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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
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Name: The Dark Gunner, or Tech Star

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 100 pounds

Species: Isorian


However, the green replaced with an indigo blue. With wings on the back.

Personality: The Dark Gunner is somewhat friendly to those he meets, but has an itchy trigger finger in terms of of anywhere. He's becomes calmer as the situation grows more and more dire.

Attacks: Basic Gun- A six shot clip that has enough power to puncture thick armor, with extra depending upon the gun. Argent Peacemaker does elemental damage with a bonus against machinery and undead. Senteza does shadow damage with a bonus against sentient beings. Gilded Griffin does piercing damage, with a bonus against thick hides and armor. Obisdion Carbine is a weaker version of the Senteza but inflicts a weakening poison with it's attacks. The clips auto-reload if left with a bullet or more left in the chamber without requiring the Dark Gunner to reload, but if empty do require a reload.

Charged Gun- A quick flash of yellow energy surrounds the Dark Gunner in a swirling fashion before remaining around him. The next time he fires his gun he is rooted in place as 5 bullets go off followed by a bird matching the main color of the gun, while retaining their qualities from the basic gun attack. Pale yellow for the Argent Peacemaker, dark purple for the Senteza. Orange for the Gilded Griffin. And a series of black Aprocrean tendrils for the Obsidian Carbine.

Basic Sword- A swing with the Obsidian Edge, dealing heavy shadow damage with poison compared to the Senteza.

Sword Combo- A three swing combo with the Obisdian edge, keeping the shadow poison damage.

Charged Sword- The same yellow energy swirls around the Dark Gunner and he releases a heavy sword swing from the Obsidian Edge keeping it's damage qualities only amplified, followed by Aprocrea tendrils reaching several yards.

Bomb- The same yellow energy from the other charge attacks swirl around the Dark Gunner, activating the Obsidian Crusher. When the bomb next hits the ground it explodes in 3 seconds in ten yards in a circle. Deals shadow damage and poison.

Abilities: Flight- Through the use of his wings, the Dark Gunner can fly with ease.

Teleportation- Through the use of his Aprocrea abilities, the Dark Gunner is able to teleport in a flash of purple light.

Devilite Portals- The Dark Gunner can open portals to anywhere planet that doesn't have counter measures.

Dash: The Dark Gunner makes a leap of several meters in any direction that isn't down.

Shield: The Dark Gunner raises his shield, generating a slowly breaking energy bubble around him. Slows him down considerably, prevents him from attacking, and requires several seconds of lack of damage to being regenerating.

Mixed Abilities: Aprocrea Tendrils- These tendrils can be used to restrain enemies or grab items or pull things.

Shield Bash: The Dark Gunner creates his shield and bashes it against an enemy by quickly moving several yards, but costs half his shield's health.

Items/Weapons: Chaos Set- Provides some resistance to damage, with bonuses to the shadow variety, and grants the Dark Gunner the majority of his power. It's what he wears.

Argent Peacemaker- The elemental revolver of the Dark Gunner.
Senteza- The shadow revolver of the Dark Gunner.
Gilded Griffin- The peircing revolver of the Dark Gunner.
Obsidion Carbine- The shadow poison revolver of the Dark Gunner.
Obsidion Edge- The shadow poison sword of the Dark Gunner.
Obsidion Crusher- The shadow poison bomb of the Dark Gunner.

Dread Skelly Shield-
A shadow based shield that provides a good deal of resistance against damage of shadow origin.

Black Kat Seraphnyx, "Angela"-
A dark cat like sprite created through Clockwork exposure. It has the following attacks. All of which require a shared minute cooldown.

Disintegration Ray- A knock back short lived ray of light, known for piercing armor.

Iron Heart Attack- Enemies hit by a heart shaped wave of energy heal the Dark Gunner.
Valkyrian Aura- An orange energy bubble surrounds the Dark Gunner, protecting him while allowing him to fire shots unimpeded. Lasts only 10 seconds and can only adsorb so much damage, about the might of a missile.

Biography: A founding member of the Meeting of the Dark. An Isorian wanderer who happened upon a strange portal, which irrevocably transformed him from legendary sharpshooter Tech Star into the Dark Gunner, a nightmarish "less than a person" humaniod with dark powers. After words he became estranged from his son, his friends, his very race, and ended up adopting Azura the Wolver who was involved in the same portal.

All image credits to the Spiral Knights wiki.
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Name: Azura
Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Height: 2ft
Weight: 50 pounds
Species: Wolver

Image credit Spiral Knights Wiki.
Personality: Light hearted and easy going, but as the situation gets more dire, she becomes more likely to panic in fear or give up.
Attacks: Wolver bite- a basic bite from Azura.

Wolver Combo Bite- A three bite combo that deals knock back.

Status Pulse- Azura sends out a 2 foot long 2 foot high wave of energy around her that inflicts a various status, unless the enemy has a resistance to the status effect. The energy pulse has a different coloration depending upon the status effect. The pulse will only last two to three seconds when used, though can be instantly activated followed by a short cool down.

Stun Pulse- An orange wave that causes moderate dizziness on those affected, enough to slow down muscle movement.

Poison Pulse- A green wave that poisons the enemies, making them weakened in terms of their strength but otherwise unaffected.

Freeze Pulse- A dark blue wave that encases the lower half of a target when hit.

Fire Pulse- A red wave that spreads fire to anyone hit.

Shock Pulse- A light blue wave that induces electricity into those hit, generally causing muscle spasms for this hit that are organic.

Sleep Pulse- A blue-green wave that causes those hit to take a few minute long nap, unless waken up of course.

Pulse Bite- A regular bite but it inflicts one of Azura's various status effects.

Pulse Combo Bite- The same as the combo bite but it inflicts on of Azura's various status effects.

Abilities: Burrow- Azura can dig underground to traverse areas quickly.

Dodge- Azura can dodge things by quickly rolling a few yards.

Telepathy- Azura can communicate via telepathy to a mile in distance.
Items/Weapons: None.
Biography: Azura was a regular fox until she fell into a strange portal with the Dark Gunner, being transformed into an alien creature and gaining her powers. Eventually she was found by the Dark Gunner and the two journeyed the world, outcast and hated.
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Name: Atama Buster

Age: Centuries

Gender: Male

Height: 10 Foot

Weight: 450

Species: Human-Solarian Fusion

Appearance: A large man with pale skin, with blue eyes. Wears a black coat and pants with silver boots. Hair black but slicked back in a ponytail about shoulder length. Twelve foot long wings on his back, black and shaped like a raven’s.

Personality: Atama is a warrior. Dedicated to enacting a somewhat twisted view of justice at times, Atama will let some problems or threats to things by because of his immense power making it too easy to defeat any low level threat. Generally he is wise but has problems socializing due to uncertainty of exactly what, or who he is. Also has a repressed distrust of any light empowered entity.

Attacks: Swordsmanship- Atama's weapon combined with his speed and strength made him a deadly master with a blade.

Darkness Barrage- A short ranged beam of pure darkness, capable of cutting through titanium with ease.

Final's Focus- Two weaker but incredibly ranged Darkness Barrages, the left one black, the right one white.

