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Overview: The nation has been overrun and almost completely taken over by strange aggressive beings known as The Blind Ones. The Blind Ones have a zombie-like nature but aren't technically dead. This was caused by a chemical bomb attack on the nation's largest cities over 15 years ago. The Blind Ones, or Blinds/Blinders/infected for short, are blind due to their eyes being completely black from the chemical in their bodies; however, they can hunt using their ears and nose. Their hearing and smell are not enhanced but some Blinds have mutated special and unique abilities that allow them an upper hand in hunting prey.

Over the years, the chemical in their system has caused several of the infected to have a slightly better adaptation to their environment. Reports have shown that some Blinds living in the cold north have grown longer and stronger arms and legs to tread easier in the snow but seem to lack the hearing and smelling ability that regulars have due to most of their face being frozen over. They possess ruthless strength and are able to lift cars with ease. Reports from the desert tell of Blinds who hide in the sand and pounce on their prey if they sink in one of their traps. They are smaller and weaker than their northern brothers but tend to hunt in packs. The sun is a major weakness to them since it causes their skin to catch on fire. These Blinds are strictly night-dwellers. 

Some Blinds, however, have advanced so far that their have gained strange abilities that are almost always fatal. One report told of a single Blind able to control a large mass of the regulars, letting them hoard around potential prey. This Blinder seems to possess a strong strategic mindset and is far smarter than the rest, able to easily control them. Though very rare, these 'Special Blinds' are extremely dangerous due to having very enhanced and unique abilities. They are constantly protected by the lesser Blinds but no one knows what happens if you manage to kill one. There has only been one documented Special Blinder but no one knows how many there really are.

The safe place on the nation is Portland, Oregon. It was one of the major cities that avoided attack and created the defenses to protect itself from others. The city has been barricaded and not a single Blinder has ever gotten through. Since the epidemic has no cure yet, the Portland officials have taken very extreme measures of protecting its citizens from harm and almost never let people inside the city gates. The city has had a big technology boom and is working day and night to find a cure. The city almost looks similar to a futuristic utopia. (Flying cars not included lol)

The nation outside of Portland has grown into a jungle-like industrial wasteland. Luckily, food and water were not contaminated and animals seem to show no reaction to the chemical. Shelter is plentiful and laws no longer exist. Everything can be turned to a weapon. Anything can be food. Not everyone will be friendly and some will be even worse than the Blind Ones. Trust no one but yourself!


General rules (Subject to change!)
  • You can submit a Special Infected but you must first run it by me. I must approve it as well. (There are currently 4 I have planned out)
  • Your character can die/wish to die (Just let me know ahead of time and I'll work something out with you.)
  • Any and all plot devices must be talked with me first!
  • Only GM/OP can control Blinders unless you are given permission to do so. (I'll be flexible with this)
  • If you are bitten you will change into a zombie/Blinder within 2 days. No excuses!
  • You will have a major skill that will be your strong point in surviving. Skills with a '+' are able to select 1 extra skill to compensate. If you pick 1 skill, you will be an expert/master in that field. If you pick 2 skills, you will have some knowledge on both, enough to help you get around, but not master either. This helps keep a balance between characters.
  • No characters under the age of 13. This is an apocalypse, not a fairy tale.
  • No more than 3 characters. If you want to add more, you have to kill one or more of your characters off permanently to add your current one.
  • If you are busy please let me know and I'll save your character for when you return and update you on what's happening. If you don't, I'll just skip you after 2 weeks.
  • If you have any ideas/suggestions, please leave them HERE.
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Major skill: (Survivalist, Strength, Tech Geek+, Stealth, Mark-smith, Cook+, Medic+, Engineer/Craftsman, Intelligence+.)
Small Bio:


Name: Ezra Myles

Age: 39

Personality: Mostly serious and tends to not tolerate mistakes. Rarely smiles and is slow to warm up on people. Those that he does trust tend to look up at him like a father figure and he is more willing to save them. He may be hard on people but he would not let anyone die.

Appearance: Dusty-Brown Wavy hair and small beard grown from age. Blue eyes with some dark circles around them. He has some scars on his arms and hands and a major one across his nose. He wears pants with many pockets and some hiker/military boots. He keeps his trusty combat knife and a gun at his waist at all times.

