Good Days [DRAFT]


The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
Good Days - Story by ShineCero

This is a ROUGH DRAFT (haven't caught all grammatical errors); please leave opinions here for any thoughts on the story proper, along with characters. Post them here.

001: Mex
In the vast depths of space, a planet that orbited around a binary star, violently exploded in a spectacle-like fashion. A large spacecraft manage to escape the destruction of their home at a safe distance, with onlookers staring at the empty abyss.

“For millenniums, thousands of planets are constantly under threats by invaders and conquerors that wish to upset its prosperity of peace. Entire species erased, planets turned into space dust, and fear is spread across the cosmos. Thus, the creation of Good Days came into existence. We are an intergalactic organization that monitors the universe and defend worlds from these celestial monsters. We are here to serve and protect the interests of the cosmos, so everyone can look forward to a Good Day.

My name is Monsim, a Black Jacket of Good Days. We are currently accepting new recruits to grow and strengthen our numbers, so the cosmos will always be in capable hands. Together, we will strive for a Good Day. Always.” Monsim gave out a thumbs up, revealing the scene was a recruitment commercial ad for all to watch, as a crowd of people clapped simultaneously.

A man walked on the podium and turned to the crowd with a huge smile on his face. His head was shaped like a star and wore a White Jacket. “Welcome recruiters! My name is Astra, and I’ll be your instructor to help and guide you about the basics of the Good Days Organization. You are not only making your home planet proud, but all the cosmos by joining Good Days. I won’t lie to you; it is a heavy task to do. There will be cases where things aren’t successful, and sometimes, we won’t save them all. But…as long we ensure the safety of the cosmos, we will always strive for a Good Day.”

“With that said, all of you have passed the qualifications. So, I will go over all the major perks. Firstly, depended on your ability and strength, you’ll be assigned to one of the five Jackets: Blue, Green, Red, White, or Black. You can think of them as ranks to simplified it, with Blue being the lowest due to uncertainty of your skills, but have potential for growth, while the highest, Black, is based upon your extraordinary ability and overwhelming promise. From there, all Blue and Green Jackets will form into groups led by a Captain, composed of Good Days Veterans. Red Jackets and above; they will be able to work on their own. Now, once you’re assigned to your appropriate rank, you will receive missions based on—”

“Excuse me.” A young woman stood up among the sitting crowd with her right-hand raised. She was tall, dark skin, with blue eyes and a large, wavy dark brown afro. “That’s great and all, but this is just boring. When do we get to the part of actually fighting people?” People around her stared in confusion.

Astra raised a brow towards the young woman. “B-boring? This is critical information for all recruits. It is absolutely vital to know the ins and outs of becoming a protector—”
“I don’t care about that,” She interrupt Astra once again and repeated her stance. “I’m only here to see what’s the fastest way to find strong opponents.”

Astra, along with everyone, eyed her with shock. The greatest opportunity for anyone in the cosmos, and she’s only interested in fighting. After several minutes of silence, the instructor pointed his finger at the young woman with seething anger in his voice. “You…! Good Days is more about fighting! It’s about working together, saving people’s lives, and making sure the cosmos continues to be a safe place! You are representing your people and the entirely of Good Days! You can’t act like a fighting junkie, especially in a world with countless enemies with incredible strength!! What’s your name!?”

“My name is Mex!” Mex smirked with excitement in her voice. “That’s what makes this exciting! Seeking out those with incredible strength and putting my skills to the test by fighting them. Good Days is just a steppingstone towards that!” From Astra’s perspective, it seems that she completely ignored his points, angering him even further.

Balling his fists, Astra took a stance as yellow aura flash around his body. “Mex, huh? If that’s all you desire…” His tone changed when gathering power. “I was going to do a fun sparring demonstration for you new recruits, to showcase the difference in power between the Jackets…” His hair flare into life. “But I’ll fight you, right here and now!! That dangerous mindset is no fit for Good Days! Everyone not Mex, disperse from that spot!!”

Astra’s body flourish with yellow energy swirling around him dramatically. His body mass increased as the energy cumulated around his palms. “I’ll show you the strength of a White Jacket….! Stellar Beam!” Forwarding his arms, an energy blast fired from his hands, hurling towards Mex in breakneck speeds. “Hmph. I had to held back a lot so I won’t blow up the room. But she’ll learn a lesson and become humble to be here—”

Mex cocked her right arm back and outright punched the energy beam out, causing it to completely disperse into mere harmless particles as it rained down across the seminar.
Astra narrowed his eyes, lowering his arms in utter confusion. Along with everyone else, all they could muster from their lips was this: “…Huh?”

