Happy Birthday Lio-Sama!

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The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015

We have come together to celebrate the 21 years of our amazing traveler, Lio-sama! She has travel across vast landscape and oceans, learning many things. Her kindness is something un-rival by any other! Lio-sama, allow us to honor the day of your birth! [size=large][font=Avenir,]We each need to find our own inspiration. Sometimes it's not easy; but with you on our side, we shall find the strength to make sure you have the best and wonderful birthday! May all your wishes come true, Lio-sama![/font][/size]

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!
This thread is reopened to help Lio-Sama celebrate a second birthday right here on Boogaloo!

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Another special day and another amazing birthday just came back to say hello! Today we all come together to celebrate Lio-Sama's birthday! She's blessed us all with her presence and she'll be happy to do it again every day! However, today is very special since the second coming of her birthday means extra blessings for Boogaloo, right? She will make sure to have the best time on her birthday and we, as loyal members of Boogaloo, will make sure she will love this day to the absolute fullest! All in all, we all hope you have a wonderful birthday today, Lio-Sama! Spend it with all your closest and warmest friends and family! Make sure to eat a ton of cake but never forget to at least save one slice for everyone here on Boogaloo!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!
This thread is now closed. If you still wish to say happy birthday, please give the user a message on their profile! Many thanks! :D
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