Happy Birthday, LoopyPanda!

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Sep 3, 2015
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From all of us on Boogaloo and especially me, we wish to celebrate the birthday of someone very special to us all, Loopy!

You're so sweet to everyone, even those who don't deserve it and therefore, deserve to have the happiest birthday anyone will ever have! Even some of my friends prefer you to me for great reasons! XD Friends and family alike adore you for who you are and wish you nothing but happiness. I'm hoping your day goes even just a fraction of what you deserve!

Plus, you're adorable. ouo

So, despite that it won't be your birthday for at least another hour on your end, it's time here to make sure you know we all care. I love you, Panda Bear. And Gregia does too. nun

Happy Birthday, Loopy!

Now, eat your cake. B| o3o

I need to call animal control, there is a wonderful panda that appears to be dazed rampaging around on the internet!

Happy Birthday apparently Loopy/Luppy/Loops
Happy birthday my child! I wish I can hug you right now! D:

I hope you enjoy your awesome birthday with all of us! Even Big Bad Luppy can have some cake. ...But only one slice. B|


I'm obviously that cat thingy.
Happy Belated Birthday Loopy! I hope you had a wonderful day...................... :fan:
Enjoy you birthday, because that is the only day Im not trolling you, so enjoy it while you can, muhehehe

Small girl is growing into young lady, you got my knighty support anytime you need.

And here is small present:
This thread is now closed. If you still wish to say happy birthday, please give the user a message on their profile! Many thanks! :D
You'll get your gift later today, but I wanted to get this out early.

You're a sweet, caring person who goes out of her way to treat everyone as fairly as she can. And despite the hardships and mental strain from your family and friends everyday, you still come out smiling and full of compassion for those same people causing you headaches. You are a truly wonderful person who deserves more in the world. Even when I'm too busy or tired from work to always message you, know that I love you with all my being. So when you're exhausted and not sure what to do, just remember.


You got your friends with you! Happy birthday, Loopy! From all of us here!
Loopy's birthday? Man, it comes so fast...

Well, Loopy, you've has always been a fountain of fun and jokes, as well as a great creator, so congrats on achieving another year to up your Wisdom stat by one!

Always glad to have you around!
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