Hello old friends

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Blue Jacket
Sep 9, 2015
I live in Denmark
I was invited to come join you guys by Eruner, from my instagram. Nice to see you guys again, was kind of surprised seeing most of you gone. :)
~ Z ~ said:
LIO-SAMA! It's you! OMG! I missed you! Welcome to the forum! :D

I missed you two  :heart: :heart: Was sad when you all dissapeared.

Eruner said:
Welcome Lio-sama, I'm happy to see you here.

*hides under carpet, full of shyness, because she revealed the magic trick I did*

Hehee i did indeed, but i was kind of Surprised because you wrote to me, i didn't know you knew my insta profile.:)

Z-Fighter said:
Welcome to the forum. :D

Thank you.:)
LoopyPanda said:
Hey Lio! Didn't expect you to join! :0

Nice Eruner B)

Welcome to our humble abode. :3

I might have joined earlier but I didn't know of this site so I couldn't :(  , but Eruner wrote to me through Intsa, quite a surprise and invited me, and since I kind of missed you guys since you left AF, I wanted to be part of it too.  :D

Frenzied Shadow said:
Hey welcome to the humble abode!

Thank you I already feel at home  :p
Freak said:
Hey! Welcome to the club!

Alzoru said:
Welcome, Lio!

Syn said:
Hi Lio!! It's good to see you again!

fullblue said:
Yes, more people join us. Welcome :D

Thank you guys you really make me feel welcome

LoopyPanda said:
Yeah the site is only a few days old, so we made a quick move XD

Hehee it seems to be great side you guys created, may I ask why you didn't expect me?
Well, the whole thing was rather abrupt, and I don't have you on any social site like you do with Eruner (I lack an instagram lol). If I did I would've told you sooner. xc

Skype was the main way most of us communicated recently but I don't believe I ever got your Skype if you had one. :p

I also didn't expect Colt to find me given that my links to other places got removed a few days after I posted them. :c he managed to find me via Youtube (personal messaging over there is really weird given all the clicks you need to click lol)

At any rate, nuestro casa es su casa. :D
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