Happy Birthday Ploep!

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Sep 3, 2015
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Today, all the pirates in the world are going to have a hard time nabbing a piece of Ploep's precious treasure cake! The cake was said to have been made by the world's greatest chef and he used an ultra secret recipe! Ploep's pirate instincts tell her that danger is just around the corner! With her cutlass in one hand and her trusty gun in the other, she has never seen a battle which she cannot win! She rules the seven seas and has countless bounties on that head of hers but even Ploep has to make a day to rest on her birthday! Here on Boogaloo, we protect our pirate queen so she may not send us to Davy Jones' Locker! In all seriousness, we hope that you enjoy your special day with your family and friends and we hope that you spend nothing but joy on this very special day! Stuff your face full of cake but always remember to leave one slice for Boogaloo!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!

What? Another birthday here on Boogaloo?! It's time to celebrate Ploep's second birthday! Bring out the Nutella and all the wonderful sweets you got because Ploep is gonna take them all for her birthday. I can't believe it's already been a year from Ploep's last birthday! I hope all those pirates from last year didn't attempt to take her wonderful treasure! This time we decided to give her a much safer birthday but this one is full of chocolate. Let's just hope that Ploep doesn't get super hyper from the sugar rush! I'm sure she won't, right? Regardless if she does or doesn't, we hope that you have a very fun birthday Ploep! Spend it wit your friends and family and make sure to eat a ton of cake! But as you eat your cake always remember to save at least one piece for Boogaloo!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!
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