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Sep 3, 2015
Good Days is an intergalactic organization created to protect civilizations and planets. Good Days also fight against various empires that threaten peace across the universe. They are highly known to be the most capable force for many planets to seek assistance. As a result, their popularity attracted many species across the universe to join their ranks into the organization. Some joined to fight against evil. Some are in for the riches, revenge or any other personal issues. At the end of the day, Good Days is considered the beacon of hope throughout space.

There is a mysterious group called “Destruction Association”, whom goal is to seek and destroy everything in sight. It is unknown what their main goals are nor any information of the leader of such association.

Premise: You managed to pass the written and physical exam to secure a spot in Good Days. Yet, there is one more task to complete in order to truly become part of the organization. You and your group are assigned to a planet to deal with a dictator that is oppressing the people. Simple enough task. However....

What is Chi?
The energy system in the role-play is based on Chi Manipulation. They are the fundamentals of how everything in the universe works. Chi is life force energy and the easiest form of energy to understand. From special abilities, energy attacks and even flying, it uses Chi. Most species in the universe have a basic understanding of how Chi works. True masters, however, is able to tap into that energy directly and use it for greater things. In Good Days, there are different kinds of Chi:

  • Star Chi – What the majority uses. Their colors can be anything aside from black/purple/pink.
  • Dark Chi – When one’s heart falls into darkness, their Ki turns into “Dark Chi”. They are always purple or pink. They have a higher offensive power compared to “Star Chi”. Their defense is slightly weaken.
  • Ruin Chi [Unavailable for uses] – This Chi cannot be sensed nor detected. The color of this Chi is always black.
General Rules
  • You can only have 1 OC.
  • This is a hyper-action RP. Expect Planetary Destruction and more to be a thing!
  • You can create any kind of species for your character. However, no one else can use the species you created. 
  • Villains will only be controlled by me.
  • If your character dies, you can replace them with a new one. It needs approval first.
  • Don't distort things that were already established within the role-play without permission.
  • Don’t try to make everything too convenient.
  • If you have not posted in a week (without warning), you will be skip and the story will continue.
  • Use the Power Wikia to search for specific abilities or power(s)!
  • Banned Powers: Omnipotent, Omnipresence and Omniscient, Absolute Immortality, High-End Reality Warping, Instant-Death, Life-Drain (Death Version), Invincibility, High-End Intangibility, Probability Manipulation, High-Level Space/Time, Time Travel, Future Sight.
  • Feedback is important! I cannot help you with your concerns of this RP if you don’t come to me.

Character Template

Species: Noted in the General Rule, no one can use the species you created.
*Appearance: Describe their physical appearances. They will be wearing GD Uniforms shown in Important Notes.
*Special Moves: Explain what your character does in a battle. This includes weapons, powers, and the like. You can add up to a maximum of 5 moves. They will increase overtime as the story progresses. 
Background: Maximum of 2 Paragraphs.

Important Notes*
  • All species have Chi. Some of them are capable of Chi Manipulation. All users are capable of shooting an generic energy blast. Some can use Chi Manipulation in many different ways. For example, you can create a Cyclops who can use their Chi to move objects around, or create a Wolf-Alien that uses his Chi to freeze his opponents. Some users can channel their Chi energy into objects such as weapons, Mechs and the like. How you go about it, you have the freedom to do so!
  • The Good Days (GD) uniform is specifically designed to allow the user to survive in the vacuum of space and grants the ability of flight.
  • Transformation: You can give your character the ability to transformed into a more powerful state. However, the transformation is locked until the situation calls for it later in the story. If you wish to give your character an transformation, described the form and what does it do. After that, you will discussed on the appropriate moment for the transformation to occurred with me.
  • GD Uniforms
Name: Mex
Species: Ningen [Planet Tatakai]  
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mex stands at 5'9 tall and weighs about 150 lbs, with an muscular build. He has short, black curly hair and dark brown eyes. Mex also has light-brown skin, but there are scars around the upper torso. 
Personality: Mex is described as having an unrivaled sense of justice. Mex is prone to make rash decisions and always seek an fun battle. But, Mex always make sure that everyone stays positive and have a good life.
Special Moves: Mex is an experienced hand-to-hand specialist. He trained for 3 years before attempting to join Good Days. Most of the moves are complied of highly concentrated Chi attacks and rush moves. His signature move is Burst Cannon.
  • Burst Cannon - An energy attack that concentrated in a single point. Mex uses one hand to send the devastating blast. 
  • Super Burst Cannon - An more powerful version of Burst Cannon
  • Burst Rush - An series of chain attacks before sending them flying.
  • Burst Fist Explosion - An highly concentrated attack that covers the fist. When it strikes, it will cause an explosion when it connects to the enemy.
  • Overdrive - It is a technique that multiplies the user's Chi, increasing their power and speed for a moment. 
Background: Ningens are an powerful, competitive race that seeks the thrill of battle. Ningens are experts in hand-to-hand combat and has good level of controlling Chi. Most species in the universe has some form of transformations, but Ningens is one of the rare ones that lack such. But, Ningens developed an powerful technique called Overdrive. This allows them to increased their power in an heat of an battle. 