Origin Strike- Focusing dark energy into his blade, Atama unleashes a hard hitting strike with his blade that causes a dark explosion.

Gen Finisher- Atama teleports above an enemy and crashes a large orb of Darkness down on top of them.

Celestial King of Darkness- A downward strike from Atama's weapon followed by either a stomp or kick, depending on Atama and his enemy's relative location.

For Luna- An upward Origin Strike with knock back followed by a very intense Darkness Barrage.

Dark Ultima Cannon- Atama's ultimate attack. It turns his blade into a large cannon and fires a large orb of darkness from it, capable of destroying a solar system.

Abilities: Flight- Using his wings, Atama can lift himself off the ground.

Teleportation- Traveling through the Darkness, Atama can instantly move from one area to another, but requires intense focus.

Dream Control- Using latent abilities from his original self, Atama can manipulate the dreams of those he touches, provided they are dreaming.

Dream Illusion- Atama can create an illusion from his mind, but it is completely hallow and silent.

Darkness Construction- With his control over Darkness, Atama can create weapons, raw items, energy shields, or dark creatures to aid in combat.

Time Traveler's Resolve- Using this technique, Atama's perception of time speeds up, letting him react and move faster, at the cost of being increasingly tired out.

Poison Resistance- As a being of Darkness, Atama is naturally immune to weak poison and heavily resistant to most. This ability notably allows him to drink nightshade in unlimited qualities.

Darkness Sight- Even in a world without light Atama can see perfectly fine.

Darkness Sense- Atama can smell and sense energies, being able to locate them rather easily.

Shadow Cloak- Spewing Darkness over an area, either covering specific people in it to hide them from sight, or preventing any from seeing with normal sight in a large area.

Mixed Abilities: Inhuman Strength- Atama’s mere strength allows him to smash concrete blocks with his fist.

Super Speed- Using some magic, Atama can achieve the speed of sound.

Energy Redirection- Catching energy onto his blade, filling it with power. Atama then can fling this in a direction as a wave.

Angelic Retreat- Atama flies upwards rapidly, after having expelled a large ring of dark energy around him.

Items: Buster Katana- Atama got sick of every time he used a weapon that it shattered from a single hit, so he had a swordsmith create a katana and enhanced it to be indestructible with magic.

Biography: A fusionite being born of four different Solarian heroes that existed only for a short while before being undone, he was eventually resurrected as a "temporal copy" by Jack of the Meeting of the Dark. During the timeskip of Fallen Empire he fell in love with his protegee, Memora, married her and produced a child from their union.
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Name: Jacen Godfrey Drake Petronov
Age: 24

Gender: Male
Height: 5"5"
Weight: 200 IBL
Species: Human-Wizard-Veilic

Appearance: A pale man with blue eyes and black hair kept short. Wears a blue robe and underneath that a suit of armor decorated with dragon patterns.

Personality: Jacen possesses two major sides to his personality. The torturous joker who dosen't take any threat seriously in word but does in action, and the the hatred filled serious soldier. Jacen seeks to further his goals most of the time, but will take the time to relax or gather information if he feels like it. He holds no bars on his methods of killing however.

Attacks (Attacks are abilities that will harm your opponent): Dark Fireball- An easily cast quickfire ball of fire and darkness, capable of spreading flame.

Overwhelming Flames- This attack requires a short charge period but when unleashed is a 5 yard wide and ten yard long wave of thin fire.

Darkness Bolt- A quickly cast bolt of pure darkness.

Veilic Kamehameha- Summoning powers within himself, Jacen can preform a sort of mock Kamehameha but the attack is a white energy source of a strange energy. Has the power to level a building.

Blackford's Seal- Jacen at close range can put a seal of a black raven onto an opponent, which after a few seconds explodes dealing enough damage to knock down a house.

Dark Flamestrike- Contorting energies in a circle about a few yards in diameter, after a few moments unleashing an inferno of dark fire. However the attack is short lived, disappearing almost as quickly as it began.

Abilities (abilities to buff, debuff, basically anything that doesn't harm your opponent): Shadow Cloak- The ability to cloak other people or himself in darkness, making them immune to been seen with the naked eye.

Cloaking Miasma- Darkness fills the area like a mist, drowning out all light in about a house sized area.

Necromancy- Jacen is able to reconstitute the dead with dark energies, allowing him to rise unholy monsters. He can only raise about ten at a time however, and cannot directly control them.

Teleportation- Jacen possesses a natural affinity for teleportation, allowing him to instantly move great distances, but only when his will and magic is high.

Darkness Vision- For most men, the more darkness there is, the less they can see. For Jacen, no light is still perfectly clear as day.

Mend Undead- Jacen is able to heal the flesh of undead to reattach severed arms or such.

Emotion Fueled Power- Jacen's power can be increased based upon his emotions. The angrier, or sadder, or happier he gets, the more powerful he becomes. He can only get so angry however, meaning at max emotions his power would be increased by about 25% compared to him being calm.

Telekinesis- Using his mind Jacen is able to lift up to a heavy weapon's worth of weight.

Darkness Scent-

Mixed Abilities (Abilities with both a support and offensive use): Darkness Creation- Inheriting a spell from his uncle, Jacen is able to create black matter of magic, to use as either weapons or obstacles.

Items (what does your character have on you? Try to limit it to 2-4 items): Katana- Like his father used one, so does son. Lightweight but still durable enough to cut several men to pieces at once.

Claymore- Inspired by his uncle, Jacen possess a claymore capable of crushing foes rather then purely cutting them.

Armor- Jacen wears a lightweight ballistic vest. Strong enough to resist handguns, but that's it.

Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): Jacen Petrnov is the second child of Michael Drake and Sonja Petronov, and the first one born from Sonja. He grew up with both his older sister Sasha and younger sister Snow. He loved his family deeply. That changed one day when a vengeful uncle of Jacen's corrupted the boy with his immense magical power. Jacen's abilities skyrocketed and his ability to control darkness went from novice to master. Jacen's inner powers were unleashed, and directed against the family he once loved. However, he was defeated and forced to flee, and has been traveling the world with his trusty companion Sylvanas, of whom he raised from the dead.
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Name: Slyvanas
Age: 340
Gender: Female
Height: 7"
Weight: 250 IBL
Species: Undead Elf

Personality: Sylvanas is at most times cold but that's due to her status as a member of the undead. She possesses loyalty to those who will help her out and is somewhat sweet to them. She tends to be serious but enjoys a good joke every now and then. She also holds no bars against any sort of violence or killing.

Attacks (Attacks are abilities that will harm your opponent): Shot- Slyvanas knocks and fires an arrow from her bow.

Dark Shot- Sylvanas uses one of her dark arrows.

Tri Shot- Sylvanas gathers three of any arrow and fires them.

Abilities (abilities to buff, debuff, basically anything that doesn't harm your opponent): Darkness Sight- Sylvanas is able to see perfectly fine in pitch black.

Silent Footsteps- Sylvanas' footsteps make no noise unless she is carrying something heavy or running.

Shadow Meld- During the night or a solar eclipse, Syvlanas is able to turn invisible, but if she moves more then a few inches the stealth is broken.

