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Closed. I was gonna delete this but didn't want anyone to lose post count.

The story takes place in a futuristic science fiction setting, with elements of suspense and action thrown in.

The Storyline Premise:
In the year 30XX, the Milky Way galaxy faces an emerging threat known as Genma Platt. Mercury has been under his control for about 6 months thanks to careful interloping during heated political tension between the Mercurian Union and the Venusian Emperor, who declared war on each other. He now has control over Mercury, but has not made a move yet, citing that he must be patient to reap the rewards. Fearing what is to come when he exits his state of hidden activity, the Terranovan Union has undertaken a plan in the past 4 months to secretly infiltrate Genma’s base of operations by employing a specialized squad unit called the Orion Squad. 

Genma Platt has been declared by the Terranovan Union as a potential intergalactic threat. Because of his ruthless overruling of Mercury’s leaders and his apparent access to restricted Class A weapons that take substantial amounts of resources and energy to power, the TU fears his next move will leave a swift and brutal blow to his next targets, one of which has been predicted to be Venus due to their substantially weakened access to manpower and resources. The Orion Squad (the players) thus has been tasked to be the ones that strike him down, led by Special Ops Commander Avan to coordinate their secret coup-- however, the question lies in how well the Union’s carefully calculated plans will work upon execution, especially against an enemy with no clear motives and no reliable information having been collected on him yet. With emerging rumors of an approaching new world order, anarchism and crime rates have increased. How much impact will Genma’s forces inflict upon the galaxy?

Things to Know:
  • This game has actual lore and background, which will be available as a thread under the RPG Athenaeum and I'll be sure to link once I get some interest going and everything is complete. You have to read it in order to properly make characters. Thus, I ask you keep up with background information so things don't get distorted in-universe.
  • The story takes place in the Milky Way Galaxy, so your character can't be from a made-up planet. This will be expanded upon in the Lore Thread. We will be using terraformed solid planets and possibly a few moons.
  • This is a Sci Fi/actiony themed RP, so magic is not a thing! You will have the option to use powers however. (more on that later) A Sci-Fi/Futuristic RP like this doesn't require you to be a genius about rocket science or anything really. The lore should be enough to keep you afloat.
  • You can register a human, an alien, or a cyborg. Aliens can be whatever species you make up (home planets must be from the Milky Way and REAL planets). No robots please. See bullet point 2 regarding planets.
  • The maximum character limit is 2 at a time. You can choose to introduce a new one if one dies (as in, you can choose when/if they die). Newly registered characters can’t be used until I give the go-ahead-- I will PM you.
  • Only I can play villains at this time.
Play Style:
  • Character registration will have a simplified Class/Role system, so the battle system may be a bit of new ground in terms of what's been done on BG roleplay before.
  • OOC posts by me will be bolded. Pay heed to these when I do post them, as I may place these for important information about a battle, thing, etc.
  • Battles are turn-based, so players shouldn't make 64-chain combo attacks in just one post. You must cooperate with your fellow players if you don't want to get rekt.
[size=small]Once the game begins, I will [/size][size=small]not[/size][size=small] be altering any lore that will be used for world-building. So if you feel you need me to fix up any gaping plot holes or the like, we should address it before we begin. Any changes to the background information will be made at my discretion.[/size]

When people post that they are interested in playing, I'll be posting the Lore, Character registration info, and the Posting Rules/Registration rules accordingly. I will post again in this thread soon about how we will begin the game once things have been properly set up.

Upcoming information:
  • Lore & Planet Information
  • Character Registration Information, Class/Role System info, and Registration Rules
  • General things to assume/know before you begin writing character templates/posting in the game.

Additional notes: This thread will also serve as a two-way communication thread for us all to use during the game, to keep everyone on the same page rather than have you dig to find OOC posts.

For me, I'll be using this thread primarily to discuss upcoming scenes if I think it will be hard to lead through improvisation. I'll also post how the battle system will work in this thread for information and archival purposes-- which will also be posted in a "lore" thread for easy access.

For you, the players, you can use this thread as an easy way to comment on the current story arc, or the plot line with everyone else. Consider this thread as a feedback, discussion, and planning thread all in one! Hopefully this allows for a more casual way of interacting with each other and more effective communication.

This cannot work out if nobody gives me feedback! Please let me know if you find we are moving too slow or have similar grievances that can be resolved by me. If you wish, you can PM me about it. Post any questions concerning the game in the Planning thread, OR PM me. :)
I'm not on my pc so I can't read it all yet, but I'm a bit interested. I will edit this post later if i have any idea.
No worries! I have yet to post all the details, which won't be for another day or two if I go at my current pace of writing and revision. :D

Edit to include more Need to Know stuff:

An extensive knowledge of the sciences is not required to partake in this game! You really just need to read the basic lore and you should be good to go.

Because this is the first game I've taken lots of time into planning and writing out, I will be hesitant to incorporate players’ characters that are meant to be independent villains with their own plots. So for the first few arcs, villains/primary antagonists that are not led by me (the GM) and anticipate an independent arc centered around them will be barred from entering the storyline at this time. This may or may not change at later points. Genma’s got underlings which will be available to be taken, however. The selection process for those characters will require some more investment.

The RP is expected to begin with the characters meeting. The first mission or two will not have anything to do with Genma; this will be a preliminary trial led by the Union to examine the compatibility of the Orion Squad’s members. These will be short field/recon missions. For the players, this is a chance to get to know each other’s playing styles and characters. The opening post of the game will contain an OOC note with a list of things you should be aware of before you post for consistency’s sake.
Bumping to mention that by "abilities", I will refer to it from now on as "Super Ability". Since abilities is a vague descriptor of what a character can do, Super Ability will refer to superpowers. That way nobody gets the wrong impression.

UPD8: Still working on it whilst traveling for the month, should be ready to go for July. Will post lore stuff as soon as I can.

Most of the lore is up now! Click here to view it!

I plan to write some basic lore about each of the Terranovan planets before opening character registration. Hopefully nobody has gotten discouraged because it took so long ;;

EDIT: I will be posting the character registration forms once I finish posting planet info. Please note that pretty much everything in the Lore thread is stuff you need to know in-character. The only thing the general public knows is that Genma is a threat, and Scorpius is the group he operates. That is also the most your character will know about him until they enter the Terranovan Union Headquarters.
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