To control their battle urges, they host an annual tournament to bring the intensity of battle on their planet. But, their tournaments invited unwanted company, members of the Destruction Association. This led to the destruction of Planet Tatakai, resulted Mex and his family to escaped and take refugee on Refugee Planet. Only a few hundred of his kind survived the destruction of Tatakai. Burning with hatred towards the Destruction Association, Mex decided to join Good Days. He wanted to make sure that no one would have their planet destroys and rid of the Destruction Association once and for all.
Name:  Neatnik (a.k.a Antie)
Species: Kienian [Planet Contrunga]
Age:  20
Gender: Male
*Appearance: He is 167cm tall, but only weights about 45kg. He has four arms. He is brown in color, except for his abdomen and head - which are black. He has strong mandibles and doesn’t look quite as cute as his personality. Imagine a giant, scary looking ant. (And he probably won't be able to wear those pants properly haha).

Here's a lil concept art I made long ago. He's definitely not this cute looking.


Personality: Antie is cheerful and friendly most of the time. He is energetic on missions, would try to do his best to help out. However, he has a habit of following orders and regulation without question, always afraid of upsetting the authorities. He wouldn’t dare to act on his own. This is a downfall because it restricts his creativity. If he receives no orders/instructions, he most likely won’t know what to do.

*Special Moves: Neatnik specializes in hand-to-hand combat, and sometimes can do long-ranged attacks with his acid spray. He had trained for less than two years, but the strength he was born with helped speeding up the progress.

·         Marvelous Strength: He can lift objects from 10 to 50 times his body weight. When he uses Chi it could go up to 70. His punch is also quite strong for someone his weight.
·         Rapid Knuckles: Using his Chi, Neatnik increases his speed and strength. He uses his four hands to deliver heavy blows repeatedly on his opponent.
·         Venomous Bite: If one is bitten or stung, they may be paralyzed for a few minutes and feel the pain for at least a day. The affected skin may swell.
·         Acidic Spray: There is a sharp acidopore at the end of his abdomen. He can spray out an amount of acid from the stinger. Combining with Chi power, he can shoot the acid a few meters far. The acid is weak and won’t be able to eat through strong metal. However it can cause serious skin-problems and quite painful if not washed away.
·         Technical Expert: Neatnik is great with technology and is able to operate any kind of space-ships if given enough time to study them. He can also fix a lot of stuff. His four arms also made it easier to multitask.
Note: His Chi color is green.