Mixed Abilities (Abilities with both a support and offensive use): None.

Items (what does your character have on you? Try to limit it to 2-4 items): Long Bow- A standard elven longbow, lightweight but unlikely to break when being used.

Arrows- Regular arrows with no special capabilities.

Dark Arrows- Rarer dark arrows, which upon hitting something deals a silent explosion of darkness wherever it's lodged.

Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): Sylvanas was a normal elven ranger who just so happened to meet Jacen Petronov while he was wondering the world. The two considered having a relationship but decided against it due to Jacen's seeking to destroy his family and his requirement movements to accomplish that. A few years later Sylvanas dies protecting her village, and Jacen comes and brings her back from the dead. The two have been traveling together ever since.
Is your character an OC or Actual "Canon" Character?: OC

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Name: The Black Knight, or just Black Knight

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 5"

Weight: 220 IBL

Species: Human


Personality: Black Knight has no allegiance to any lord and does not blindly follow. He is persistent, confident, and goal-oriented. He also carries a disdain for tratiors and protects his friends with all his might.

Attacks (Attacks are abilities that will harm your opponent): Shovel Attack- A basic swing of the shovel blade.

Shovel Drop- Black Knight jumps into the air via several yard and drops down onto his opponenets, shovel blade pointed straight at them.

Energy Bolt- Black Knight can fire in quick succession multiple giant purple energy bullets the size of a person. Can kill a man in about for hits.

Meteor Rain- Black Knight can call down six burning meteors little larger then a man. Can take out a man in two hits.

Meteor Dig- Black Knight can use one of the meteors he called down after it's landed to fling dark energy mass at an enemy.

Meteor Shovel Drop- Black Knight can shovel drop onto a meteor, causing it to explode and shoot out in a ring around itself.

Abilities (abilities to buff, debuff, basically anything that doesn't harm your opponent): Winged Transformation- Black Knight can transform into a winged version of himself which allows him to fly and causes thorns to fly out upon transforming.

Teleportation- Black Knight can somewhat-teleport. It's not instant and it can only be done about the length of a football field, but is fast enough to dodge almost anything. He flashes blue and purple when doing this.

Extreme Jumping- Black Knight can jump several yards into the air.

Mixed Abilities (Abilities with both a support and offensive use): None.

Items (what does your character have on you? Try to limit it to 2-4 items): Shovel Blade. Both a weapon, and a tool.

Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): The enigmatic rival of Shovel Knight. Black Knight is great friends of both him and Shield Knight. He protected the Enchantress from Shovel Knight, to the point of being force-ably given a power up by her. He later rescued him after her defeat, before wandering off.
Is your character an OC or Actual "Canon" Character?: OC

Have you checked to see if the character you are requesting is free? (ignore [mostly] if OC): OC

Name: Gold the Darkhammer
Alter Egos: Crimson Vendetta, Rage Darkhollow
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 5"8"
Weight: 250 IBL
Species: Human / Undead

Appearance: Paladin Form

Vengeance Form

Death Knight (ignoring sword) Form

Personality: In general, Gold is a righteous warrior who attempts to cure the places he passes of trouble and sorrow. He will leave it up to others if he can trust them, however, or he himself is capable of. He is friendly and hearty most of the time. However, he does possess capacity for being a cold hearted seeker of vengeance and vigilante justice, becoming far more hostile and shut in. There are times where depression and sadness will overwhelm him, and thus his personality changes into that of a man who ignores those around him, is soft spoken, and is more likely to flee. No matter what he possesses a strong will though.

Attacks (Attacks are abilities that will harm your opponent): Paladin Form:
Hammer Combat- Gold is quite capable using his hammer to crush and batter his foes.

Vengeance Form:
Hammer Combat- Still got it, but now on fire.
Fireball- Swinging Sulfras Gold is capable of launching a heavy fireball at his enemy, of which is at an intense heat.
Volcano- Using a great deal of his strength, Gold is able to summon a building busting rock of molten lava from the ground and target it at a foe, but the attack leaves him heavily drained.
Incinerate- Gold is able to cause targets to burst into flames from spellpower.

Death Knight Form:
Axe Combat- Wielding Shadowmourne, Gold can cleave his foes.
Chaos Bane- Unleashing shadow energies from Shadowmourne, causing an AoE of deadly shadow energies around Gold the size of several yards.
Abilities (abilities to buff, debuff, basically anything that doesn't harm your opponent): Transformation: Focusing the Holy Light, summoning the Flames of Vengeance, or unleashing the shadow and necromatic energies inside himself, Gold is able to switch forms.

Paladin Form:
Devotion Aura- As a Paladin, the Light enhances Gold's armor, letting him tank more damage. It is shared with whoever he is allies with in a large radius.
Divine Shield- Focusing Light energies, Gold can create a shield around him that adsorbs mighty amounts of damage, but can only withstand so much.
Resurrection- Due to his rank as one a high Paladin, Gold can resurrect a person, but it can only be done every 24 hours, if the person's soul isn't trapped, and if the corpse is recent.

Vengeance Form:
Retribution Aura- The Flames of Vengeance fills Gold and his allies with fury, letting them attack faster then normal.
High Intensity- Gold surrounds himself in fire, causing any melee attacks to catch aflame.

Death Knight Form:
Unholy Aura- Gold and his allies gain a minor regenerative ability coupled with faster movement speed.
Death Pack- Gold is able to steal a part of an enemy's life force, healing himself in the process.
Animate Dead- Gold can create several red fleshy ghouls to serve him, which move quickly and attack savagely.

Mixed Abilities (Abilities with both a support and offensive use): Paladin Form:
Holy Light- A blast of Light that can heal men near death back to full heal, or damage the undead.

Vengeance Form:
Soul Burn- When cast, it unleashes a fire ball that can damage and burn enemies or heal those made of fire.

Death Knight Form:
Death Coil- A large green skull is cast forth from Shadowmourne that heals the undead or damages the living.

Items (what does your character have on you? Try to limit it to 2-4 items): Paladin Hammer- A standard might paladin hammer, which Gold wields with righteous fury in his Paladin form.
Paladin Armor- Standard armor of the Order of the Silver hand, which can sustain many blows and protect it's user. Worn in Paladin form.
Spellbook- Only in his paladin form does Gold use a spellbook to focus the Light into as he needs.

Swiftfoot: Gold's horse that he can call upon at any time, which changes it's form just as his master
Paladin / Vengeance:
Death Knight

Sulfras- When affected by the flames of vengeance, Gold's hammer changes shape into that of the might Sulfras, a weapon made in the image of the fire lord Ragnaros.

Judgement Armor- From the blessings of the fire, Gold's armor changes into that of his Vengeance form.

Death Knight Armor- Due to the necromatic energies of his Death Knight form, Gold's armor changes as well.

Shadowmourne- A weapon crafted to mirror the Lich King's weapon Frostmourne, this is the shape of Gold's hammer while he is a Death Knight.

Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): Gold grew up as an average boy who joined an order of holy knights and became a paladin. He was strong and devout to the Light, but when his village and temple was attacked by a necromancer's army, Gold wound up succumbing to the disease. He was cured by his Paladin brothers, but cursed with the ability to transform between living and undead. As such he was banished from his land and became a wandering holy man, trying to help best he can. Eventually he fell in love with a woman. As fate would have it, his lover was torn from him and tortured to death for information. When Gold found those responsible, he took a torch and set the man alight, and gained control over something called the "Flames of Vengance," unlocking his Vengance Form.
Name: Lily Prescott
Age: 61 (Physically 37)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: A pale American woman with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, wearing a white dress with jeans, grey jacket, and boots.

Alternate outfit.

Personality: Lily has a shy and a relaxed side. Sometimes she's rather shy and tries to avoid as much conversation as possible, at other times she's willing to talk happily.

Attacks: Lily can use her sword for close range attacks.
Pistolsfor medium range.
And ubersaw for close range. A hit on a person fills part of her mega-heal.

All Psi-Attacks can be ignored if the target's willpower is strong enough.
Psi-Abilities: Mindfray- A purple glow enters the targets, weakening their ability to see and in some cases reducing their thinking ability.
Soulfire - Damages the target's brain, while also healing Lily.
Psi-Panic - Developed thanks to brief exposure to Dread Saiyans, amplifies a target's fears.
Psi-Disorient - Causes the target to lose all sense of balance.
Insanity - Developed thanks to brief exposure to Dread Saiyans, induces debilitating hallucinations onto the target.
Fuse - Minor telekinetic ability that allows small movements, such as pressing the detonator on explosives.
Psi-Drain - Saps the life force from a target.
Gateway - Opens a portal of psi-energy that damages the target.
Null Lance - A purple beam of energy that damages the mind of those it hits.
Void Rift - An AoE version of Null Lance, but can cause the targets' fears to be amplified, their vision reduced, and induced hallucinations.

Abilities: Using the quick fix, the ability to heal people quickly, restoring things such as missing teeth or broken arms.
The quick fix can also create a buffer or "over-heal" where getting injured won't cause any damage on a person, but the effect can take a bullet or two at most and fades rapidly.
After getting enough healing done with the quick fix, Lily can unleash the Mega-heal, which makes her and her healing target almost unkillable for 8 seconds due to extreme healing.

Lily has a minor regeneration factor, letting small cuts and scars disappear instantly, but it would require several minutes for anything major.

Can open "telepathic channels" that alllows instantaneous communication between her and another person, but the other must be willing. Communication is available regardless of distance.

Psi-Abilities: Stasis- Surrounds the target in a binding shield that acts as a damage cover but prevents any sort of movement.
Psi-Inspiration - Grants a short burst of energy to the target.
Mind Merge- The thoughts of the target become one with Lily's, allowing them greater coordination.
Psi-Zombie - Using telekinesis, allows control of a disfugred husk of a corpse.
Sustain - If Lily is critcally injured a Stasis field surrounds her, protecting her until her regen ability repairs the damage.
Teleport - Able to move herself a fair distance away.
Solace - In a small area around her, Lily generates a mind protecting aura that weakens the effect of mental attacks and reduces fear.
Fortress - Lily is immune to the damage of fire and explosives are redirected away from her.
Greater Mind Merge- Allows multiple Mind Merges at once.
Telekinetic Field - Creates a field around her that reflects all incoming ranged attacks.

Mixed Abilities: Crusader's Crossbow can heal allies with it's bolt or damage enemies.

Items: An enchanted short sword that heals the user upon tasting blood.

Two regular pistols, no longer outdated.

The Crusader's Crossbow which is a single bolt crossbow. It's bolt heals allies or damages enemies.

Ubersaw, which fuels Lily's uber-heal upon each successful hit.

Quick-fix medigun. A healing item with a backpack.

Biography: Lily was a simple girl who ended up in a covert shadow war spread across Booga and was trained as a medic. During this time she met Drake, who gave her basic training. After the war's end she disappeared, becoming an apprentice to a roaming monster hunter and learned the cruetly of the world. At times she assists Atama whenever he calls for her aid. Works alongside Jack's Meeting of the Dark.

Image credits to Marvel and the Team Fortress 2 Wiki respectively.
Name: Nathan Washington, "Columbus"

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Human.

Appearance: A pale man with brown hair and blue eyes, wears a blue suit with a white shirt underneath, dark blue pants and brown running shoes. His hair is a short cut parted to the left. Wears a mask.


Personality: Columbus cares about the people he works with. He always ensures his employees are taken care of, his crew members are always brought back to full after each heist, and ensures every heist goes well. He is generally calm but does what needs to be done.

Attacks (Attacks are abilities that will harm your opponent): AK- Columbus fires his AK47, either in burst or auto.

GL40- Columbus fires a round from his grenade launcher, being enough to instantly kill everyone in a small room.

Bronco- Columbus pulls out his trusty 6-shooter revolver, having an intense amount of damage.

Sentry Gun- Columbus drops down his sentry gun, which is a small auto-firing turrent capable of bringing down quite a number of his enemies through pure bullet firing.

Abilities (abilities to buff, debuff, basically anything that doesn't harm your opponent):  Cable Ties- Columbus can restrain anyone of normal strength via tying them up using a few plastic cables.

Doctor Bag- Columbus carries a medic bag, which he can put down on the ground and use to patch himself or his allies up, restoring wounds in the matter of a few seconds. It only contains six charges however.

Ammo Bag- Columbus carries an ammo bag, which he can put down to let himself or his allies refill their ammo stashes from various bullets and another ammo types.

Drill- Columbus' drill can be used to drill into many reinforced locks and doors, but does has it's limits. It is self standing however.

Mixed Abilities (Abilities with both a support and offensive use): None.

Items (what does your character have on you? Try to limit it to 2-4 items): AK47-


Bronco- The second one in the picture.

Medic Bag-

Ammo Bag-

Sentry Gun-


Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): On the surface, Nathan Washington is a respectable bank manager who specializes in being a people person. Below the surface however, he possesses a violent history as Columbus, a masked robber who committed several grand scale crimes and responsible for the death of many law enforcers, and once worked with the criminal mind known as "Drake." 
Name: Memora Oblivion

Age: 51 (Physically 30 due to temporal tampering)

Gender: Female

Species: Human


Image credit zerolover13 at

Personality: Memora is generally happy and carefree, but she is a responsible person who sometimes cries herself to sleep from stress or long pains.

Attacks: Keyblade- Simple bashes with a dull Keyblade, but surprisingly they hurt a lot.

Zantetsuken- Memora dashes through her opponent with her Keyblade, appearing behind them and having inflicted a powerful attack onto them.

Firaga- Memora fires a large ball of fire.

Blizzardaga- Memora fires a large ice ball.

Thunderaga- Memora calls down a large thunder strike upon her foes.

Light Bomb- Memora fires a homing Light orb at her opponent from her Keyblade.

Event Horizon- Memora quickly inflicts a large number of blows onto her opponent. Sometimes it also unleashes four pillars of light when used, which also damage the enemy.

Magic Hour- Memora floats into the air and casts her Keyblade above her, calling down large light pillars around the area which hurt her opponents while she's guarded by a light shield around her.