Crouching down, Mex dashed forward from her spot to Astra in mere seconds; the latter unable to completely keep up with such. “She’s fast!” Unable to move out of the way in time, Astra attempted to cross his arms in front of his chest to block the blow; however, Mex’s speed was far greater than he anticipated, her fist already striking him.

Cero First Movement: Knuckle Strike!

After the initial strike, an immediate second blow slammed against Astra’s chest; far more powerful than the previous punch. Astra flung away from Mex, crashing through the wall behind him, tumbling over multiple times until he came to complete stop on the other side. The wall easily shattered into large chunks of rock, falling down towards the ground.
As the audience was paralyzed with shock of what just transpired in front of them, Mex hopped over to see if Astra was alright.

“That was fun!” Mex had a big smile on her face. She was unaware she was in a different room with a different White Jacket speaking to a different group of recruiters.
“Huh?! Astra?” Rose, a White Jacket, rushed over to Astra to see his condition. He was still alive, but the strength behind Mex’s attacks rocked him.

Mex blinked once, looking around and seeing that everyone was shocked of what just occurred in front of them. Placing her finger on her chin to think about it, she turned to both Astra and Rose with a question; once again, she had a big smile on her face. “Does that mean, I get a White Jacket too?”

Mex was assigned to Blue Jacket.

002: The Blue Jackets

After the seminar, everyone was assigned to their appropriate Jacket, then headed to their designated area to await further instructions. Mex in particular, placed in Blue Jacket, joined two others to a room of their assigned captain.

In front of the three, there was a large man with pink skin. He had a scar on the right side of his face and completely bald. He wore an attire that was similar to the White Jacket’s outfit, but a symbol on the back to present the rank of Captain. As the Captain adjusted his seat, he observed each one of the Blue Jackets.

“Looks like you three are my new squadron. I’ll be your captain for your journey. At least, until you reach Red Jacket.” He said with a smile on his face. “Since we’re going to be together for a while, let’s try to get to know each other, okay? I’ll start to break the ice. My name is Candy, and I’m from Planet Sweets. I’ve been in the Good Days for most of my life, even achieving the rank of White Jacket before retiring. I like a lot of stuff and rarely hate things.” He paused for a moment, looking at a Cyclops alien, signaling her to go first.

“Yes! Um, uhh, My name is Suyoi!!” Suyoi said with hesitation in her voice as she twirls her fingers. “My home wasn’t the best, so um, I join so I can become someone. You know… like a hero. I like umm, stars and I like space travel! I really dislike bitter things.”

“Interesting…” Candy thought to himself. “There’s no information about her planet at all… not even in the database. She didn’t excel much in combat portion of the exam, but she does show promise.” He turns to the next person.

“Yeah, names Deisy… I come from Planet Dreams. I didn’t have much going on in my life, so I join up this organization. I don’t need to tell anyone here my business.” Deisy said. “Though… if I do achieve high ranks….” She narrowed her eyes. “I can finally shut Roya up once and for all.”

“…. Roya?” Candy thought about the name, feeling a sense of familiarity of the name. “Well, never mind that, she seems to be a more stoic type.” Candy turns to the final person. “Finally, the one that made herself quite a show at the introductory ceremony.”

Mex stood firm in her position, pumping her chest out as she has a bright smile on her face. “Yes! Nice to meet you! I’m Mex and here to fight strong people!! I’m from Serberk! But my planet was destroyed by a really powerful person! And because of that, if someone like that can defeat my people, there’s a lot of crazy people in the cosmos that I want to challenge!! That way I can improve my skills even further!! That’s why I join!!”

Once again, her bold style caught the attention of the room, with Suyoi making an awkward smile, with Deisy being visibly annoyed.
“…So annoying…” Deisy thought to herself.

“So cool…” Suyoi said.

“Well, looks like I got some interesting folks… Especially Mex. A Serberk... a very competitive species that strive nothing but self-improvement through the arts of battle.” Candy said. “To think someone is out there to not only give them a run for their money but to destroy their entire planet…” He clears his throats now that everyone made a brief summary of themselves.
“Now that we got to know each other, normally, people in Blue Jacket are in the need of training, skill test and teamwork through formal trials before taking on missions.”

“Aw! That sounds boring!” Mex groaned.

“But that’s how the other Captains approached things.” Candy said. “I prefer a more interactive approach. We will set forth to your first mission: that will consider as your formal trial: to see if you are truly worthy of being a member of Good Days.”

“W-wait, isn’t that a bit dangerous?!” Suyoi said.