Background: Neatnik came from a planet where insects were the dominant species and have evolved to the point of high technology.  He was connected to fellow Kienians and the queen in a hive-mind. However, a friend of his somehow managed to escape from the queen’s control and ran away. As a guard, Neatnik chased and was stuck in the spaceship with his friend as it took off. His time away from the Hive made him realize he didn’t need the Queen to survive. Despite that, he was still scared of returning home. They travelled the galaxies and eventually their ship was attacked by space pirates. They were saved by Good Days people, but his friend had died due to injuries. Neatnik trained to join Good Days so he could help people from suffering the same fate as his best friend.
Interesting. Your character is now approved :D! Here a few things to look at (you don't need to respond to this comment):
  • You don't have to put down transformation if the character does not have one. It refers to an Super Mode in a sense.
  • If Neatnik an hand-to-hand specialist in a sense? If so, place a brief description (less than 20 words). 
Name: Artix (Ignore the name I wrote in my drawing)

Species: Thermian (Planet Thermia)

Age: Unknown. Believed to be about 35 in Earth Years

Gender: Female

*Appearance: Artix has snow white skin and light blue markings on her body that shine. Her fur is also the same shade of blue. She has 4 eyes in total but her entire face is always hidden behind her mask and visor. She has 2 gauntlets that do just about everything for her. They are used to display holograms of information and access computers.

Personality: Artix is very mean and tends to act only for herself. She does not make friends easily and tends to work alone. She belittles people and will not rush to help anyone unless they are of good use to her and her mission. She's rather quiet when she's not being mean to others and tends to look at an image on her gauntlet of two small Thermians. These two are her children which she vows to protect. She cares deeply for her children and will go out of her way to kill anyone who dare insults her two kids. She absolutely hates it when anyone grabs her tail. If you grab her tail she will attack you.

*Special Moves: Artix specializes in close range combat. She's able to use her gauntlets as a tool to make her Chi into almost any weapon she wants. The following four are the ones she uses the most. She is skilled communications and hustling.

  • Gauntlet Chi Sword: Artix's gauntlets have the technology to use her chi and bend it into any weapon she wants. The Chi-Swords can cut through nearly anything.
  • Gauntlet Chi Fists: Artix's fists are cloaked in her chi where her punches deal heavier damage and even include burning damage if she holds on to you.
  • Gauntlet Chi arm blades: Artix's Chi is formed into a pair of blades that run down the side of her arms. This is her preferred weapon of choice because it's the easiest one for her to use without much training. These blades are super sharp and able to slice through steel like butter. 
  • Gauntlet Chi Armor: Her chi is absorbed into making a temporary armor for her body. Once Artix has taken enough damage, the armor will disappear and she will have to give up more chi for another set. 
*Transformation: None.

Background: Artix was a bounty hunter a long time ago. She wanted to get the money so she can protect her children from the devastation at home. She worked long and hard, killing and stealing in order to protect her family. She now works alone because her previous boss was trying to marry her daughter and take all of Artix's riches. Even though Artix is a bounty hunter she also has a small bounty on her head. She is rumored to have one of the galaxy's largest stash of riches from all the jobs she did. Artix denies all of this. 
Artix takes missions solely for the money in order to protect her family. She often tries to work alone because she claims that 'helpers and partners' slow her down. Deep down inside, Artix never learned how to become a friend to anyone due to all she had to go through. Her species, although rich in technology, tend to constantly fight and kill one another based on their beliefs. They have very strict laws and mostly a business-type of planet. Lives don't matter much to the Thermians as long as they can have some technology to sell and trade.

