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Happy Birthday Blaksun!

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~ Z ~

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Today let's celebrate Boogaloo's epic AMV maker! Blaksun has a bunch of secrets to him but we all know he's got a warm heart, warm like the sun! Blaksun is one of our coolest and kindest members so let's give it up to him by showing him the best birthday Boogaloo can offer! While Blaksun has a ton of animes he likes, I couldn't just pick one so I thought he would like nothing but a bunch of chocolate on his birthday! Tons of sweet goodness to brighten up your day, Blaksun! In all seriousness, we truly hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest and have nothing but the best of time. Spend this wonderful day with nothing but happiness and joy! Stuff your face with all the cake you want and always remember to save one slice for Boogaloo! Have a happy birthday, Blaksun!

- Love, The Boogaloo Crew~!
Not open for further replies.