Major skill: Survivalist

Small Bio: Ezra was an average man when the chemical strike happened. He and his family were separated from each other at the start of the whole epidemic. He had to stay behind and allow his wife and kids to get taken to Portland so they can remain safe. His only mission in life is to reunite with his family. With the help of Boris, he has gotten through many thick situations involving the Blinders.


Name: Boris Kunstein.

Age: 50

Personality: He's a bit of dare devil and loves to smash some Blinders up with his fists or any sort of melee weapon he has. He is very gentle despite his huge demeanor and tends to not really talk about his age to anyone. He loves to protect younger people and has a real heart of gold. He is almost a complete opposite of Ezra but he states that he could never abandon him because of the bond they share. He loves to drink and has a strong German accent.

Appearance: Huge bulky man with a full white beard. He may be old but he's no push over. He's got strong muscles all over his body. Since he mostly uses close range combat to fight, his arms, legs, and torso are protected with armor. He has a nice pair of brass knuckles. He can use a variety of melee weapons. He has white hair and is very bulky looking.
Major skill: Strength

Small Bio: When the attacks hit, Boris was in New York. He, along with his wife, had to fight Blinders together. When help finally arrived, Boris's wife was taken to Portland where she vowed to drink in his name. Boris traveled several years, aiming to go to Portland to finally reunite with his beloved Helga and celebrate until they drop. He met up with Ezra, saving him from a Blinder and the two seemed inseparable.
Name: Jason Wayne

Age: 51

Personality:  Jason Wayne has a warm heart, but has a foul mouth. People referred him as a gentle giant, but a raging beast when pushed to his limits. Jason Wayne has grown to become more blunt as the years passed because betrayal is common around these ports.

Appearance: Jason has dark skin and blue eyes. He sports a beard, which had a grey color due to his age. Although he on the older side, he still managed to keep himself healthy and fit in order to survive against the Blind. He wears wore out pants, Chicago Cubs jacket with a white t-shirt underneath, regular sneakers and black finger-less gloves.

Major skill: Strength | Intelligence+

Small Bio: Before the Blind Invasion, he was a highschool History teacher in the city of Chicago. He was married and had two children; however, all of them perished. Wandering on his old, He wished to travel through Portland and offered his assistance to find a way to eliminated the "Blind Invasion".
Name: Violet Owens
Age: 31
Personality: Aloof and usually not expressive, with the exception of anger. Her tactlessness and incredibly blunt nature don't make for the greatest company, both personally and for others. Fortunately, her selflessness is there to soften the blows (when she wants to be). Much of the time she has spent in a group has been short lived, so it's made her wary and rather judgemental of others. Her will to survive is mostly fueled by her basic hostility to the world.
Appearance: Straight black hair cut short, doesn't reach very far past her ears. Brown eyes and olive skintone. Appears to be missing her pinky and ring finger on her right hand, but has a blue bracelet made of parachute chord on her "lucky" left. For clothing, she wears a brown leather jacket with inner pockets (one of them keeps a switchblade and a swiss knife) and a blue shirt whose sleeves end at the elbow. For bottoms she wears muddy-gray jeggings and scuffed leather boots.
Major skill: Survivalist
Small Bio: Before the incident, Violet originally fled for refuge with her family. Eventually they were forced to separate, which left her with a group of strangers to which she eventually grew close to. Unfortunately, they were cornered by the Blind in their travels; many members of the group were killed or ran in their attempt to escape. Between short-lived groups, Violet did experience a recent territorial struggle that left her with 2 fingers cut off. She still managed to get away before they managed to slice the third, and came across Molly in a nearby location, who stitched the sites of amputation shut and bandaged up her hand. They travel together, although for Violet, she's doing it to pay back her gratitude to Molly. Carries a baseball bat with thorned vines wound tightly around it. It has some nails stuck onto it for when the thorns break.