“Yes, and that’s exactly why we are doing it. We can practice, but it means nothing, here. In a face of actual danger, this allows the opportunity to think on your feet in real time with real decisions. I been in this organization for a long while, so I want to be absolutely sure that we are getting acceptable members, not hacks who skate on by.”

“Hold on… you aren’t allowed to do as you please.” Deisy said.

Candy narrowed his eyes and had a malicious smile on his face. “Due to my connections, that’s exactly right. I can do as I please. And with that, I’ve secured a mission to truly be a testament of your skills. I do hope you don’t disappoint.”

Suyoi and Deisy sweated a little bit. “What have we gotten ourselves in?” However, Mex seems really excited.

“Heck yeah!! That’s what I’m talking about!” Mex pumped her fist in the air. “I’ll give it my all to make sure this mission is a success.” Much to the dismay to the other two.
Candy chuckled a bit at Mex’s reaction. “Good. Looks like you all understand. Meet here first thing tomorrow morning and we’ll venture off. Gets some good rest and a nice meal. If you fail… you’ll be kicked out of Good Days and sent right back to where you came from.” Both Suyoi and Deisy became nervous, while Mex is excited for tomorrow.

The Good Days Command Center

In a room, there were 4 people sitting in a round table, working through the paperwork.

“We have a lot of interesting recruits this time around. Anything noteworthy that made into the Black Jackets? We need to find a suitable replacement soon before people start talking.” 5th Commander, Fridge, White Jacket.

“None so far, it seems that this recruitment isn’t that promising. Not even a White Jacket Candidate… we’ll be waiting for a while when one actually emerges from this group.” 4th Commander, Noir, White Jacket.

“We might not have to wait too long though. Remember Striker from the last recruitment? He was in Blue Jacket, then within a few missions, he quickly rose to Red Jacket. I believe that some are trying to time their skills so they can leave a lasting impression.” 3rd Commander, Stream, Black Jacket.

“Good point. I guess that once Blue and Green Jackets finished their formal training, the missions will really shine on who the real standouts and the real duds. 2nd Commander, Radiohead, Black Jacket. His entire head was completely mechanized; every time he speaks, his mouth fluctuates like a beat bar depending on the volume. Looking through the paperwork, his eyes lit up, seeing that Captain Candy had put in a mission. “Oh boy, Candy had already filled in a mission for his newest squadron.”

“Already? He didn’t even wait until supper to turn this in. Captain Candy has no mercy to Blue Jackets.” Noir chuckled. “Who’s the unlucky recruits that ended up his care?”

“Deisy, a Sleeper from Planet Dreams. Suyoi from an Unknown Planet, and…” Radiohead’s eyes narrowed upon seeing Mex’s name. “Mex… a surviving Serberk from Shelter Dwarf Planet 0012. I guess the rumors were true then… we do have a Serberk among us.”

“She’s the one that proclaim her sole interest in this organization to fight strong opponents, right? That kind of attitude is unfit for Good Days.” Noir said. “What’s the mission Captain Candy has requested?”

Fridge pulled out a document and read it for the others to hear. “It is an escort mission, it seems. They are to carefully travel and guard an heir to the throne against threats. The Danger Level is Red. Whoa… right off the bat?”

Noir, Stream and Radiohead started laughing upon hearing the Danger Level. “He’s really pushing this one huh. Guess we’ll see if this is the group that finally make it past the first mission.
Fridge raised a brow in confusion. “Uhh… isn’t this a bad thing? Why are we throwing in new recruits with this hard of a mission?”

The others looked at other before Noir spoke out.

“You’re new here, but Candy is an exceptional Good Days member. He was perhaps one of the best among the White Jacket and was even poised to achieved Black Jacket before his sudden retirement. And his actions as a Captain is no different. He absolutely assures that there’s no weak links in Good Days and will push to see if they’re capable of such. So far, those that did manage to pass, they became the Organization’s strongest members.”

“Those that… pass…” Fridge zeroed in on the wording. “How many people did pass the first mission he laid out?”

“Around 85% of all teams under Captain Candy have failed to meet his expectations and were presumably kicked out.”
Fridge narrowed his eyes to see such a high fail rate.

The Next Morning

Deisy walked into the Captain Candy’s office to hear about the contents of their mission. Her eyes trails to seeing Mex hoping up and down with excitement, before seeing Suyoi being a total mess. Her hair was puffy and she barely had her uniform on properly.

“You look like a mess.” Deisy commented on.

“Hehe… I couldn’t sleep. The thought of going straight to our first mission was so taxing on the mind.” Suyoi was practically nervous.

“Don’t be nervous! This is a chance to show off our skills.” Mex patted Suyoi on the back. “Besides, imagine what kind of people we can get to fight!”

