Hello all

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Blue Jacket
Sep 20, 2015
new york
hello all, it's me Jcoss. glad to be part of your new forum, and send me your friend invites my friends from the forum we came form
Welcome, Jcoss! :D Grest to see ya, welcome to the crew! B)
yeah, I'm close to being banned on the other forum, don't think I'll sign back in again there
I heard, shine's is telling me of all the banned
yeah, banning is happening through out the site
They're essentially on a witch hunt for anyone that even have a disagreement of their decisions. It's won't end until they outright ban everyone until they only have a few "loyal" members.
they are hurting the site more then any of us
of course you never go ban the long term members it hurts the site espicially if they haven't done anything wrong

6 years of me being a mod there, and I beleive they might ban me next
of course. I might become motivated again.

I have no motivation to do anything on AF, I'm done with it.
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