Finding Dory


Blue Jacket
Oct 4, 2015

Its actually happening.

I saw the original in theaters the second week it came out [font=Roboto, arial, sans-serif]12 years ago....I'm 21 now. Bet I'll see the sequel in the same theatre.[/font]
Holy crap, I'm itching to see this. For some reason, I always assumed Dory and Marlin ended up together at the end of the first one. Don't know why, but that's what I thought lol XD
Hmm! This is interesting! I am actually happy that this is a real thing because Dory is adorable. I wonder what really happened with Dory's memory.
I'm actually pretty glad that they managed to get all the original voice actors from the previous film. That definitely gives me a instant watch from the get go. Their performances from the first film was pretty good, so I expect no less for this film.
Definitely watching this! I've waited in anticipation for so long for Finding Dori!!!!

I always needed to know more about Dori which was next to impossible given her shoddy memory.
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