Deisy scuffed when Mex bring up the idea that they will be fighting. “Slow your roll… we’re just beginners. Blue Jackets. We won’t be getting those kinds of battles for a while since those Danger Levels are reserved for Jackets above us.”

“Danger Levels…?” Mex was confused of such terminology.

“What, you didn’t watch the training seminar?” Deisy sounded annoyed. “Danger Levels are a way to determine which Jacket is fit for the task. To make it easy for everyone to understand, it split through 5 categories, similar to our Jacket ranking: Blue, Green, Red, White, and Black. Danger Level from Red and above are considered limit to Blue and Green; because the danger is can pose to them. We’re talking about pirates that level entire cities, or world breakers.”

Mex nodded her head. “And since we’re Blue Jacket… we don’t get that until we get those jackets…”

“Of course, you knucklehead. Even though we’re starting our first mission, we won’t be getting anything above Green.”

Captain Candy arrived at the office. “Hello everyone! Our first mission will have a Danger Level Red!”

Deisy’s eyes widened upon the announcement. “Danger Level… Red?! Huh?”

Suyoi instantly passed out from the announcement with Mex catching her mid-fall.

“Really?! We got a Danger Level Red Mission?!” Mex’s eyes glittered with excitement.

Candy smiles. “Of course! You guys… have some promising stuff that I want to see personally, so this type of level is perfect to do so.” He eyes on Mex specifically. “It’s not every day you see a Serberk battle, so please, do your best. I’ll explain the details along the way to our destination.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are you giving us a hard mission right off the back?” Deisy protest. “Did the big one just allows you to do that!?”
“Yes…” Captain Candy smiles. “And not a single complaint from them. So, we’re square away to do this. Don’t fret, everything will be fine, and of course, none of you will die. Now, come. Let’s board the ship.”

Mex shook Suyoi rapidly, snapping her out from a daze. “Hey! We’re going! Come on!”

“Uh-uh—yes!” Suyoi said after waking up suddenly and followed Candy and Mex.

Deisy blinked once at the confusion and the fact that Mex and Suyoi simply went along with it. “This is insane…”


Arriving at the Spaceport; with dozens of Space Planes flying in and out from it, Candy is looking around specifically to sought someone out. “Oh, there you are.”

An old alien rose up and see Candy approached him. “Well, well, Captain Candy. I got your message that you’re once again going on a mission with your new recruits, so I got this baby up and running for you.” He taps the Space Plane with his tools. “She’s ready to fly.”

“Thanks always old friend.” Captain Candy turned to Mex, Suyoi and Deisy. “Alright, this is the ship that will carry for our adventure… and more, assuming if you pass. I do like to say… that this mission is not just a testament of your skills.” He paused for a moment; his eyes sharpened. “This is also the testaments on your ability to assess the situation around you.”
Deisy raised a brow, thinking to herself. “What does he mean by that?”

“I’ve read your reports, and it show promise, but I’m seeking more. So, I hope you are able to showcase your abilities and then some. Hence why I chose this mission to focus on those attributes. And if I felt that you aren’t doing so, I’ll come to you personally and remove you from the mission straight away. I’ve failed 85% recruiters so far, so I won’t hesitate of doing to you all.”

Everyone narrowed their eyes upon such revelation.

Crossing his arms, Candy continued: “So, let’s have a Good Day, alright?”

003: The First Mission! Princess of the Moon!

The Space Plane is flying through the vastness of space, passing by numerous stars and planets to their destination. Mex was standing by the window to look at the endless sea of celestial bodies that caught her attention. Her eyes soften; her body tighten with anticipation after passing a mere red dwarf star. “I never get tired of seeing the starlight upon travelling.” She smiles.

Then, there was a moment of silence right after. A memory popped in her mind, recalling the events which her home planet succumbed to a violent explosion when she was merely a child.

20 Years Ago

Mex, around 5 years old, squishing her face on the Space Life Plane, witnessing the aftermath of her planet, Ikenga. After its destruction, all it remained was debris that float aimlessly in space. Not a single trace of her people left on the planet were there: they were practically vaporized into nothing.

Her eyes became watery as she let out few mumbles from her lips. “Papa… Momma…”

An older woman placed both of her hands on Mex’s shoulders. “Do not cry…” She said with comfort in her voice. “They fought gloriously to the end… there’s no greater honor…” She paused for a moment before continuing. “Then to die against an unbeatable opponent.”

“But… I thought… we’re unstoppable…” Mex’s voice cracked quite a bit.

