Happy Birthday Quinx!

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Sep 3, 2015
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Happy Birthday Quinx!

FUS RO DAH! Today is Quinx's day to step into her destiny and realize she is one with the dragons! Speaking the Dragon language, she will be able to either befriend or destroy the very beings she speaks to! The fate of the world lies in her hands but before she saves it, she's gotta sit down and eat some delicious cake! The world can wait one day for Quinx to feast on some yummy cake! Those who dare interfere will suffer a FUS RO DAH to the face. I'm sure that Quinx wouldn't mind stuffing her face with cake. In all seriousness, we hope you have a wonderful and fun birthday with your friends and family, Quinx. Always have lots of fun on your special day and remember to always save a piece for us here on Boogaloo! Have a wonderful birthday, Quinx!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!

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Thread Reopened to help celebrate Quinx's second birthday with everyone here on Boogaloo!

Another year another awesome birthday for our special member, Quinx! As much as we love cake and animal crossing...why not mix the two together?! An Animal cake?! Sounds dangerously delicious! I'm sure even Quinx wouldn't be too scared to take a sugary bite from this yummy cake! I wonder what Quinx's wish is gonna be when the candles are blown out? Maybe she'll let us know if we're lucky. Boogaloo is super happy to have you celebrate your second epic birthday with everyone here! We hope that you have a wonderful time better than the first time! Please enjoy your second birthday to the fullest and remember to save Boogaloo a piece of cake! Happy second birthday!
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