Heroes Organization Fortress

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Sep 3, 2015

Heroes Organization Fortress

The Heroes Organization Fortress, located near Empire Ocean, is the largest guild in the world. Amassing over thousand members, it serves as the national defense of the nation of Empire State as a legitimate military and aim to tackle global threats. It does offer assistance to other nations with their problems, but only when dealing with large-scale threats/scenarios. They do not considered local problems as worth their time and resources and leave it to the smaller guilds. 

Heroes Organization was founded in Age 6670 by Image Man, world's first "superhero", as an answer to the explosive of crime that waved through the continent of Empire State. Since its foundation, it was able to crush criminal activity to minimum levels and the people of the nation of Hero City, praised professional heroes -- it became very attractable to the people across the world. It created a surge of migration of people from other countries to Hero City in order to start a career of being a professional hero. 

Notable Areas of Interests

Heroes Organization has four facilities; each has their own focus and field for professional heroes to engage in and hone their skills, abilities and train their mind and body, along with additional support with medical assistance and equipment. The four facilities have a dean that supervises it and its content—they are the leaders of the Heroes Organization and make all the important decisions—the top ranking member and leader of the entire guild is Minute-Man.

The Image Central Suite is a facility where heroes of all ranks can rest, eat, socialize and take up tasks for their next mission if available on the mission board. It has several floors dedicated for each specific thing. The first floor is the Heroes Diner, which serves incredible meals, made by professional chef heroes; the service is available for 24 hours, every day.

The second floor is the Information Floor, which delivers missions, promotions and advice to Heroes. It also serves as a place to registered newcomers as newly bred heroes. Lovely Girl, the dean of Image Central Suite and her numerous assistants, help both old and new heroes on their journey. If you are summoned to the second floor, but did not attend, it will result bad marks on your standing as a hero.

The third floor is the Heroes Slumber. Heroes Slumber is the resting area where Heroes can rest their tired heads onto the softest pillows across the west side of the nation. Of course, being an established military base, the wake up hours is very, very early. 

Kagaku Kenkyūshitsu is a facility with a focus on medicine, research and medicine. The department trained professional heroes that are in support roles such as providing aide for injured heroes and civilians, and assistance in buffing their allies and nerfing their opponents. Due to the nature of the department, many high ranking Support Heroes worked in Image Hospital in Hero City City. It helps the institution by giving them the best medics to ease the workload at the Image Hospital and gain the best equipment and research data. The Dean of Kagaku Kenkyūshitsu is the scientist, Doctor Shroom and the skillful Surgeon, Doctor Medical-Man. Doctor Shroom was one of the rising stars within the Heroes Community after his creation of Machine Island; an entire island he built himself out of scraps and mass produce powerful robots to help assist cities throughout Empire State. Shroom’s star pupil, Engine-Man, a man who was on a verge of death, underwent cybernetic surgery on Machine Island and became a powerful hero. Doctor Medical-Man rose to fame after his continuous success of never having failed surgery and could reverse anything, some rumored that even death can be reversed under his care; he currently assign as the head of Image Hospital. 

Batalla Tawā is a training facility where professional heroes train, battle against other heroes or A.Is in a friendly spar. As the name suggests, translating as "Battle Tower", it stands tall about 930 feet high, with a vast collection of rooms with a different environment, conditions and ways to spice up the training/battle progress. The Dean of Batalla Tawā is Battle-Man, a renowned cyborg hero who fought along Image-Man during his late years before his eventual retirement.

Ausrüstung Area is a facility where they build weapons, items, materials and anything that will assist the heroes and the organization itself, against any threat. It also has numerous Mysterious Being Figurines stored within their chambers—only as a last resort if the enemy proven to be too difficult. The dean of this facility is the calm and collective, Tsuru, who single-handedly destroyed the suppressed the infamous Blood-Crips Gang.

Ultra-Speed Terminal is a beautiful architectural landmark and a transit hub! Anyone with a Empiran Pass can jump the Ultra Speed train and go anywhere in Empire State within seconds! No matter the hazards or weather conditions, the Ultra-Speed Terminal can powered through anything!