“Perhaps we were in a generation or so, but Mex… there’s so many things out there that we don’t even know about.” She crouched down to Mex’s level, turning her so both of them are facing one another. “But in the endless sea of cosmos, there always be people with unbeatable strength. And that’s exciting, isn’t?”

Mex look at her for several minutes, quite confused of her words.

“Don’t worry, Mex. One day you will understand… until then… let your big sister take care of you, okay?” She smiles, causing Mex to do the same.

Shelter Dwarf Planet 0012

“Welcome to Shelter Dwarf Planet 0012. This will be your home for the reminder of your lives, until we find a suitable planet for you to take on. Good Days will ensure that everyone will have shelter, food and water.” An alien said, shouting over the microphone to all the newcomers. “A planetary destruction is terrible, but please, take accustomed to your new lives here.”
Mex’s eyes widened upon seeing all different lifeforms on this dwarf planet. She squeezed her older sister’s hand tightly. “Audrey…”

Audrey turned to her when Mex called out her name. “I know it will take getting use too, but this will be our new home—” Her eyes narrowed upon seeing Mex smile with excitement.
“There’s so many people here… and they all seem strong.” Mex said. “I want to fight them all and test out my limits.”

Audrey smiles. “Hmph. Sounding like Momma and Papa right now.” As both of them chuckle before the memory fades away.


“Hey, Captain is waiting for you. Let’s listen to our mission.” Deisy said, causing Mex to snap out of it.

“Ah okay!” Mex cheerfully said. “I wonder what kind of mission that makes it such a high-level right off the bat!”

“Whatever the mission is, it’s going to be a massive pain.” Deisy was not amused that the Captain flat out placed a group of brand-new Blue Jackets a mission of a Danger Level Red.

The Main Hub of the Space Plane

“Looks like everyone’s here,” Captain Candy said. “This is an escort mission. You all are task of protecting a certain individual: Princess Esme of the moon, Freyja. They are currently celebrating Esme’s ascension to the throne and wanted us to ensure her safety to complete a ritual. It is critical that we complete this mission with our best ability.”
Suyoi wrote down several notes, with Mex listening intensively. Deisy on the other hand, raise her hand and question the mission.

“That doesn’t sound like a Danger Level Red mission if we just have to protect some spoiled brat.” Deisy said.

“It does sound relatively simple in hindsight,” Captain Candy raise his finger. “But Princess Esme and her people have a close relationship to Good Days. They provided valuable resources that we use for planes and then some. So, it is very critical that we provide support to them whenever we can and ensure that the Princess survives and become the next ruler of Freyja.”

“Is there someone that trying to hurt Esme, sir?” Suyoi said.

Captain Candy nodded his head. “Yes… her twin sister.”

Deisy and Suyoi narrowed their eyes.

“Her sister, Princess Imogen, wish to take the throne herself. If that were to happen, she will cut ties with Good Days, and bring forth an era of misery under her rule.”

“So, the threats are…” Suyoi alluded the obvious answer.

“Yes, Imogen is sending dangerous killers to assassinate her sister, so she can take the throne for herself. Hence our presence is needed to ensure that won’t happen. They are incredibly skilled; far more competent and won’t dare to know back.” Captain Candy smile.

Mex balled her fists, itching with excitement about the details of the mission. “Hence why this is a Red Level mission, huh.”

“Indeed.” Captain Candy said. “That’s why I specifically chose this mission. All of you show promise, but no practice is enough. Here, in real time action, that will push you to think on your feet and make drastic decisions regarding yourself and others. Consider this mission also your formal training to bring out something I’m seeking.”

“Teamwork…” Mex said, somewhat not interested in that concept. “If we make this a successful mission and do the things you said… does that mean that you will accept us into your squadron?”

Captain Candy nodded. “Yes. And that means…” His eyes locked to Mex’s eyes. “You will see plentiful of fighters in the cosmos with me as your captain. So do your best.”
Mex turned to Suyoi. “Did you hear that? Let’s do our best!!”

“Y-yes! I’ll try… but dangerous killers…” Suyoi grabbed her own head. “So scary…”

Deisy narrowed her eyes. “Man… and here I thought it was actually easy… but it’s some complicated politics.”

A sound notification appeared on the Space Plane’s monitor, alerting everyone that they are entering the aerial space of Freyja, the moon of Planet Nabid. “Currently entering Freyja. It will land in about 3 minutes.”

“Alright, let’s get ready.” Captain Candy smirked.

Freyja, Moon of Planet Nabid

The Space Plane landed in a Space Port in their destination; there was a group of people that were waiting outside for Mex and the others to greet them.

“Whoa, there’s people already here!” Mex said. “Hiya! Nice to meet ya’ll!!” She shouted towards them.