Heaven Ultima Cannon- Taught to her by Atama, Memora thrusts her Keyblade forward, transforming it into a cannon before unleashing a giant light orb onto her opponent, capable of extreme damage.

Vector to the Heavens- Memora preforms an upward strike on her opponent, often throwing them into the air. Sometimes followed up by a spell or such.

Dearly Beloved- Memora's ultimate technique. She flies into the air and focuses into this attack, sending a large heart of light at her opponent, dealing massive amounts of damage.

Abilities: Block- Using her Keyblade, Memora can block attacks up to a certain degree.

Dodge Roll- Memora can quickly roll across the ground to evade.

Super Jump- Memora can leap two stories high.

Dash- Memora can cover a couple of yards in about an instant.

Skate- Using magic, Memora can cause her feet to slightly hover above the ground, letting her move quicker and be a lot more mobile.

Double Jump- Memora can jump in mid air through magic, covering half a story.

Glide- Memora can use magic to glide at an incredible speed, going faster then any other of her abilities.

Unlock- Every Keyblade can open any lock, so long as it's used to fire a beam of light at it.

Seal- Every Keyblade can lock things, and even memories if shoved through the heart of a target.

Curaga- Memora can use all of her magic to restore herself and all of her allie's bodies back to full in an instant.

Keyblade Glider- Memora can reshape her Keyblade into a glider, providing her with a speeder like vehicle that floats above the ground.

Dark Form- Gained by adsorbing dark energies, Memora's strength, speed, and magic ability all increase.

Image credit The Keyhole.

Mixed Abilities: None.

Items: Lost Memory- Memora's Keyblade, handed down from a dying Keyblade Master to her.


Image Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

Biography: Memora was a simple woman until she chanced upon a dying Keyblade Master, who handed down his Keyblade to her before perishing. Memora didn't live to see the sun rise, for she was destroyed by Heartless. But her will was strong enough to create a Nobody, which kept her abilities. In time she was found in her empty life by Atama, who took her in and trained her to be a powerful sorceress. After the timeskip in Fallen Empire she fell in love with Atama and married him, their union leading to a child.
Name: Solaris

Age: Several Hundred Years

Gender: Male

Species: Solarian - Saiyan Hybrid

Appearance: A Saiyan person whose build is similar to Goku's, with the hair slicked back. Pale skin, black hair, orange eyes. Normally he wears an orange set of crystal armor that covers him head to toe. The armor does change color on his transformations. When not wearing his armor he's generally in white pants, grey shirt, white shoes, and a black jacket.
His armor looks like this, minus the helmet covering his face and is normally orange.

Personality: Solaris possesses a thirst for battle, but knows how to enjoy himself easily enough. He also possesses a never ending desire to become stronger, and though this is what he does mainly, he takes time for other things. He has a fear of losing himself to control or being fused.

Attacks: Ki Ball- A basic blue ki ball.

Photon Striker- Solaris quickly charges up an orb of ki and light into his hand before firing it at an opponent.

Cosmic Fist- Solaris builds up ki and heat into his fist before launching himself an opponent, delivering an explosive punch.

Star Breaker- Solaris' signature strong attack. A giant blue ki ball launched from his hands that shines brightly.

Star Fury- Solaris focuses plasma and radiation from a nearby star into an orb about the size of himself, then launching it at an opponent.

Star Destroyer- An improvement over the Star Breaker, increasing power and light give off.

Abilities: Flight- Solaris can fly with the use of ki.

Super Saiyan- Solaris can transform into a standard Super Saiyan. This changes his armor from orange to yellow as a result.

Solar Saiyan- Solaris can amplify his Solarian magic and radiation control while in a Super Saiyan state, causing him to have orange hair, eyes, and aura.

Star Form- Based off the Super Saiyan Form, Solaris was "gifted" this from by the Stars. A transformation forcibly created and written into his genetic code, it provides an alternate use of Super Saiyan, redirecting the power boost into magic by using radiation stored within his body instead of ki to fuel it. It shines a bright blue.

Dread Saiyan - Having been gifted the power of a Dread Saiyan by Vegetto, he now has access to this form. It does make his armor the signature dark purple, alongside his ki attacks.

Hyper Form- Solaris learned this form thanks to his friend Time Traveler as a means to combat his nightmares. When filled with equal positive and negative energies, Solaris' hair, eyes, aura, and armor all turn pure white, and it increases his speed dramatically.

Star Fury Adsorption- In this state, after adsorbing a Star Fury attack instead of using it upon an opponent, increases Solaris' power. This can be combined with most of his other transformations. The amount of power gained is dependent upon the power of the Star Fury.

Oozaru- Staring at the full moon "blutz waves" allows Solaris to transform into a great Ape, though being untrained means he has no control over the form.

A.I. Scan- Using the latent A.I. within his suit, Solaris is capable of detecting ki, energy, life forms.

Solarian Fire Magic- Able to create magical fire in limited amounts.

Solarian Regeneration Factor - He has the signature regenerating factor of a Solarian, allowing him to regrow from any non-fatal injury, if he has the mana.

Mixed Abilities: Energy redirection- Solaris' sword can deflect energy attacks.

Items: Sword of the Burning End - A sword given to his by the Stars, it's designed to redirect energy attacks, counter magic, and hold back ki blasts.

Solaris' Armor- The suit of crystal like armor originally built to act as a restraining collar on Solaris, developed by the Stars. Originally it had an A.I. capable of controlling Solaris' mind, reading attacks, sensing energy and ki, but after being freed from its control only it's sensory abilities remain.

Biography: Solaris was the offspring of a Solarian and a Saiyan. He spent his life between his two parents, stuck between Solarian and Saiyan lifestyles. His father eventually died after making an opponent too mad in battle, and his mother succumbed to starvation after being trapped on another planet. As such he was kidnapped by the Stars, being tortured and experimented on for years. Eventually they caused him to unlock his Super Saiyan ability by exploiting his genetics. After years of work, they granted him his armor, sword, and his "gift." Star Form, forcibly written into his genetic code. Afterwords he slaughtered the Freiza of his universe as revenge for the destruction of Planet Vegeta, before being used by the Dark Master and the Black Kaiser as a pawn to attack the Z-Fighters.
Name: Vincent

Age: 40, Physically 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5ft something

Weight: 150 something

Species: Human

Appearance: Pale man in a dark red cloak and black leather.

Personality: Unflinching and observant.

Attacks: Tri-shot- A basic firing of his weapon.

Darkness Ball- A ball of dark energy fired from the hand.

Demon Burn- A ball of demonic energy fired from the hand.

Mana Burn- A firing from his weapon loaded with mana burn rounds. Has the nasty effect of burning both flesh and magical abilities at once.

Abilities: Flight- Vincent is able to propel himself through the air with the power of darkness.

Ageless- Thanks to the effects the experiment had on him, Vincent is ageless.

Demon Sense- Vincent is able to sense pain around him.

Darkness Sense- Vincent can detect magical energies and the like.

Darkness Vision- Vincent can see clearly in a world without light.

Mixed Abilities: None

Items: Six Shots- A dual pair of revolvers that fire three bullets each at a time in a triangular pattern.