Everything has mellowed out but Artix still fears for her children. So much so that she had to smuggle them out of the planet and on to a neighboring one. From there, her children are protected by a life-long friend of Artix. Artix tries hard to make amends with her daughter but is constantly shunned because of how little time she spends with them. Her young son, however, wishes to join his mother and become a strong and powerful figure like her.
Interesting character. Approved! :D
  • If she does not have an transformation, you can edit that out.
Name: Lightwave Destiny
Species: Solarian (Planet Sola)
Age: Somewhere between 150-175 years, admitted he lost count and doesn't feel like getting his birth record.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blonde hair with bright blue eyes. tan skin with yellow glowing veins. Spiky hair. Similar face and build to a young American male.
Personality: Despite being so old he's still an impulsive hothead, but enjoys being lazy, or doing what's right.
Special Moves: All chi uses unless otherwise stated are a solid solar yellow.
  • Knight Sword - A white crystal and metal sword that can channel ki through it for firing off attacks, while also being a dangerous blade. Tempered by ki to increase it's resistance to damage. Standard issue for Solarian Knights.
  • Solem Shield - A reinforced white crystal and metal shield that can be used to buffer attacks, and similarly can have ki coursed through it to counter the force of blows. Standard issue for Solarian Knights.
  • Warp Attack - Teleports to a target to start slicing them up, or really teleport anywhere.
  • Solarian Healing - Either through his hands, or through firing a beam from his sword, he can generate green energy wisps that heal whoever it touches.
  • Flame Infusion - Fire stards to course across his body, wisps of flame leaving behind burning trails while not harming him, where as his sword and shield become flaming, both to diswuade physical hits while also making his own physical attacks burning. The more ki he puts into using Flame Infusion, the hotter the flame, starting red and ending on either blue or white.
Transformation: Star Chi - A Solarian whose bloodline is strong with that of Destiny is able to tap into a higher form of chi locked within their bodies, a form of chi that was used to create them. It turns their chi from whatever color into a solar blue, increasing their strength to a mucher higher degree then before, alongside any of their chi based attacks. It can only be activated by a Solarian whose bloodline is close enough to Destiny's while also choosing to do what no one else can in a moment, to become a selfless hero.
Background: Long ago a mortal used the power of a chi technique that shone like the stars to dispel evil in his sector of the galaxy, becoming a wandering hero using naught but a sword and cape. For his reward a group of god-like beings had him become the father of a new race, a race of ki users called the Solarians. Tens of hundreds thousand years the Solarian King's daughter chose not to take the crown, leaving it in the hands of another bloodline, to raise her child as a commoner. The king's grandson was named Lightwave.

A lazy teenager at one point working as a crewman on a trading ship, he fell off his boat and encountered a dying dragon who explained why he should start to train to be accepted into the Solarian Knight Academy, before then perishing. Lightwave left the planet, made his way back to Sola, got ripped, and was accepted into the Academy, training for a few decades before going on several solo adventures, getting bored of being a wandering hero, and applied to the Good Days Organization.

Name: Damara Augus
Species: Cyclopius (Planet Monocularia)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
*Appearance: Damara is about 5'2" and a light weighted cyclops.

Too lazy to describe their looks. Ignore this outfit.
Her legs are there, they're just behind her.
Aside from the given outfit, she wears steel-toed combat boots and some other kind of material. Sports a utility belt as well.
Personality: A casual and laidback kind of gal outside of missions. She prefers to take the easiest course of action and hates complicated situations, so she isn't a plan strategist by any means, which makes her better able to come up with an attack pattern for that very moment. To others, this may make her seem reckless. And even then, she takes orders only from those she considers as a figure of authority-- that is, she only obeys those she respects and considers capable of leading her. Damara shows her disrespect by being dismissive or sassing back. Otherwise, she tries her best to make at least a decent first impression. Damara is a forgetful person, so it takes her several tries to even remember names-- so she comes up with nicknames a lot.  Sometimes she comes off as insensitive even if she didn't intend it.
*Special Moves: Damara is best suited to aid her allies by specializing as a skirmish attacker. She can't take too many hits based on her body type, but she makes up for it by her abilities that make her difficult to hit. Taking the opportunity, she strikes with intent to disable her opponent. She's versatile enough to be a long or close-range fighter. The color of her chi is sea green. Most of these abilities were developed from the territory fights she got into, so many of these lack finesse that a trained fighter would have.
  1. Chi Booster: Channels chi through her legs and into the soles of her feet to allow her to propel herself forward a certain distance with a burst of speed. If she only moves a short distance, it appears as if she teleported. It leaves an afterimage of herself.
  2. Pinpoint Jab: This requires Damara to be in close range. Channeling her Chi through her hands and fingers, she attacks the most vulnerable parts of the body by inflicting internal damage from the outside. This requires adjusting how much Chi she channels depending on how much damage she wants to inflict.
  3. Needle Surge: A long-range attack where she concentrates Chi into her palms and forces it to manifest as energy needles. These are long needles capable of piercing through armor or force fields. Typically, she fires only a small amount. Usually, she aims for the weakest areas of the arms and legs to disable her opponent from further advancement.
  4. Voltage Palm: Chi is forced to blast through her palms to resemble lightning surging out. It's typically a last-resort attack that she's only recently been trying to refine. It forces her Chi to enter the opponent's body and act as a lightning strike with potential to sear through the flesh; how fatal it is, is anyone's guess.
Background: Cyclopius are asocial species who tend to avoid any form of trouble or conflict. Damara, unfortunately, was not-- she was considered a delinquent who recklessly used her Chi powers against neighboring species on her planet. There were several areas & territories on the planet that were dangerous due to the diversity of other alien species, and repelled anyone who didn't wish to be harmed needlessly, but she spent lots of time in these areas because she simply hated the boring life her kind were content with and enjoyed the thrill of danger. It caused her to be much more aggressive and prone to violent outbursts.

