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Happy New Year, Boogaloo!

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The Strongest
Man, the months has go on by really fast this year, huh? I hope that we all continue to have a wonderful year without any form of unnecessary drama within their life and hope that you all reach a bit closer to that goal that you're pursuing. :pimp: I'm glad that we can all get together and celebrate the new year fresh and have awesome times together :gar: With that said, Happy New Years to everyone and hope you guys have a awesome      2016 and as always, we, the Boogaloo Crew will always have your back through thick and blood! :cool: Now, let's party ya'll :baaa: 


Grey Star

Red Jacket
Happy New Years.

Another year around the sun.

Another year closer to joining my undead armies.


Blue Jacket
What are you guys doin on here? Go out and have fun.
......then again id be a hypocrite for saying that.
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