Fragmented Memories

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Sep 3, 2015
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Depending on the amount interested this may be moved to the private section (or not if I forsee sudden accomodation being comfortably possible in the game itself)
Unbeknownst to the protagonists, they have woken up to their home city in ruin, devoid of human life. To them, their day before felt completely normal, spending their day as usual. At least, what they can recall.
The coastal city they live in appears to be abandoned, surrounded by a thick and ominous fog. The buildings and malls appear worn and damaged; windows are broken, the ceilings and walls show damage as well. It rains on and off, but they often hear sounds and see what is not there; such as the sound of dripping water inside a dry, if not damaged, building, flashes of windows shattering or cars sinking in muddy water in the street that only has a few puddles.

The protagonists, all alone with only each other as company, are doomed to remain stuck in this isolated nexus if they do not uncover the truth behind the city's 'sudden' ruin. Each roam the city, and slowly discover the truth and their reason for existing in this soulless part of the world. Pieces they find eventually come together to repair their fragmented memory of their life just before they had awoken.

Rules will be more detailed soon in registration and for the game's rules.
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