Hero Ranks

Heroes Organization has a ranking system, split into five selective groups: S Class, A Class, B Class, C Class and E Class. The higher the class, less the work and have become a respectable hero. You ranked up based on the number of successful missions you complete.
  • S Class is the highest rank and required to wear comfortable and fashion uniforms to demonstrate their status to the public. S Class are able to pick and choose which mission to tackle on and deny if they are not interested and leave it to the lower ranks.
  • E Class are heroes that turned evil.
For dangerous threats, the Heroes Organization has a system where they ranked them by "threat levels", based on the intensity of scenarios. S Class is commonly only respond to Dragon and above level threats. They can respond to lower tiers, if they feel like it.
  • Celestial: Threat to the Planet/Galaxy/Universe.
  • God: Threat to Mankind.
  • Dragon: Threat to countries.
  • Demon: Threat to cities.
  • Tiger: Threat to a few towns.
  • Wolf: Threat to a city block or two.
Missions Board

Stated beforehand, there are various of tasks that heroes below S Class are to do in order to maintain security for the nation of Hero City. Anything missions outside of Hero City will be called upon the Officials in the second upper room in Image Central - as they are often times requires certain kinds of heroes. Completing a mission will wager you significant amount of awards including pride of being a hero to the public. The Mission board is constantly updated here, so please check back to see new missions made available [You may able to use the quote button to directly asked to do a mission]. ​

Available Missions

Mysterious Man said:
Rescue Mission
"Dear Heroes Organization, I have reported that a personal friend had been kidnapped in Los Demonios during our tour of the grand nation of Hero City... we know that we're advise to avoid the place at all cost, but our curious nature took the best of us. We were then ambushed by the mysterious group and took my precious love one from me. Please! Save her! I'll pay with everything I got just for you to get to her! Please, Heroes! Save my love one!

Rank Difficultly: Demon+ Level
Location: Los Demonios
Rewards: "Paid Handsomely"

Sneck said:
Rebuild Port Graham
Heroes Organization is offering service to have Port Graham rebuild after being nearly destroyed by a Dragon Level threat called Broly. We're in need of heroes with efficient skill in crafting and construction to returned Port Graham to it's glory days. 

Location: Port Graham
Rewards: Good Marks on your record + higher payments. 
Minute Man was located in the third floor of the Image Central. Sitting at his personal desk and shuffling through multiple volumes of paperwork, an employee appeared in front of him. He appears to be agitated about something.

"What is it? You appeared to be trouble judging by the way you are sweating." Minute Man question. "Did something happen?"

"Sir! We have a group of mysterious people at the front entrance of the Image Central!" the employee responded to his question. He took several deep breaths to calm himself. He is part of a group of employees called "Heroes Workers". They are heroes who have not met the physical requirement to become fit professional heroes to fight monsters and regulate crime, but rather have high intelligence to aid the organization through a series of crisis. They handle the finances, budgets, activity, distributing missions and much more. They are truly the back-bone of the organization. 

"Who are they?" Minute Man asked. "Are they from the Parliament?" 

"Negative, Minute Man." the Heroes Worker pulled out a sheet with detailed schedules meetings. 

"We're scheduled to meet with them next month to discuss the budgets. These are different people altogether. I took a peak of their clothing. It looks like they are from Desolate Lands!" He stated.

"Desolatians huh?" Minute Man rubbed his chin. "Why would someone from Desolate Land come here? Perhaps is Silence and the Clan of Swords?"

Minute Man stood up. "We usually don't get visitors from Desolate Lands coming here. I'll check it personally, you can return to your duties." Minute Man went outside to meet the group. Upon seeing them, he observed their clothing and their odd appearances. "Odd appearances... they seem familiar..." 

"You have some business here?" Minute Man asked.
"They do not appeared to be enemies..." Minute Man thought to himself. However, he heard a familiar name.

"Meeting of the Dark...?" Minute Man snaps his fingers. "Ah, yes. I was informed by one of the Heroes Worker about a meeting with your group. Guess your odd appearances must have thrown everyone off." Minute Man chuckled. He turned around and began to guide the group inside Image Central.