“Do you have to be so loud?” Deisy said, passing Mex and took the stairs towards the bottom.

Suyoi eyed at the place, seeing a beautiful city behind the Space Port. “I never imagined a society on the moon can be so beautiful…” Her eyes light up, seeing the colorful scenery.
Reaching at the bottom of the stairs, an older woman approached Captain Candy with a handshake and a smile. “I was surprised to hear that you and your team will be taking the task. Does the Commanders think that highly of you to bring in a bunch of rookies as their first mission?”

Captain Candy nodded. “Indeed. They’ve shown great promise… so I believe this will be perfect for them to bring out their skills.”

“Hmph.” The maiden said. “I am the Advisor of the Queen of Freyja and overseer of young Esme, Luba. We thank you for taking this mission and ensure that our Princess completes the ritual to become the next ruler.”

“N-No problem!” Suyoi said. “I heard that Good Days have many allies, so it’s important to show that we can always give out a helping hand!!”

“So where is the princess anyways?! I wanna fighting those that are trying to assassinate her!!” Mex asked.

However, Luba and everyone around her went silence afterwards, causing Deisy to confront Mex. “Hey, don’t go say unnecessary things!”

“Huh?” Mex said on confusion.

“It’s quite alright. It’s the reality of things. Princess Esme is at home with her mother for final preparations before her departure. Please, come with me.”
Setting aside from the awkwardness, Luba escort Mex and her squadron through the city. It was a stunning city with beautiful lights, vivid colors, and outstanding architectures. Suyoi and Mex were astonished at the scenery, while Deisy continues to remain bored the entire trip. Finally, they reach their destination where they will meet the Esme, the person they’re supposed to protect with their lives: The Castle of Love.

The Castle of Love

“Wow, this castle’s huge!” Mex said, glancing around as all of them entered the castle and headed down the main hallways.

“You’ve never seen a Castle before, Mex?” Suyoi asked.

“Nope. I’ve been on a Shelter Dwarf Planet for most of my life, so stuff like this is really shocking! How about you?”

“I-I see a few myself during my travels.” Suyoi sweated a little bit, feeling kind of bad that Mex never really experience this kind of design. “I say it’s fitting for someone so important…”
Luba suddenly stopped, causing Mex and the others to do the same. “My Queen, Good Days has deployed a squad to protect Princess Esme.”

“I see… I’m glad… although I’m quite concern that these are Blue Jackets, rather than Red or above.” The Queen said. Her appearance was a stark contrast to Luba; she was relatively young. She had pink skin, green eyes, and luscious, red hair. She wore a white garment with a white crown on her head. The Queen of Freyja, Davina. “But nevertheless, I’ll assume that even the rookies are capable of protecting my daughter.”

“Whoa… she’s so young.” Suyoi noticed, blushing a bit at her apparent beauty. “She’s even younger than some people we’ve passed by.”

“Yes, my squadron are very capable of handling this task.” Captain Candy said. “You have nothing to worry about, and your daughter will be in good hands.”

Queen Davina narrowed her eyes, observing each of them until her eyes set on Mex. Her eyes widened upon seeing her. “You… you’re a Serberk?”

“Huh? Yeah.” Mex said. “I’m a Serberk! You’ve heard of us?”

“Yes… they were quite… an unsightly group that think nothing of fighting for their own self. That was the downfall of their own demise…” Queen Davina narrowed her eyes with furrowed eyebrows. “To think there are Serberk still around… and to join Good Days of all things.” She turns to Captain Candy. “Are you sure my daughter will be in good hands with that running around?”

Mex was silent when Davina disapproved of her.

“Yes… Mex is a capable person.” Captain Candy placed his hand on Mex’s shoulder. “She’s an exceptional fighter; so, I would do my best to not demean her, my Queen. Otherwise, it’ll complicated things with Good Days relations, hmm?”

Mex turned to Candy, the latter giving a wink, causing her to smile.

Queen Davina went silent when Candy answered her. “Very well… Esme, please come out and meet the people that will be protecting you on your journey.”

Once Princess Esme entered the room, Deisy narrowed her eyes at her appearance. “Whoa, what?” She spoke. “I know I joked about some spoiled brat, but I didn’t think she was an actual brat?!”

Princess Esme was young, just a shy younger than Mex, Suyoi and Deisy. With an emotionless look on her face as she glances at Mex and the others. “They will be my bodyguards?”
“Yes, my dear.” Queen Davina said.

“Isn’t she a bit too young to inherit such a huge responsibility?” Suyoi said.

“Don’t take my age as a negative. I’m truly capable of the responsibilities I’m about to inherit.” Esme said. “Please don’t stress about those things.” She turned to Deisy. “You all ought to be more concern with your age that won’t slow you down.”

