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Princess DIE

Blue Jacket
Sep 23, 2015
Heya! You may remember me as didihyper, or you may not remember me at all. Either way, nice to meet you and see ya around!  :cool:
Hey!! Welcome to the forum! c: It's ~Sukichu~/~Suki~ I just have a different name, I know we talked a little bit on AF, but not too much I think. xD;
Welcome Princess, hope you enjoy your time here :D We dont bite well most dont
Hi there. Welcome to the boards. Sorry that I can't remember ya XDD But I hope you have an awesome time here B)))))
Haha yeah, don't feel bad if you can't remember me. I haven't been around AF for like 5 years! >_>
Welcome to the forum~!

Enjoy your stay :3
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