Happy Birthday Sailor Twilight!

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Sep 3, 2015
The Cosmos~!

Today we celebrate a musical day with our best friend Sailor Twilight. After blessing our wonderful world with her catchy tunes, even she needs a moment or so to take a break! While we let the music fill our soul and her cuteness paralyze us where we stand, let's all gather around and give Sailor Twilight one of the best birthdays she's had! I'm sure she would enjoy us playing a song for her for a change! In all seriousness, we hope that you have a wonderful time on your birthday Sailor Twilight and spend it with your family and friends! Eat all the cake you can and just have fun on your very special day! Make sure to leave one slice of cake for Boogaloo!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!

Another birthday on Boogaloo means more time to party and a lot more cake to eat! Sailor Twilight has graced us yet again with a wonderful and spectacular birthday. With all her elegance and Majesty she will bless us with a super awesome and amazing birthday. We can all come together and eat all the finest food, watch the finest performance, and truly enjoy ourselves. In the world Sailor lives in, we are sure to have a blast with the riches she possesses. Regardless of how she decides to spend her birthday, we surely hope that she spends it with her trusted friends and family! Spend this birthday well, Sailor and have a ton of fun! And remember, always save a piece of cake for everyone here on Boogaloo! 

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!
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