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Blue Jacket
Feb 14, 2018
Hey guys, kazeruga here!

I'm new to site, just fresh off the boat today. Some of you guys might just recall a faint hint of me as "cherrywolfie" from AF back in like 2010, like 8 years ago now ssoooooo I guess probably not.....? Ahaha :sweats: 

Well, i was going through my old emails and i realised I got an update of sorts from fullblue and an invitation to this site. Most of you guys have probably alrdy put the whole AF saga behind you so I'm sorry for digging up the past right off the bat :shy:  Anywho, i missed being part of a community with the people who made it great for me and i just wanted a little of that back after being swamped with real life, though it's impossible for me to stay up till 5am now when all the action used to begin cuz I live on the other side of the world from everyone else  :sweats:  I'll do my best still though! 

Ummmmm, so the newest thing I'm following is Mahoutsukai no Yome, or The Ancient Magus' Bride. I still love SnK/AoT though I haven't caught up in the manga since the cliffhanger where I think Armin or Jean might've died from being shot at on the moving cart. Idc what anyone says, it's gonna be rivetra till the end for me! I love Chihayafuru cuz I think it highlights the beauty of the Japanese language, i dream of the day I can read the Japanese version of the manga and understand it all to it's full potential; in the meantime I just patter around with the rough basics I picked up from anime and from when I was working at a sushi train restaurant in Brisbane while in Uni. I haven't played much of it but I love the FFXIII series for the storyline, HopeRai shipper all the way. 

I..think that's all there is to say at the moment. I hope to get along with everyone and to get to know y'all here!  :D :D :D
Welcome to Boogaloo! It's fairly old news now I suppose, but seeing the face of an old friend from AF brings back some nostalgic memories <3 Props to Bluey for hunting some peeps down !

It's nice to meet you now though, I don't think I ever got the chance to chat with ye  :kat:

We hope you'll like it here in our cozy corner of the internet <3
Nice to see you here! Welcome aboard Boogaloo! We hope you enjoy your stay and make tons of friends both new and old. We are always here to help so don't be scared to talk to us! Above all else, just have fun! :D
Thanks for the nice warm welcome guys! Feeling the love here alrdy  :p
I've been a little busy with lunar new year celebrations so I havent been around here much yet  :shy: 
Looking forward to being a little more active soon!
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