Happy Birthday Frenzied Shadow!

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Sep 3, 2015
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Source: http://www.foodiggity.com/the-greatest-dragon-cake-that-you-will-see-today/[/SIZE][/CENTER]
(Yes, this is a REAL cake and it BLEW my little mind.)

Happy Birthday Frenzied Shadow!

Today we shall not slain any dragons! No shadow will disappear with the morning sun! Let dragons and shadows become a frenzy together! I picked a dragon cake since Frenzied Shadow seems to like dragons...so why not a badass dragon CAKE? Show us how you tame your dragons, Frenzied Shadow! Or show us how you drive shadows into a frenzy! Too many puns? Forgive me. Let's all wish Frenzied Shadow the biggest and brightest birthday ever! Lots of cake for you and all your loved ones. Be sure to spend your wonderful day with your loved ones and friends and just have a great time! Be sure to save us a slice of cake, it looks amazing! Hope you have a blast!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew!
I'm about to cry right now... This is quite possibly the greatest birthday thread I have ever had from someone else making it. Everyone, thank you. All of you rock, and Z, keep up the puns! THEY'RE LEGENDARY, AS ALL DRAGONS ARE. TONIGHT, MY SHADOW SHALL NOT FADE!
Thread Reopened for the second time to celebrate Frenzied Shadow's second birthday with everyone on Boogaloo!

Happy Birthday again Frenzied Shadow! Another cake to celebrate your majestic love for Dragons and elegant use of shadows! We hope you truly enjoy the second coming of such a wonderful day and thank you for spending it with us on Boogaloo!​
This thread is now reopened to help Frenzied Shadow celebrate another birthday here on Boogaloo.

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Another birthday is flying by Boogaloo! With Frenzied Shadow coming back to celebrate and bless us with another birthday I'm sure that everyone here will enjoy it. Dragons will be freed from their dungeons and people will be able to ride them with pride and joy. With all these free dragons, I think our cakes will bake much sooner thanks to the ones that can breathe fire. I just hope Frenzied knows how to control them all later... All in all, we here at Boogaloo hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest and spend it with smiles and laughter. Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the best of it with your family and friends. Always remember to save a piece of cake for everyone in Boogaloo!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!
This thread is now closed. If you still wish to say happy birthday, please give the user a message on their profile! Many thanks! :D
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