Name: Molly Pendleton
Age: 38
Personality: Polite and logical with her reasoning, but she seems somewhat aggressive in how she speaks and acts. Likes to make sarcastic jokes a lot.
Appearance: Mousy brown hair tied tightly into a fishtail braid that hangs on the front of her shoulder. Wears a flannel shirt with a hoodless jacket on top and torn jeans. Carries a first aid case with as much medical supplies she can carry.
Major skill: Medic+Stealth
Small Bio: Used to be a residential doctor, fleeing with as much medical supplies she could carry at the time before the hospital was raided for its supply. She manages to scavenge for material but has kept her medical tools save for the disposables like bandages and gauze. Recently has traveled with Violet. Molly hopes to one day help come up with a cure or a vaccine for the infections, but this involves much traveling.
EDITED 11/02/2017: I changed the skill to suit the characters better

: Francis Morel

Age: 42

Personality: After witnessing the death of his wife and had to shoot his own son after the child turned into a Blinder, Francis was never the same. While still capable of socializing like a normal person, his manner has gone completely insane. He is loud and has no regard of people’s personal space. More than often, he would hum classic songs, mumble to himself, and do strange random things. He gives no **** about anything in the world anymore (beside cupcakes and killing Blinders probably). However, there are times he would become worryingly quiet, with a rare emotional look on his face. Despite knowing the fate of his family, Francis pretends to not know they are dead and that he was looking for them.

Appearance: Francis is a Caucasian man, about 178cm tall, slender build. He has shoulder length Barbie-blonde hair that had become messy and filled with dirt. He wears dark blue trousers, with a vest sweater outside a blood tainted white shirt, all he took from a clothing store on the way as his old clothes were too messed up. . His blue eyes give people the feeling of a soulless man with a touch of insanity. Due to the lack of shaving, he also has stubble.

Major skill: Cook, Survivalist

Small Bio: Francis was a good father and a friendly person in his neighborhood. He and his wife owned a small bakery, specialized in cupcakes. His son was attending the local primary school and was an active child, giving them both a lot of headaches. Things seemed fine until the Blinders started showing up. Soon, there were chaos and destruction everywhere. He tried all he could to protect his family when they were surrounded, only to see his wife pulled away by the monsters and later found out his son had been bitten. When the child became just as aggressive as the Blinders, he had no choice but to end him.
He wandered for a long time with an empty mind until he happened to run into his old friend and neighbor Khan Bates, who was on the search for his own daughter.

Name: Khan Bhattacharya (always introduces himself as Khan Bates for short)

Age: 42

Personality: He doesn’t like to mess around but can be quite sarcastic. You could say Khan is a serious man, with a little bit of humor still. He is well-organized, strictly follows his own plans and would hate to see it disturbed. While he seems hard to talk to, the moment someone asks about his daughter they should expect a 100-pages photo album and stories coming their way.

Appearance: He is a brown skinned Indian man, fit build, 163 cm in height. He has a round face, almond shaped brown eyes with pretty eye-lashes, thick eyebrows and a thin nose. On his left ear he wears a golden ear cuff. His hair is black and also messy, tied up to a small pony tail. He wears a pair of poorly-fixed-with-tapes eye glasses and has a gash across his right eye. Khan wears a tainted T-shirt and shredded jacket, from the same store mentioned above.