“Huh!?” Deisy said. “Are you calling me old? I’m only 35 in your years.”

“So. Old.”

“This little brat…” Deisy thought to herself.

“Now, now. Please calm yourself.” Captain Candy turns to Queen Davina. “With Esme present, we should begin this escort, hmm?”

Queen Davina nodded. “Yes. In order to truly be recognized as the Queen, a Princess must go to a special place on Planet Nabid and go to the Desert Castle. From there, she shall drink from a special foundation. There, it’ll recognized her as the next ruler, and bestow her the mark of the Freyja on her dominant hand.” Queen Davina shown her hand to everyone; it was a heart-shaped marking embedded on her skin. Then return her to Freyja to finished off the rest. That is when your mission is truly complete.”

“Sounds good…” Captain Candy said. “…And the threats?”

Davina narrowed her eyes. “She’s a disappointment. So, I wouldn’t see she’s capable of hiring competent killers to take out Esme. Whatever you have to do, do it. She’s no longer a concern of mines.”

Esme went silent upon hearing Davina saying this, causing her to look down at the floor. Mex took notice of such.

“We cannot go, she’s the only member of our people that can go. You will act as bodyguards until she completes the ritual. I’ll provide the pathway to enter Planet Nabid safety.” Davina turns to Esme. “Please be on your best behavior and don’t cause any trouble. You are representing us, so do keep that in mind.”

“Yes, mother.” Esme said.

“Alright…” Captain Candy said, sensing that something wasn’t exactly right. “We received our task, let’s make sure Esme becomes the next heir.”

“Right!” Mex smirked.

“Whatever…” Deisy frowned.

“R-right!” Suyoi shuttered.

004: The Power of the Serberk

Planet Nabid

Planet Nabid was once a beautiful planet with plentiful of food and water. However, it was slowly decaying over the years, causing life to nearly become uninhabitable. Now, it’s simply a barren wasteland where life does not strive, beauty lost; leaving behind ancient castle that managed to still be around. The Desert Castle… was the only thing that managed to survive the decaying aspect of the planet; with the spring water still flourishing, even after all these years. Mex, Deisy, Suyoi, Candy and Esme have arrived on Planet Nabid, just several miles away from the castle.

“Whoa!” Mex observed her surroundings. From where they stood, there was nothing but a barren wasteland, and a chaotic sandstorm that blocked their views. “You can barely see a thing around here!”

Suyoi had to close to eye to avoid sand getting in. “Yes… this storm is quite chaotic.”

“Hmph. No worries, your other senses should be heightened. As long Princess Esme leads the way, we should be fine. Be cautious; enemies will be using the storm as a chance to get the drop on us.” Captain Candy warned.

Princess Esme’s eyes were dull; despite her beauty, she wasn’t full of life in compared to her mother, Davina. She seems to be uninterested of the whole affair.
“Well, let’s get going then… take us to this stupid castle.” Deisy said.

Everyone turns to Princess Esme, whom wasn’t all that engaged into the conversation.

“Hey, brat! Are you zoning out?” Deisy snapped at her.

“Hmm?” Princess Esme said. “Oh, yeah…” She finally spoke. “There’s a place we need to go, and once we get there, the Castle will reveal itself. “My people use to live here for centuries before we had to move to the Moon, so most of the technology is still around…” Princess Esme started to move, leading the rest to follow. “Let’s waste no time then…”

As Mex, Deisy and Suyoi followed, Captain Candy turned his head slightly to the opposite direction. Narrowing his eyes, he senses something to be coming. “Hmm…”

Mex ran up to Esme and seems she wanted to chat. “Hey, so are you excited to become the Princess of your people? That sounds like a huge deal.”

Princess Esme turned to Mex with dull eyes. “Perhaps so… I have no feeling about the matter.”

Mex raised an eyebrow. “Hmm, I guess you’re not interested in becoming a Queen then.” She said bluntly. “Wanna quit?”

Princess Esme’s eyes narrowed. “Huh? What are you saying such things to me?”

“I’unno. You don’t seem particularly fond of the idea of being a Queen, is all. And since you’re not totally into it, mind as well quit and do something else then.”
Esme went silent. “I can’t do that. I have too.”

“Why? They can always find another person to take the role as the ruler of your people.” Mex explains.

“Mother… has always expected something out of me.” Princess Esme. “So, I must adhere to the culture I was raise and lead my people into prosperity. No one else can do it, other than I. Not my people, not my sister—” She couldn’t finish her last sentence, stopping before that.

