Happy Birthday Raditz Escobar!

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Sep 3, 2015
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Source: http://neojimheadshot.deviantart.com/art/Captain-Falcon-Loves-Birthdays-265112649[/SIZE][/CENTER]

FALCON PAWNCH! I had to, sorry.
Let's wish Falcon of Legends the best of birthday wishes! After a long day of training and punching through all the competition of Smash, even the Captain needs a rest. A nice cake and an awesome present for our punching machine. Keep on dominating the Smash fanbase and keep punching your way to victory! Never let your wings be clipped! You still got a long road ahead of you so keep doing what you do best, being a great friend! In all seriousness, we all wish you spend your special day as happy as possible with your friends, family, and of course cake! Make sure to save some for us! Have tons of fun and PAWNCH your enemies into the dust.


- Love, The Boogaloo Crew!
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(this picture is so damn kawaii-desu for me :high: )​


(Two pics since the cake I wanted was too small...)​


The gang's all here! Family, friends, and most importantly, cake! Raditz celebrates a second birthday here with us on Boogaloo and it looks like he isn't ready to back down so easily from reaching a third. We all know Raditz loves ruling planets but he seems to have a nice soft spot for our wonderful and precious Boogaloo. With the rest of the Son Family there (I apologize if I got that wrong...) Raditz can't ask for more unless it involves cake of course. He's still stubborn around Kakarott but he seems to have mellowed out after the years. I'm sure Raditz would truly enjoy spending time on this special day with his family. In all seriousness, I hope you really enjoy your birthday with your mom, Raditz. Always spend the best memories with your family and enjoy it to the fullest. No matter what anyways says, you'll always be family with all of us in Boogaloo. Remember to eat a ton of cake but always save one slice for Boogaloo!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!
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As another birthday swings by it just gives us more excuse to stuff our faces with delicious cake. Today we celebrate Raditz's birthday and from the looks of it it's his third birthday here on the forum. You know what that means, we celebrate three times as hard. It doesn't matter if Raditz is looking for unsuspecting planets to take over or keeping an eye on his 'special cargo' on this special day he will take a break to enjoy some free time on his birthday. Even if you aren't on good terms with Raditz destroying the Earth, I'm sure you can forgive him for just today. All in all, we hope you enjoy this amazing day with all your friends and family and spend it with all the fun and laughter you can endure. Make sure to eat a bunch of cake and always remember one very special rule! Always save one slice of cake for everyone here on Boogaloo!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!
This thread is now closed. If you still wish to say happy birthday, please give the user a message on their profile! Many thanks! :D
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