Eventually, she became too much of a handful and was recently sent off to Good Days as part of a "correctional" program to get her priorities and morals together. Which is somewhat strange since she looks too scrawny to even open a jar. The circumstances around her delinquency are somewhat blurry. Either way, it provides her steady income and an outlet to satisfy her impulsive nature to engage in trouble; her personality changed considerably because of it. So she isn't complaining too much.
Name: Ross "Black Tail"
Species: Gorm (moon of Tork'os)
Age: 25
Gender: M
Appearance: His right eye is cybernetic but despite that he is attractive to most other humanoids. He is 6'1 foot tall and is about 130 lbs. wend not in use his tail is around his waste. His tail is made of blacken metals and looks cybernetic(Gorns don't typical have tails on birth).
Personality: He is professional wend he needs to be but most the time he is quite nice. 
Special Moves: Ross is a drone warfare master but he dos have a fall back of a cybernetic black tail. His Chi is Electric blue.
Cyber Link: this works like a hive mind for all his drones. This lets him interface with computers directly with his mind.

The Black Tail: Some thing Looted form a Noe Inquisitor body. This is used to interface with a normal like a computer(its can be used to mind control a person or to a way to get information). This one was modified to be able to be used as a whip and work like a cord for computers as well (the tale is prehensile).

Master mechanic: He able to fix things and improve them given time but is able to MacGyver things wend needed.

Dolly(Common nickname for the line its self), Fi (what he calls it),  BU-C14(bodyguard Unit):The former owner was killed by his employers and it was one the things he looted. It is designed to take hits but look organic it goes a far that its skin is self repealing and one there reason it can take hits. It even can trick even the most advance scanners to think it organic. It has Chi swords and a Chi shield (both It's marches its master's Chi.) The under armor has upgraded to let it move better and be able to take more hits, and its optical/audio ability(It can record things if he wanted to). He kept a lot of the more useful subroutines(Yes to some one that dos not know better it alive).  It is attractive humanoid female with long white hair and a blue eyes.

Wraith(Common nick name for the line), CSD-M15(Combat Support Drone): He fixed a lot these and used them to win a losing battle and only kept one(the defense forces need all those Drones more than him). Its armor is lighter and able to more hits than it's more stander counterparts. It is armed with Chi guns because they more effective and it dos not need to carry rounds for its guns.

The Gorm's home world of Tork'os was in the accent past a dumping (Mostly old electronics, fried electronics ones and old war gear) round for ancient races that are no longer around. This was not good for the environment and his kind had to develop quickly or die to a lot defend kinds of poisons. Wend the dumping stopped they were as advanced if not slightly more advance as race that stopped dumping(they never stop advancing). It was to a point wend the first empire that tried to rule Tork'os found that the native Gorm not only stop them form taking over there world but take there empire for there own. The empire that the Gorm token willingly follows them because of how advance and how nice the Gorm seem (To the Gorm this is odd but ok).

Ross worked as mercenary for 6 years so he can loot some places to get gear and a income to improve to gear that he token. Till the job that cost him his eye, he had to face a group of Good Days but the Good Days lost in the end out his "employer" got away. Normaly he would be sent to jail but some one with Good Days gave him a choice join for about a year or the normal for your crimes (his real employer was the one that gave him the offer(completed beyond what was expected of him)). He joined Good Days dos tend to pay well to those they trust after all and Jail food suck(Mostly to cover up that Good Days need help form a mercenary).
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