Mex stared at her when Esme stopped talking when she brought out her sister. She was doing to say something until Captain Candy alerted them.
“Everyone! Get down!”

As soon they heard this, everyone ducked; Mex grabbing Esme and putting her against the floor. The entire sandstorm was cut in half, ending the storm, and making everything clear for all to see. Suddenly, a large alien with armor appeared before them.

“Hmph. Missed.” Lowering his arms. “So, my eyes didn’t deceive me…” Looking at Mex, Deisy and Suyoi. “They are Blue Jackets… and here I thought I’ll have fun fighting such high-level opponents, but it just a bunch of rookies.”

“Whoa!!” Mex said, eyeing at the armored man. As she stood up, she pointed at the man and call him out. “Who’re you!? Are you strong?!”

Taking a step back of her strong demeanor and not being afraid, the armored alien smirked. “Strong…? I am the Legendary Warrior across the West Cosmos. I am Kwan. I was hired to take the head of Esme. Unless you value your life, I urge you to run away. Or don’t. I can always use a warmup!”

Suyoi and Deisy narrowed their eyes. “Kwan…? He has a reputation of being one of the top assassins in the West Cosmos.” Deisy stated.
“I heard that he’s a big issue with a lot of Good Days Jackets; even a lot of Red Jackets have a hard time if they’re not too careful. And he always escapes when he gets captured.” Suyoi added on.

“Commissioning him gotta be a hefty price…” Deisy said.

Kwan smirked. “Hmph. So, are you going to run away? I’m being paid to bring the head of the Princess. But knocking some Good Days runts will surely boost my position in the Danger Level to White.”

“Never heard of you.” Mex broke the tension in the air. “But Kwan, right? Alright. I’ll be your opponent!!”

Kwan raised a brow, not seeing Mex backing down. “What?”

“Are you an idiot!!? Get back and protect the Princess!!” Deisy shouted.

Princess Esme looked at Mex with terror on her face. Mex turned to smile at Esme. “You might want to step back.” Esme did what she asked by running to Candy and the others.

Kwan grinned. “You got guts; I’ll give you that.” He narrowed his eyes. “Huh? You’re a Serberk? Oh man… not even a challenge!? I won’t even get break sweat out of this…” Kwan took a deep breath and fired an energy blast from his mouth, hitting Mex straight on. It caused an explosion around her with so much force, it generates a powerful cloud of smoke upward the sky. “One down.” He wipes his mouth as stream sheer from his lips.

“Mex!!” Suyoi said, seeing her taken down like that.

“Calm yourself…” Captain Candy said, holding Esme behind him. “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”
Princess Esme narrowed her eyes; such dull eyes swiftly turned into terror.

“Huh?! Mex was literally taken out in one hit by that guy! You’re asking a lot here!!” Deisy narrowed her eyes when Kwan was approaching them.

Kwan noticed Captain Candy; his eyes widened. “Well, well. If isn’t Candy… I heard lots of rumors about you.” He paused for a moment. “If I take out a former White Jacket… my Danger Level will go straight to Black… then everyone in the cosmos will come to me for hire.” He grinned widely. “Esme. I’ll kill you last; stay there when I crush the big ones.”
“!!?” Princess Esme felt like her entire body was paralyzed, due to the fear as Kwan readied his body to launch another energy attack. His arms had energy cackling around his hand like lightning.

Kwan cocked his right hand back, attempting to send an energy wave towards the group. “Candy… show me your strength—" However, his attack motion was interrupted, with Mex stopping the man’s hand with one finger. The energy fizzled out immediately afterwards. “Huh?!”

“Hey, what’s the rush? We didn’t start fighting yet.” Mex forcibly lowered Kwan’s entire arm down. She barely had no visible scratches on her body.

“What? She took a full brute force of my attack and she came out unscathed?! Not even a speck of dirt on her clothes? And she forced my arm down…” Kwan said. “No, I must’ve held back a bit. Heh, I’ll get rid of her real quick.” Kwan’s body surged with power; he launches his arm forward as energy burst from his right hand. “Explosion Hand—" Suddenly, he felt a powerful blow against his stomach. As his attack stopped once again due to his hand being knocked way, Kwan looked down seeing Mex’s fist jammed into his torso.

Mex’s facial expression changed; a serious expression of a fighter was all Kwan saw from his perspective. “Cero First Movement: Shock Punch.”

Kwan felt a powerful force behind the punch; so much that generated a powerful wind pressure that twirled behind him, ripping through the dirt easily. With seconds, Kwan tumbled backwards multiple times before stopping; seemingly out cold.

“Over already?” Mex stood up and lowered her arms. “Disappointing.”
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