree with the salty and greasy part but sometimes you gotta have take-out because of the situation. I know I can't cook and my dad can't cook either. My mom usually comes homes very late from work so I don't have many options. xDD
I'm somewhere in between these two choices. I've never ordered take-out food (can you believe it?!), but I'm not a great cook either. I mostly eat food that you can just put in the microwave or the oven and that requires little to no cooking (instant noodles...). I'm just lazy and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen. I also eat a lot of "cold" food that is easy to prepare, such as cereal and bread with cold cuts.

But I have to admit that good home-cooked food certainly tastes better than the pre-cooked dishes I buy from the supermarket.
Home cooking. I've rarely used takeout before. (Even in college, I hardly ever did.) I mostly go out to eat at restaurants maybe once or twice a month. (It's a real treat this way.) The rest of the time, it's home cooked stuff. I think it tends to be healthier this way. We do get some frozen pre-made stuff from the markets sometimes, too. But, with home cooked, you know what you're getting, you can experiment, you can make a certain amount of it, etc. Plus, it can be fun.
Depends on how you defined "home-cooking". Are you including pre-heated foods? If that's the case, I supposed home-cooking is far more favorable option since it's cost effective. Plus, even if it just cooking with actual ingredients, with the internet at your literal finger-tips, it'll be hardpress for anyone to struggle with cooking (even if you don't want to know the in-depth mechanics) since you can just watch YouTube Tutorials. :thinking:
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