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Hello to all the awesome role players out there! I have been searching for a new role-playing site for a while (Facebook tends to be...subpar, to say the least, a lot of times) and came across this one in my 'quest'. I am really hoping I can flex my skills on here and find some new friends to do some good stories with for a while.

I have been role-playing since about 2011 (2012?) and have worked my way up from doing a few sentences to multi- para replies with the help of some others sites such as Magistream. It seems any more than finding decent role players is a harder and harder thing to do though....kinda sad actually...roleplaying is an art, ya know? 

Anyways to cut to the chase, my interests in role-playing vary from original, fantasy based ones onto anime themed stories such as Dbz and Hetalia. (Had an awesome Hetalia one that lasted a good 3 years that recently ended). I prefer to use my o.c's whenever I can but I am open to using canon characters depending on the plot :D

If you want to do roleplays with me feel free to message me whenever you wish ^^ I am more than happy to listen to other's ideas!

~ Z ~

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WAZZUP! Nice to see a new face! Welcome to Boogaloo! We hope that you can find whatever you need here! I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends that'll fit your RP'ing needs. We hope you enjoy your stay! :D


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Welcome, always happy to see a new face! I'm working on an original RP myself these past few months, not ready to open it up yet because I have lots of preparation to do.

We've got both Original and franchise-based RPs going on, and you can always make your own in those forums any time! 

If you wish to ease your way into things around here, I suggest perhaps dipping your toes into BoogaVerse (maintained by ShineCero) if sandbox-type RPGs would be something you fancy. Either way, some of the regulars here will be happy to help answer any questions you have. Of course, in any other areas of the site, feel free to ask any mods should you have questions or concerns. :D hope to catch you around!


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Welcome to the forum! Your profile pic and signature leaves a smile on my face everytime I see it xD

Z and LoopyPanda mentioned the RPs. If you ever drop by in BoogaVerse, feel free to ask any questions you might have! :awesome:

~ Z ~

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