Guys, what is the best cereal?

Panich said:
I agree with Jaz, Honey nut Cheerios is the best cereal.



How dare yall sleep on the best cereal there is?

Lucky Charms
> Reese's Puffs

More like death cereal :wagh:

< deathly allergic to peanuts

Now, now, ya'll mention Honey Nut Cheerios. How about the KING, Cheerios?

I prefer these and the strawberry ones over lucky charms (my 2nd favorite but only for the marshmallow beetus) Just to confirm I'm not a complete psychopath, I don't eat unfrosted poptarts

Yogurt burst cheerios are the only valid cheerios
ShineCero said:
what the hell is yogurt burst cheerios?!

I only had them once but they were so good... unfortunately they're discontinued until they decide to ever bring em back... I thought they were pretty good
But like Mr. Pibb, all good things come to an end... (of the production line)
Wow... that shit is totally real. I'm more of a fan of Frosted Cheerios, but they're are so damn hard to find in stores :lmao:


(although, to be fair, I love regular cheerios too)
Holy shit. I remember those!!! My big sister and I used to devoured these things like it was candy. The major problem is that they get soggy really quick....

and I remember their crazy, weird mascot for the cereal:


The 90s was hella weird :lmao:
As far as I removed, it's honey-flavored corn. I don't think it uses actual, pure honey. :thinking:
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