"The conference room will be on the third floor. It might be necessary for informed other leaders of the Heroes Organization about this-" Minute Man stopped himself before finishing his sentence. He turned his head towards the group as his eyes narrowed. 

"Did you say... a God-Level Threat?"
The Operative nodded. "God-level. That is what the Solarians told us. I'd prefer to explain it only once." The rest of the group followed one speaking into a radio. "We are enroute to the conference."
As Minute Man led the group to the third floor of Image Central, he pulled out a cellular phone out of his pocket. With a simple press of a button, it seems he had alerted all the leaders of the Organization to come to the third floor as well. "God-Level" threat is never treated lightly.

Once everything is settled, Minute Man led the group to the conference room, where there was an enormous circular table was in the dead center of the room. Few moments later, most of the leaders of the Organization arrived at the scene and took their respective chairs.  

"Most of us are present. Are we going to start this?" Lovely Girl, leader of the Image Central. 

"Yes, I was informed that Doctor Shrooms is currently in critical condition and Medical Man is aiding patients from Port Graham. We will keep them up to speed when the meeting is concluded." Minute Man responded.

Minute Man turned to the Meeting of the Dark—lifted his right hand in the air—providing a signal. "You may begin with your discoveries."
The group set about working on their presentation. The Operative was standing in the middle reviewing notes, one was queuing up a projector, showing a blank screen, and another was making some sort of live stream. After about a minute they all nodded to each other.

"To begin, we had a problem with an undead monstrosity a while back." The Operative said, a picture of the Reliquary of the Damned being shown. "After it was destroyed by some mercenaries, we were paid a visit by-" the picture changed to a badly burned photo of a man in a white robe, his face obscured by shadow. "This, is the first sighting of the Solarian known as, Marcus Stargate. He warned us he was coming. Afterwords he disappeared. Until recently." The picture changed to the wreckage made of the hotel by Jacen and the Dark Gunner's battle. "Before Port Garham was destroyed, the night of the attack our then second in command attacked a suspect we had been tracking for months. Through a lengthy process we managed to capture Sylvanas Windrunner, the accomplish of Jacen Petronov, and the two are wanted for murder, assault, destruction of public and private property. We detained her at the Opera House. Days later Jacen and two unknown mages walked in and slaughtered the guards, freeing her from our custody. But in the middle of his attack Marcus reappeared, saying Jacen was not to be harmed... And he severely damaged our Opera House. After he escaped, we turned to the local Withereds and asked for their help. They agreed to not only give us weapons against Jacen and Marcus, but also put us in contact with the Solarian Order. On Sola. In the Star galaxy." The picture changed to a livefeed from them. A man was sitting in the center, dressed in a robe, with tan skin and glowing veins.

"I am the Representative of the Solarian Order. Marcus Stargate was an aloof and isolated member of our kind, but he was very close to his mentor. However, his mentor died on your planet, Booga, after creating the Meeting of the Dark. Years later Marcus disappeared. We have pinpointed his current location as being on this." The image changed to a still photo of an asteroid. "This is an ancient asteroid that irradiates chaotic energies, and with aid from your astronomers we have realized it's natural rotation has been altered, being shot out of our solar system, and straight to yours. I don't know why he's coming. I don't know why he's using an asteroid as his means of transportation. But you deserve to know this, if he attacked you." The projector turned off as the Operative spoke up.

"We need the help of the Heroes Organization. Marcus is a powerful sorcerer according to his peers, and that kind of power is the kind capable of destroying planets. He has malicious intentions, and he is coming. Will you aid us?" After the Operative finished a voice came in from the radio. A raspy dry cough followed by a simple message.

"The Meeting of the Dark is pledged to assist the Heroes Organization to resolve this threat."
Silence showered the entire room as the Meeting of the Dark wrapped up their explanation of what they had discovered. Few of the leaders were visibly frightened by what they just heard—not because they were afraid to fight such a monster—but rather this marks the first time they had to face it without Image Man. Prior to his retirement, there has not been a God-Level Threat for centuries—due to Image Man thwarting any efforts. Without him, was mind-boggling for some of them.

After moments of silence, one of the leader raised his left hand before speaking. "This is rather, a lot to take in... if I may say." 

