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Favorite Morality System in Gaming?

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You got your TOR, with Dark Side / Light Side morality.

Mass Effect with Renegade and Paragon.

Dues Ex and not having one I think?

And then spoilers(?) in MGS:V
Snake getting horns.

What's your favorite? And why?

Mine is Epic Mickey's.

You do good things. You get easier combat, happier music, and you get people who like you. However, the game's non-combat sections become quite a bit harder, you lose out on various rewards, and in order to get the best ending you have to do a number of hard side quests. If you go the evil path however, harder combat, darker music, and everyone hates you. However, the game becomes a lot shorter and easier, you get more rewards, and you don't have to help people.

The glory about this game, (that, is probably the creepiest Disney game to date) is that in the end, your choices don't matter. The plot ends the same, and everyone tolerates your existence. Nothing big is changed in the ending comparatively. The whole point of the morality is not, you want to be good or evil? It's, do you care about these characters enough to put time aside to save them? Are you happy with your choices?


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Infamous and Bioshock has a morality system too and being a goody two shoes like a turd I am, I always pick the good choices XD

It makes the game interesting and actually makes it feel like that what you do actually matters. It's a sort of feel that you can "create" own your story in a sense, I suppose.

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Oh yeah.

And progressing in either was vital to obtaining your ultimate power.

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A good morality system gives incentives for both good and bad.

Like WoS, seeing how far Symbiote Spiderman would go.


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I'd be scandalized if I didn't talk about Undertale... It really makes you feel like a terrible person if you show no mercy. And if you don't kill anyone, you get a whole cast of wonderful friends who believe in you.


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I never actually played it, but the morality system in Dragon Age really intrigues me. Especially Inquisition -- nearly everything you do in there will make or break your progress in the game, especially since it heavily relies on how you establish relationships with people in order to gain influence. It's like playing a campaign sort of game.


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Besides infamous

Fallout new vegas had a great morality where your actions will win favor with certain parties and hatred with other. And the game even has it where you will be vilified for eating human flesh.

Another good choice is Mass effect 3.

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Loving the story presented with Etrian Odyssey 2. It's a great RPG game and you guys should give it a try if you really like RPG games. I do recommend Etrian Odyssey 1 because it has a demo (And it's $9.99 as of now on eShop) It's a more fresh start and easier to explain things to beginners. Etrian Odyssey 2 kinda acknowledges that you already know how to play so they only brush up on the rules. Also, they add more features such as traps to bind or weaken enemies.