Mana Burn Ammo- Ammo that burns flesh and magical energy upon contact after being triggered.

Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): Vincent is the by-product of a series of tests designed to create the ultimate life force bonded with darkness. Though he gained multiple dark based powers and stopped aging, he was considered a failure and left to rot in a coma in a basement for years. Eventually he woke up and made his way across adventures before becoming an important member of the Meeting of the Dark.
Name: Throshen "Throsh" or "Draug" Blackheart

Gender: Male

Age: 80

Species: Black Dragon (shapeshifter)

True Form - Battle Dragon
Crystalline Frost (Left) and Flame (Right) Forms - Magically Gifted Crystal Bodies
Diplomatic Form - Dexterous, Silver Tongued, Black Hide
Energy Form - Electric Spirit, Battle Suit
Phase Form - Escape Artisan Dragon
Human Guise - The Mountain King
Personality: Cunning, he prefers manipulation and sublty to the rush and gore of battle, wishing to talk, manipulate, or send minions to get out of fighting himself. He sees himself as the rightful King of Planet Booga, and wishes to lord over all.

Background: Son of a simple family of Black Dragons, Throsh gave into darkness when he felt the thrill of watching a town run away in terror from his mere gaze after weeks of threats and attacks. And he started to hunger for power when he realized having servants bound in fear. He started to manipulate large groups into serving him, and took residence in the newly Christained Black Rock Mountain, using the Solar Mountain as a second base.

Magic: Shape shifting -

Ground Strength -

Scrying -

Ice -

Flames -

Eletrict Current -

Phasing -
Name: "The Solarian" Markus Stargate
Gender: Male
Age: Centuries
Appearance: An old lightly tanned man who wears a white robe, his faced obscured by some sort of unnatural shadows. His veins glow orange.
Race: Solarian
Personality: "I've waited here for you, waiting every night, for I thought you were the answer to my life.

Days turned into years, into centuries, patience had to fade, don't you see that there is vengeance in my eyes?"
Attacks: Burning Slash- The Solarian makes a quick movement with his arm, generating powerful flames to attack.

Scatter Shot- The Solarian shoots a repeated series of intense fire balls at a target.

Comet Dash- The Solarian wraps himself in flames and moves in the blink of an eye.

Repeating Lasers- The Solarian points at a target, and three floating glyphs appear and shoot repeated orange lasers at them.

Burning End- The Solarian cups his hands, and light energy gathers into orbs around him, and fire themselves at a target.

Abilities: Awaken Ancient One- Awakens the beast of the Gate Comet...

Astral Projection- The real Solarian meditates, while his power moves freely from his body, appear elsewhere with most of his power.

Telepathy- The Solarian can communicate telepathically from incredible distances.

Embodiment of Flame- The Solarian sets his own body alight, increasing his power, and cutting down his life span by an incredible amount. The closer he becomes to death after using this ability, the more monstrous and elemental he becomes.

Teleport- The Solarian can easily teleport a few yards.

Shield- The Solarian can raise a shield out of energy, but it has a breaking point.

Haste- The Solarian increases his own time, thus allowing him to counter act attacks much easier.

Slow- The Solarian decreases the flow of time on a target, making their body move slower.

Cripple- The Solarian wraps a target in flames that squeeze them and burn their energies.

Items: Sword of the Burning End- Stolen from Solaris, this ancient blade of Solarian craftmanship possesses an incredible edge and is capable of blocking energy attacks.

Background: The Solarian was one of the greatest mages of his time on Sola, a planet far away from Booga. He was capable of weaving incredible spells and rituals, and worked with a mentor who sought to encourage heroism throughout the galaxy. Their plan was simple. The mentor would travel to where sentient life was, and create fall guy organizations, chapters of the Meeting of the Dark, to allow heroes and legends to be created without their reputation being sacrificed. The Solarian would remain behind on Sola, searching for more sentient life in need of their help, and find a creature for heroes to prove themselves by triumphing over. The mentor however, was killed on Booga, for he had made himself out a phantom haunting an opera house. Enraged by the death of his master, the Solarian retreated into the wilderness and wrought a spell that would send him to a comet, where the ancient being was sealed. From there, he intends to destroy Booga by directing the comet at it.
Name: Revenge "R" Rose

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Appearance: A 30 year old woman with red hair and silver eyes and faded scars. Wears a red and black outfit with a hood. That hood is divided into four different colors. The top of the cowl, white left black, right yellow, and the rest red.

Visual aid:
Without the mask.
Personality: Notably a near mute to most people after years of fighting villians and seeks to deny them satstification of seeing her emotions. She does have a playful and caring side to those she warms up to, or wants to protect. She dosent hesitate in killing anyone though, and has a tendency for revenge.

Attacks: Scythe Combat- A master of scythe combat, moving like a speeding fiend.
Sniper Shot- Shots fired while Chromatic Rose is in sniper form. Can switch between an electric blast, a feeding blast, and a very explosive blast.
Shotgun Shot- Shots fired while Chormatic Rose in in shotgun form. Has the same options as Sniper Shooting.
Propel Shot- A blast from Chromatic Rose in melee that launches R towards or away from something, often combined with a kick. Can be used to decrease falling velocity.
Blast Attack- A shoot from Chromatic Rose in melee right before hitting a target to increase velocity and thus damage. Has the same options as Sniper Shot.
Reap- An overhead spinning attack with Chromatic Rose.
Crescendo- A spinning attack in an horizontal AoE with Chromatic Rose.
Whirlwind- An attack best used with another speedster, R uses her speed to create a vortex to suck up everything in an area, often followed up by someone else firing into it.
Whip Attack- Detaching Chromatic Rose's blade, this letting R attack from a greator distance.
Terminal Velocity- R uses all Speed, Glyphs, and Shadow Clones to launch herself at great velocity at a target. Named terminal for the fact it greatly expends her energy, and few things are left standing from it.

Abilities: Aura- R is at all times protected by an invisible force field that can take quite a beating generated by her body. Unless it's depleted by attacking her enough, she can't be harmed. Once it is depleted however, she has to rest for it to recharge.
Passing the Torch- R's natural semblance, or her innate super human ability, is to copy the memories, semblance, and appearance of someone. When changing forms her appearance somewhat shatters like glass, before her flesh is reconstructed as whoever. She appears as them at her age however. She can switch between Ruby Rose, Blake Belladona, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xaio Long, and her original identity, Rebecca Blackthorne.
Speed- Taken from Ruby Rose, it allows her to move at incredible speeds leaving a trail of rose petals behind.
Glyphs- Taken from Wiess Schnee, R can generate glyhps which can be used to redirect force, such as propeletion from launching from one, or say allowing one to walk on walls.
Shadow Clones- Taken from Blake Belladona, R can create shadow clones to push her in directions, allowing her to dodge attacks and thus counter. She can use shots loaded into Chromatic Rose to make those clones explosive, per say, or made out of a heavy material to drop onto enemies.
Force Redirection- Taken from Yang Xaio Long, R builds up forces she's hit with, allowing her to continue fighting long after anyone else of a similar caliber would fire out. This causes her hair to glow red. And a general fire effect up activation.
Silver Eyes- Having copied Ruby's silver eyes, R is naturally an impressive warrior that when under extreme stress, accidentally unleashes a disingration attack infront of her that leaves her unconscious for a day or two.