"Took the words right out of my mouth." Minute Man responded. He turned to the Operative.

"If this entity is indeed crossing paths with Planet Booga--and his intention is to destroy our planet--then obviously we cannot overlook this. We will provide extreme measures to prevent this "foe" from achieving his goals."

"Sounds reasonable." Lovely Girl responded.

"However, what about the individuals causing the problems in the first place?" Lovely Girl brought up. "We cannot overlook something related to this case. We need to send warrants for their activity for being involved in this." 

"They are not much concerned at the moment. We should focus on countering this foe at the utmost priority" Minute Man said as he turned to the Meeting of the Dark. "How long do we have left before his arrival?"
"We have four months, give our take according to the conversation the Solarians and astronomers had." The Operative said. "And we're working on the Mages ourselves, but primary focus is on anti-Solarian weaponry."
"So about four months before his arrival..." Minute Man repeated. "Should be plenty of time to set preparations against such a threat. It would be wise to alert the most quality of heroes about this discovery." Minute Man remembered an important statement from the explanation. "Powerful sorcerer..." 

"It could be wise to contact the leaders of the Magic Society about this event. ShineCero and Z are the strongest magician on Planet Booga and not once they revealed the extent of their true power. They are currently can be comparable to that of Image Man." Lovely Girl offered. 

"Swell idea, but Shine has been reported to be missing for a while and I highly doubt Z would be much assistance. Unless it threatens her personally. So it will be pointless to contact them." Minute Man responded. 

A hand was raised in the air—seems to be wanting to voice their opinion on the matter.

"Tsuru?" Minute Man noticed. "Do you have something to say?"

Tsuru is the leader of Ausrüstung Area of the Heroes Organization. He is famously known to create literally from the smallest bits of scrapes into literally weapons of destruction. He is often known as the "Weapon God".

"Several things I had noticed as they spoke in regards to this... Enemy." Tsuru's voice was deep, but raspy and monotone. 

"While he has malicious content, not once stated his goal tied directly to the destruction of the planet. I feel there more information regarding this character than we are being led on. This is not casting doubts, but I want to have more information than this before blinding risking our lives. Furthermore, if there are such weapons against his kind, I wished to know about it. Every last detail. If we are dealing with a magician here, then this will not be an easy task." Tsuru stated, turning his face towards the Meeting of the Dark.
"No one knows what his intents are. But, it is known he and his master would try to assist other races in forming a, collective ideal of heroism." The Operative said. "That however was before his master's death, and his subsequent vanishment. Considering his master died here..." He thought for for a second before continuing. "The weapons we are preparing for his arrival are known as mana-burn, and destroying the energy the energy reserves built up in a Solarian or Withered's body, denying them their magic and healing factor."
"Mana-Burn?" Tsuru repeated the name of the weapon. He never heard anything capable weaponry disabling energy; however, it speaks to his curiosity of the weapon.

"If you are preparing such a weapon, I would like to see them personally. Bring them over to the Ausrüstung Area." Tsuru said. "It is located left-side, behind Image Central."

"Furthermore" Lovely Girl added after Tsuru finished. "I'm in agreement with Tsuru for more information. Any information, especially the "master", should be given to us."
The Operative replied by throwing Tsuru a hand gun.

"The bullets have a special enhancement included in the design that causes explposive reaction with stored energy inside a Withered, or their Solarian ancestors." He explained. "Slightly less effective on mates."
The Operative replied by throwing Tsuru a hand gun.

"The bullets have a special enhancement included in the design that causes explposive reaction with stored energy inside a Withered, or their Solarian ancestors." He explained. "Slightly less effective on mates."

Tsuru caught the gun and examined in. "Interesting. I'll see more to this.. weird tech." Tsuru stood up. "I supposed this is it for the meeting?" 

Minute Men turned to Operative. "Anymore information, we would love to hear them."

"We might as well alert the high class heroes as well." Lovely Girl said. "I'll send a message to alert S Class Heroes to come to headquarters."
"Other places?" Lovely Girl raised a brow. "You mean when the man comes here on the asteroid four months from now, right?"
"Lovely." Lovely Girl responded. "And I assume there's no sure way to track this if it shows up, correct?"
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