Happy Birthday Kyo273!

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Sep 3, 2015
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Source: http://mutchiness.deviantart.com/art/Naruto-21st-Birthday-Cake-407756227[/SIZE][/CENTER]

RASENGAN! Happy birthday Kyo273!

Let's all wish Kyo273 a powerful birthday and one filled with nothing but joy and tons of cake! He will battle with ninjas to get only but most perfect and unique cake to celebrate with. With that said, I hope he spends a wonderful time spending his special day with his friends and family and other close people in his life. Let's hope he doesn't substitute his cake for ramen instead. Well, it's his birthday, he can eat whatever he wants, right? Right! Silliness aside, I hope that Kyo273 has a great time on a day that should be very special to him and we, on Boogaloo, offer this present to you! Enjoy your birthday!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew!
Thread is reopened to celebrate Kyo's second birthday on Boogaloo! Let's make it one for him to remember!
Happy birthday Kyo! We hope you enjoy your second cake and hopefully, your second epic birthday with everyone on Boogaloo!

This thread is now closed. If you still wish to say happy birthday, please give the user a message on their profile! Many thanks! :D
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