Items: Chromatic Rose - A grey scythe very similar to Crescent Rose. It has three forms. The first is a collapsed almost box like form, allowing easy carrying on her back. The next is the sniper rifle form, which transforms it into a hand held rifle. The rifle form has a sub form of switching firing mechanism into a shotgun like spread. Finally, it has a fully extended melee proper scythe form. In this form it has a revolving dust ammo cylinder near the edge, and the very edge can be detached with a whip like cord.
Tinted Walker Specialist- A mech like suit of armor that follows follows R's cloak scheme, a white head, a black left arm, a yellow right arm, the body and legs red. The armor locks together when engaged to provide additional protection, and tends to glow whatever semblance R is currently using. The suit's focus relies on protection, but also as a battering ram and strength enforcer, with experimental stamina replenishing drugs being injected into R at command to allow her to continue fighting for prolonged periods and abuse her semblances to increase her velocity with Chromatic Rose.
Stamina Dust- An experimental dust directly loaded into the body to give it more energy to fight with.

Background: A person whose fought villians and monsters for years, and stole the memories and semblances of Team RWBY.

Name: Brutus Ash Stargate
Designation: ARC-222

Age: 20

Gender: Male


Personality: Polite. Prefers to not kill if it can be helped. Has no qualms about combat. Is one for undying loyalty to whatever cause he can find that's worthy.

Attacks: Blaster Shot- A simple three shot burst from the blaster rifle.

Overload Burst- A shot caused by jamming the weapon a bit, firing off a much less accurate shot that's a lot larger.

Snipe- A shot aimed for the vital areas of a target and a lot more accurate, in addition to being stronger.

Pistol Shot- A simple easily repeatable shot from the pistol.

Pistol Snipe- A lot worse then the regular snipe, but if aimed well can take down a target from a long distance away.

Chain Lighting- A extremely deadly lighting bolt fired from the pistol, that can hit up to four targets in a close area. Requires a warm up for the "chain" ability.

Corrosive Dart- Fires a corrosive dart from the wrist.

Thermal Detonator- Throws a thermal detonator.

Det pack- Places / activates a det pack.

Abilities: Jet- Rapidly jumps to an area, or hovers in the air.

Cloak- Activates the cloaking belt, becoming harder to detect.

Sleeping Dart- Fires a sleeping dart from the wrist.

Flash Bang- Fires a flash bang from the wrist.

Bacta Injection- Fires a bacta dart from the wrist, or direct injection.

Items: Blaster-
A standard blaster rifle with a blue coloration crystal for its shots, shooting beams of light capable of vaporizing someone's face. Shots are at the speed of light.

A custom made pistol with a grafted lighting gun built in. With a blue color crystal the shots are noticeably fewer then the blaster and pack less of a punch. The built in lighting gun runs on the same ammo as the pistol but requires a warm up. Shots and lighting are at the speed of light.

Armor- A heavily modified suit of armor to be both aerodynamic and stealth worthy, it's rather light but is resistant to laser shots, flash bangs, low velocity projectiles, but weak to physical force.

Jump pack-
A standard jump pack that's capable of regenerating it's own fuel thanks to photosynthesis of sponges inside.

Wrist Bay- On the armor's wrists is a launch bay of a series of packages for tactical advantage.
Sleeping Darts- A dart best fired from stealth that shoots a sedative somewhat capable of luring a target to sleep. The sedative is very easily countered by adrenaline.
Corrosive Darts- Darts that shoot a substance in a capsule, which breaks on contact, that heats up rapidly upon exposure to oxygen, melting anything unfortunate enough to get hit with it.
Flash Bangs- A dart that when shot gives off a blinding light upon hit.
Bacta Shots- Cylinders filled with the healing substance bacta, for ranged injection into allies from wrist launching, or for direct injection.

Cloaking Belt- A specialized belt that contains a mobile stealth generator.

Thermal Detonators-
Handheld grenades that cause a room sized explosion upon triggering.

Explosives that cause heavy damage upon remote activation, ridiculously tough to break. Capable of sticking to anything.
Name: Rosso Xacem

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Appearance: A pale skinned man with auburn hair and grey colored eyes. Wears a white shirt with red jacket and black pants. Dog ears sticking ontop of his head. Has a rose tinted piece of glass over his left eye. - Kinda, in combat gear

Personality: Instinctive and replies to things as they come, but has a hard time thinking critically and strategizing.

Background: Graduate of Beacon. Got recruited into a bunch of military operatives due to being saved by them. Does on and off merc work / work with the military of Vale.

Weapon: Plasma Sniper Rifle Mark 2 / Rocket Sledge Mark 2 "English Hardwood" - A white-green sniper rifle with a large barrel for higher power long range shots that transforms into a sledge hammer with a firing mechanism for propulsion.
CQC Commando Pistol - A customized commando pistol made for high power yet also long range shots due to a foldable scope on it. Also white-green.
Battle Scanner - Throwable device that feeds into his display. Size of a fist. Black colored.
S.C.O.P.E. - Upgraded scopes on his weapons that analyze targets for structural weakness.
Arch Angel Armor - Sometimes uses heavy red colored armor with a jetpack on it to gain the high ground.

Genetic Augemtations- Hyper Reactive Pupils - Able to notice minute details and see in a wider spectrum of sight then normal humans, seeing some light normal people can't, in addition to normal Faunus night vision. After being trained by his military / merc units, his semblance tracks movement exceptionally.
Depth Perception - If he has a height advantage, he can exploit it far better then others can, increasing already impressive aim.
Neural Dampening - Resists mental effects easily.
Adrenal Neurosympathy - Upon getting a kill, it improves his aim.
Mimetic Skin - Can change his skin to blend in with a pattern.
Muscle Fiber Density - Allows him to jump up an entire story.

Assorted Abilities: Overwatch - If he's staying still, he can track movement better than others, letting him attack any would be closers of the gap while still far away.
Correction - Missing only causes his next shot to be better aimed.
Snap Shot - Due to his own skills, he suffers less penalty trying to do a shot while on the move.
Squad Sight - If he teammates equip Battle scanners, he can see anything they see. And if he can see that from his own vantage point, he can shoot it.
Disabling Shot - If he does feel like being merciful, he can shoot a weapon to cause internal weapon damage instead of shooting whoever attacking him.
Face Off - If surrounded and with his pistol, he can fire once at everyone around him.
In the Zone - Getting a kill while attacking an enemy who doesn't dodge or cover against his fire means he can just continue onward without pause until needing to reload.
Double Tap - If needed, he can always fire twice before needing to pause.
Fan Fire - Can fire his pistol at a single target three times in one instant.
Company: Grey Command

Members: 144 Troopers, All Jet Troopers, lead by various commanders over the years. Composed originally of Republic Volunteer forces, and during the Clone Wars reborn by a group of Clones, before being disintegrated by the Empire, and being brought back online by the Rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Notable Captains: Captain Rail.