Major skill: Craftsman, Intelligence

Small Bio: Khan was a middle school teacher and a single-father. He had divorced his wife but gained custody of his daughter. He was an over-protective father toward her, always making cute lunch boxes, throwing birthday parties, etc. (basically all the embarrassing things parents do, according to teenagers).
His daughter was visiting her mom in another state when the whole chemical attack happened. Khan was caught up helping the teachers and children in his school get to a safe place, only able to try calling his ex-wife days later. He hadn’t been able to contact her and decided to gear up to go find his daughter. Though, while driving, he got into an accident due to the chaotic traffic and was forced to travel on foot. He came across Francis, all bloody and absent-minded on the way. The other man claimed to not know what happened to his family but as they traveled together, Khan realized his old friend was out of character, leading him to slowly believe otherwise. Though, being the man he was, he knew it was for the best not to interrogate.
Both accepted! I'll let you know when you can come in. Right now the characters are about to sleep and go to the next day. Should be in just a few posts. Hang tight!
Name: Reynard "Rey" Thompson
Age: 25
Personality: wise cracking, sarcastic, and laid back to the point of almost being careless, he never gets upset... (until he does and then he brutally murders whatever pissed him off.) He's got highly psychotic tendencies, has no problem sliting someone open and then watching them bleed out. He has an unnatural love of blood. Human nature fascinates him, (in the same way some people enjoy watching ant colonies.) the only people besides himself that he honestly seems to care about aside from himself though are his twin brother Ray and their girlfriend Eddie. Despite his carefree mannerism, Rey acts as the leader of their merry little trio.   
Appearance: Medium hight 5'5" (165cm) and slender but athletic build. He has a lotta upper-body strength that comes with all the climbing that he does while scavenging and hunting. He has shaggy red hair and blue eyes with tan skin. 
Major skill: Survivalist/Medic+ (He's has basic first aid knowledge learned in boy scouts and additional medical knowledge gained from scavenged books. He's taught both Ray and Edith basic first aide as well.)  
Small Bio: A former Star Scout going for Eagle Scout, he was 10 when the world hit the proverbial fan. He and his identical twin brother had been out camping for the summer with their troop, Rey going for Camping, Hiking, fishing, and [font=Linux Libertine, Georgia, Times, serif]canoeing badges. The scoutmaster sadly was infected along with two of the other boys and the troop scattered, Rey, Ray, and two other boys getting away together, they eventually found refuge among a group of adult hikers and survived for the next two years this way until an ambush once again scattered the group. One of the twins' scout-mates Danny was killed, and the other Ethan ran off with the adults. Alone Rey and Ray made their way scavenging and hunting what they could, Rey being the main breadwinner, and the protector. They met Eddie soon after, saving her from a pair of thugs. The three have been together ever since then.  [/font] 

Name: Raymond "Ray" Thompson
Age: 25
Personality: Cheerful and energetic. He works to keep team moral up. Ray is very naive and childish in nature, and would rather spend his days goofing off than doing any serious work. Despite his sunny exterior however, Ray is also the most cowardly of the three and is actually quite paranoid and jumpy. As such he's usually the first to notice when things go wrong, and hightail it out of there. He's perpetually hungry, and always on the look out for food, but is too Squeamish to actually kill anything. He leaves the dirty work to his twin and focuses on cooking whatever his brother manages to bring back.   
Appearance: Medium hight 5'5" (165cm) and slender wiry build. He's got a good mix of upper and lower body strength, and can climb like a monkey and run like the wind. Physically he's pretty weak, and avoids fighting whenever Possible. He like his twin has shaggy red hair and blue eyes with tan skin. 
Major skill: Stealth/Cook+ (Though both Rey and Ed both maintain that his first and foremost skill is "fleeing".)
Small Bio: Identical twin brother of Rey. Ray is the younger brother by 7 and a half hours. Despite him being a former boy scout Ray was completely unprepared for the outbreak. (And still largely is.) Ray's main goals in life are to not get eaten and to help Eddie find her parents. 

Name: Edith "Eddie" Bhattacharya
Age: 22
Personality: Very emotionally reserved and quiet, she doesn't talk much, she's a no nonsense type and is the voice of reason and the driving force behind the trio, she has a high level of organization and learning skills, a very keen minded and resourceful young woman. She's quite Cynical and Definitely a pessimist, though she keeps her negative thoughts to herself mostly, if only for Ray's sake.   
Appearance: Small, lithe and quick, she's very agile. She's a brown skinned Indian girl, with a heart shaped face and almond shaped brown eyes with long thick lashes and short black hair with long bangs. Only She's nearly flat chested and has on many occasions been mistaken for a boy.  
Major skill: Intelligence+/Crafting (She is a Tinkerer.) 
Small Bio: Edith "Eddie" Bhattacharya was only 7 years old when the world went to hell. She had been staying with her Mama in Florida for the summer when everything went down. At the time she was too young to understand what was going on. She just knew that a bunch of people were getting sick, and that the sickness made them mean. Mama had packed up their things, and took her up the coast towards Georgia, trying to make their way to where Eddie's Papa lived. They got as far as Cocoa Beach before they broke down, and ended up stranded in a small house for over a year. Then, one day Eddie's Mama went to look for supplies, telling  Eddie to stay there until she got back. Only... Mama never came back. And Eddie got hungry, and had to leave to find food... she returned to the house as often as possible over the next two years. But Mama never came back... And Papa never came for her either, despite his promise that she'd only be staying for the summer. And so the little girl made do on her own, running and hiding from blinders and people alike, scavenging what food she could find living mostly on canned good. She fished off the pier and played on the beach whenever it was clear, and made her way back to the old house as often as she could... But still no one came... Until one day when she came back to find the house wasn't empty, and was chased by a pair of scary men, only to be saved by two boys around her age before the men could hurt her. It was then that she met the Thompson Twins. Or Rey-Ray as she affectionately nicknamed them. The three then decided to stay together and try and find Eddie's parents (and maybe their own as well.) All Eddie could remember was the name of her home town. "Silver Springs" and so they headed out on foot, to find Eddie's home. Now 12 years of wandering and hiding and surviving later, they've finally reached Silver Springs in Ocala Florida... only. Its not a town... 
Its a forest...  

