Blue Jacket
Sep 4, 2015

The home of Demons and their leader, Lucifer, Hell is a dangerous place for both the living and the dead. Sinners live here in a carefree life as they sin to their heart's desire. Meanwhile, demons of varying power patrol the depths, making sure that order is maintained -- through force. Get caught here when you're not supposed to be? You'll regret it if you can't defend yourself or run. Fight demons here to get stronger, but make sure that Lucifer doesn't catch you personally....
A portal of a demonic origin yet not regular opened near the entrance to Hell, with the Dark Gunner and Lucifer coming out of it. The Dark Gunner was almost completely limp in Lucifer's grasp.
"My lord! Have you come back with another prisoner?" A demon asked Lucifer, who nodded.

"As a matter of fact, yes. Let the Wrath demons toy with this one. I'm sure they have some steam to release. Lucifer tossed the Dark Gunner to the demon, who carried the Dark Gunner off to a circle full of flames, more than the other circles in the realm...
The Dark Gunner smirked, barely moving and letting it happen. His eyes were closed as he convserved his energies at the edge of consciousness.
The demon walked up to the circle of wrath, the horde of fire-covered demons gathering.

"Enjoy your time here, simpleton." With that, the demon tossed Dark Gunner into the pit of angry demons...
"Alright, is there anything else that requires my attention?" Lucifer asked another demon.

"Not at the moment, my lord.. Wait -- it would appear that the most recent prisoner escaped. At that moment, Lucifer's energy spiked as a blood red aura appeared around him.

"When I find that fool... He'd most definitely head back to that stupid Opera House of his!" With that, he ripped open a portal to the Opera House.
However, the wrath demons were unaffected, in part due to the fact that they were on fire. They grabbed the two and began their assault. However, this assat was WAY less worse than Lucifer's.
Azura emitted a shock pulse outwards, while biting one of the demons.


Atama walked into the entrance, cracking his knuckles. On his back was a black duffle bag containing a variety of Solarian weapons.

"Get the target, barter with the demon, get out of Hell. Seems easy enough." He said.
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