Characteristics: 144 Jet Troopers across it's entire career of service, trained primarily in aerial and land combat, known for using snubfighters such as the Z-95 Clone Headhunter, ARC-170, TIE Hunter, X-Wing, and E-Wing.

Headquarters: "Grey Vision" a Carrack-Class Cruiser. "Grey Victory" a Veneator-Class Star Destroyer. "Grey Empire" an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer. "Grey's  Hold" a MC80 Liberty-Type-Class Cruiser. "Grey Return" a MC80B-Class Cruiser. Lastly "The Grey Command" an MC90-Class Cruiser.

History: A division of Jet Troopers originally created as a part of the Republic Volunteer forces and semi-officially dissolved alongside the Republic Army and Navy. Continued service as a part of Coruscant security. Brought back online during the Clone Wars through a commissioned officer, the leader of the Grey Command up until that point, being placed in charge of a battalion of troopers. That Captain was a man named Rail, who struggled to command his troops who had expected a clone leader. Eventually he managed to win their trust. During the early part of the war Rail preferred the use of the Carrack cruiser for a means of his men to link up to different systems and do their job of mostly sabotage or serving with other clone units. When the Venators rolled out Rail joined up with one, convincing the captain to rechristen it "Grey Victory" from "Simper." After the Clone Wars ended Rail quietly accepted his position as a Stormtrooper Captain, and was rather saddened to see his trademark grey armor disappear. As soon as the Imperial Senate was dissolved and the Death Star destroyed Alderran, Rail quietly retired realizing the Imperial army was obsolete, inadvertently destroying the Grey Command due to it losing it's nickname. After the victory at Yavin 4 he was contacted to join the Rebel Alliance, and eventually accepted to train the next generation of the Grey Command. Shortly before the battle of Hoth Rail died on an MC80 Liberty muttering the words, "This is... The Greys' Last Hold..." The ship was renamed after him. Rumor has it at this point a clone trooper who served under him took his place, but considering that clone would have to have been at least twenty years old it was unlikely. After the destruction of the second Death Star and the Hunt for Warlord Zinji the Grey Command was given an upgrade in the form of an MC80B cruiser. And during Operation Shadow Hand again an upgrade, an MC90.

Army Characteristics: During the Clone Wars utilized standard weaponry alongside jump jets, wearing grey colored armor after the implantation of Phase 2. Occasional squad members would pick up more specialized weaponry but this was an uncommon, though not rare practice.
For all red coloration replace with grey.
Phase 1 (Colored)
Phase 2

Commander Profile: Captain Rail

Appearance: Pale skin, black hair, blue eyes.
Phase 1
Phase 1 Altered (Grey)
Phase 2 (Grey)
Utilized a secondary armor set underneath the Clone Trooper armor.

Age: 30 By time of Clone Wars, 33 by time of New Order, 52 by Death Star, 55 upon death before Hoth.

Gender: Male

Personality: Hardworking, likes to joke, hates to take things too seriously, hates strife.

Weaponry: DC-15 Blaster
Two DC-12 Blaster Pistols
Several thermal detonaters
Heavy gauntlets that could electrify themselves for increased damage, fire electrified stun darts, launch a grapple dart, and emit a flamethrower.
Name: Crimson Vendetta / Red Hood - In use
Alignment: Chaotic Impure / Social Moral.
Allegiance: Himself, holds favorance to the Solarian Empire for past deed.
Backstory: A man shot in the back by his best friend but brought back from the dead, later restored to true life but forever changed.
Appearance: Standard -
Unmasked -
Ornate Armor -
Professional Dress -
Personality: Chaotic Impure to Social Moral depending on mood slash how pissed off he is. Has three different personas. The dead James Ironwood. Red Hood, the Avatar of Revenge. Crimson Vendetta, the Avatar of Vengance.
Size/Height: 5"7"
Species: Terran

  • A1
  • Dead Stare - Has an unnerving look upon his face, like that of a dead man.
  • Enhanced Targeting / Deafened Senses - As a minor defect of coming back from the dead most of his nerves were deafened but his eyesight has become sharper.
  • Vengeance Aura - Part super natural dedication, part magic, the ability to move faster and press his body harder than most, coupling with everything else to give him supernatural strength.

  • A2
  • Goodbye Doctor! A move pulled on a disabled enemy to take them out for theatrical effect and personal satisfaction, he raises his arm into the air before bringing it down dispatching his enemy however he feels like, often shouting “Goodbye Doctor!”
  • Motorbike – A simple red and gold bike for getting around.
  • Earth Manipulation – The ability to reshape the earth how he sees fit. Heavily draining.
  • Stealth Movements – Trained in the art of moving nigh-silently to sneak around, or up on, someone.
  • Grapple Launcher – A three part device capable of grappling to points to pull him up there, setting up a zip line in between two horizontal points, and lastly grabbing or pulling things.
  • Remote Viewing Probe – a small thin probe that can be controlled through an interface on his suit allowing seeing things from another vantage point, or scouting.
  • Vengeance Mode – An upgrade to his helmet that allows tracking of individual via life form scanners and finding explosives and weaponry.

  • Insanity – The more someone messes with his mind state (injecting drugs into his system, using mind altering magic) the more the Crimson Vendetta persona recedes, allowing the Red Hood persona to take control.
  • Deafened Senses - As a minor defect of coming back from the dead most of his nerves were deafened but his eyesight has become sharper. Has been adjusted by his suit but without the suit the weakness comes back full force.

  • Enhanced Suit – A suit capable of tanking a planet’s destruction. The jacket is capable of unfolding into a cape to provide gliding capacities. Responsible for removing his deafened senses, and providing him with Vengeance Vision. Also looks darn fine.
  • Acrobatics – Capable of rapid movement, dodges, and weaving in and out of a crowd of enemies.
  • Lazarus Injection – A needle full of Lazarus pit fluid that heals part of his body depending on where injected. Has been upgraded to turn him into a blue ethereal flame in the form of a phoenix for twenty seconds, restoring his body and stamina.
  • Fire Wall – Sprays a column of fire from his suit, in an attempt to ward off or block something.
  • Counter – A swift response to an incoming attack to ward it off.

  • Weaponized Suit – The gloves are capable of emitting supersonic blasts or spraying fire up close. Helmet can be used as a make shift bomb due to a built in self-destruct.
  • Executioner – A nigh-indestructible knife capable of emitting intense sonic frequencies in a very narrow cone.
  • Vengeance and Night – Two hand cannons capable of easily breaking titanic plates apart, coupled with a large clip and ammo pool.
  • Betrayal Mark – A sticky grenade with his helmet imprinted as an emblem on it capable of vaporizing a city block. Having been upgraded to come in a second blue form that instead leave a large blast of ice, and can be left as traps for the unlucky.
  • Dead Hands – The earth itself drags down his targeted enemy to immobilize them.

  • Earthquake - A ritual dedicated to shattering apart a planet. Exhausting.
  • Firestorm - A spray of fire across an area to burn it down.
  • Cryo-shatter – Freezes a target using a cryo Betrayal Mark before plunging Executioner into them, causing the ice and body to vibrate apart.
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