Examples of good "Super Modes" in Games?

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Sep 4, 2015
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Bit confusing title. What are you're favorite examples of power up modes / super modes in gaming? This only applies to extended power ups and not short lived amplifiers, such as Limit Breaks.

Riku's Dark Mode: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.

Unlocked by deflecting enough enemy attacks, Dark Mode was a staple of Riku's gameplay in Com and Re:Com. Granting the "Hero of Darkness", as Vexen put it, enhanced speed, strength, and attacks, this showed how epic Riku was, is, and forever will be.

Sora's Drive Forms: Kingdom Hearts 2.

Party members in KH series are often, less then appreciated. So when there was the ability to redirect their power as my own, I got excited. The Drive Forms may not have been the strongest power up I've seen but man it was fun to abuse the crap out of them. Especially Final Form.
I would have to say the main protagonist's FORCE transformation mode in Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight. His attack is off the charts and his design is wick insane, at least to me. The story behind it is even better but I won't spoil anything. xDD


Main Protagonist in mid-transformation and Princess Arianna.
It really depends on what you mean by "Super Modes"; are you including transformations in fighting games?
Well, I suppose that Xenoverse had the right idea with it's transformation system, where the Super Saiayn forms provided a boost in stats; but not nearly enough to make them extremely broken.
Unlike Ultimate Dragon Ball Mod for Warcraft 3 where despite SSJ4 only being a 7x multiplier, it's completely necessary.

The Hyrule Warriors Focus Spirit is pretty great, giving you the decisive power you need to completely crush your foes.
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd onward gave Dualblades Demonization and Archdemon mode, which make dualblades much more powerful in several ways- Boosting attack stats considerably, making it so that wind and small attacks won't interrupt your attacks, giving you new, stronger attacks, and giving you a better dodge so you you can stay on top of your enemies at all times, provided you know what you're doing. In MH3U, Dualblades were one of the most broken weapon types. In 4U they got a debuff so you have to sharpen them more often, but other than that, they are still pretty great if you know how to use em.
What about Sora's Drive modes! Those are AWESOME!

My personal favorite is Final Drive/Form.
Super Sonic was actually a good usage of the super mode. It's pretty overpowered, but it needed "rings" to keep the usage. However, they seems to drain extremely fast in the newer games, making it rather unplayable at times.
I think the Final Smashes in Brawl are kinda like... Super modes, I guess. xDD

I really like Ike's Final Smash tho!
~ Z ~ said:
I think the Final Smashes in Brawl are kinda like... Super modes, I guess. xDD

I really like Ike's Final Smash tho!

Nah those are Ultimate attacks, excluding transformation ones like Gandorf's Ganon Smash, Sonic's Super Sonic, Wario's Wario Man, etc.
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