Happy Birthday Syn!

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Sep 3, 2015

Happy Birthday, Syn!

What's that sound? It's the sound of the autobots rocking and rollin' to come and serve you a plate of cake for your very special birthday! What this? The Decepticons, led by the Notorious Megatron has crashed the party! However, it's to offered her a kickass musical played by Soundwave for your very special day! Even they want in for their favorite transformer fan! The Boogaloo Community have wished that you have a very, awesome, awesome day today and continue from that day forth! Let's roll out, autobots, let's kick Cybertron into overdrive to shine bright for Syn's special day!


[align=right]- Love, the Boogaloo Crews

What? Another birthday on Boogaloo?! Syn's been a huge help to a lot of us on Boogaloo and is a wonderful artist. With her second year on Boogaloo, let's all be sure to give her extra birthday wishes! Syn's wonderful art and kind nature shows that she truly cares about the people in Boogaloo. With a second year comes another year more experience with her art style! I've noticed that she liked Genji at one point so here's a cake with Genji's face on it! Even if she's good or bad at Overwatch, I'm sure that Syn will love our special Genji cake! We certainly hope that you have a wonderful birthday and spend it with all your friends and loved ones! With this being your second year with everyone in Boogaloo, we hope to see you here for the third! Have a happy birthday Syn!
Happy... day late... birthday, Syn, glad to see you still art-ing with us all here in Boogaloo!
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