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This scene, in it's entirety. Mainly due to the fact that Hoenheim had that punch coming, tbh. Maria Ross being shocked Ed just  punched the dude who was flirting with her, only for Ed to yell at Hoenheim for flirting with her, and then Al realizing 'It really is dad!'

I get chills everytime! Especially when the song in the background began. Aaah I love KnY!
The Japanese ones blows the English dub out the window. This also reminds me of a scene that will happen in Purple Heart.


This is just my version of the scenario happening in the video, I just replaced it with the similar elements that happen in my story. Note that this is not the official scene intended for my story. Also, I love doing these with scenes. xDD

Kire: ...Wait, you're not thinking about flying into the bomb, Jet, right?! I can stop it from here! Don't do it Jet!
Jet: There's no time, Kire. This place is going to be turned to ash if we don't do something soon. Don't worry commander, I'll still be flying when this is all done!
Kire: Jet, no!!!

Silence, heartbeat monitor on Kire's side is heard beeping as he kept an eye on Jet's vitals. The heartbeat never changed pace despite Jet's decision. The small city looks up to see a single jet fighter heading for a direct collision course for a missile aimed to destroy it. The scene is broadcasted for all to see. Kire runs out of the room in a hurry to examine the city from the balcony. He is seen screaming but nothing is heard other than the beeping of Jet's vitals. At the same time, Trevosky is seen watching the same exact scene from the safety of his balcony, a smirk plastered on his face.

I guess this is where I say some final words, huh..? (countdown begins. Jet is pondering his thoughts as chaos ensues around him. He stares directly at the missile as he finally gathered his final thoughts) Don't stop flying, Emma...

A long beeping noise is heard, almost like a flatline, but it transitions to a woman far away removing the pie from the beeping oven. She boasts about how her husband will enjoy this pie. In another location, closer to the city, a woman receives an email from Jet. She opens it up.

"Hey Emma, looks like I'm coming home earlier than expected! War is still war so I can't make promises! I'll fly my way right into the face of danger, especially if it means protecting you. Don't lose hope. No matter what happens, don't stop flying, Emma! 

- Love, your father, Jetsuno.

There is a small pause before a bright light consumed the skies of the city. No one is hurt and no damages were done. Emma turns to her window, catching a glimpse of the explosion. She looks on in horror and awe before whispering under her breath.

"Was that you, father..?"

Kire is seen yelling at the sky before falling on his knees, out of breath and breaking into tears. The monitor is heard flatlining on all of Jet's vitals. Pieces of Jet's plane fall from the sky to the city below in flames. Trevosky looks at the explosion with a pair of binoculars, scoffing at the idiot who stopped his attack. 

Trevosky: Who do you suppose stopped that missile? I doubt it was the city.
Elite: Perhaps a rouge.
Trevosky: Hmph, whatever it was, his suicide was impressive at least.

An powerful scene that understands the importance of a villain without going over the top. He's manipulates the scene by turning Tenma's words against him, considering that human life is equal, yet, celebrating the deaths of his superiors and happy that they're gone. Tenma could not bother to make an response without going back his word, hence, he froze.
This is funny as heck without context but for context, this is Satan and his loyal subject Alsiel living in Earth after they escaped from being overthrown in their home realm Ente Isla

And now Satan works at McDonalds

This anime got me. Everyone knew the ending coming, but just because it's predictable doesn't mean it can't be executed well. This shit is so good that it gave me goosebumps :katcry: People, please watch this anime, it's severely underrated.
This song sequence totally blew me away, its  message is so sad yet so beautiful. Like I got overwhelmed by the singing skills and emotion. XD
Violet Evergarden has got to be the prettiest show I've ever seen. Nothing but love for KyoAni
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