Name: Tobias "Tobi" Flores
Age: 7
Personality: Cute innocent naive little muffin. He's largely oblivious to everything going on. Besides knowing that when you see a monster you run and hide like a good boy. And Tobi is a good boy. He caries around a stuffed mouse named Nibbles 
Appearance: Tiny, frail and underweight. Much less dirty now than he was before he was found.
Major skill: Stealth (His one and only skill) 
Small Bio: Orphaned two year ago he spent two terrifying weeks alone in an apartment complex hiding from his turned parents before he was found by a runaway teen who decided against his better judgement to adopt him. 
Both Twins are accepted. For Rey, try not to make him a killer or make enemies too early on.
Eddie is also accepted.

I don't think I can accept Tobi tho'. I'll have to consider adding children to the RP but I'll let you know when you can add him. If you wanna talk more about this, you can PM me anytime! :D
Name: Keshiru “Kasir” Yukimura
Age: 24
Personality: Silent and introverted, he scowls and sometimes has to be forced to speak. He’s very mature and level headed, if weary of the world. He has keen observation skills and a photographic memory. He’s a very kind, compassionate man under his stormy demeanor, with a strong sense of justice, and a protective nature.  
Appearance: Small framed at only 5’1” (154.94 cm) he is none the less fit. If a bit underweight. He has cocoa beige skin, chin length jet black hair and dark grey eyes.
Major skill: Tech Geek+/Stealth (he’s a fucking ninja)
Small Bio: Youngest of two siblings, born in Hawaii, his family moved to Florida shortly after he turned six. Then, three years later the world went to hell, both his parents were infected, he lost track of his best friend Bernardo “Brawny” Santos somewhere in the chaos, and Kasir found himself surviving day to day with his big brother Masaya “Madrid” Yukimura. Just the two of them against an entire world of flesh eating monsters. The next six years passed with just the two of them. Then one day they saved a young girl from a hoard of infected. Kasir and Mai became fast friends. Though Kasir was shy around her, her being the first LIVE girl his age he’d ever met. Madrid would tease him whenever Mai was out of earshot, about how pretty his girlfriend was. Kasir denying she was any such thing embarrassed... Then five years ago disaster struck, and a hoard came down on them, separating Kasir from Mai, and Madrid. He hasn’t seen his brother since then, but is certain the older man survived. After all, he who is small and weak in comparison to Madrid survived. So surely his brother had no trouble… Kasir survived on his own for the next year. Looking for both his missing companions. Finding messages from Madrid leading northward to portland. Exhausted one evening he decided to crash overnight in a small cafe, where one of Madrid’s notes were. He’d no sooner picked the lock and stepped inside when a blade was being held to his throat by a very angry, (and then in the next instant very flustered and apologetic) Mai. The two were so happy to see one another again that they finally got the nerve up to admit their feelings to one another. The happy new couple soon continued on their way north searching for Madrid. Then Half a year ago they stumbled into a bar called The Corkscrew to avoid a thunderstorm, and ran into the last person Kasir ever expected to see: Brawny Santos, his childhood friend. Kasir and Brawny were overjoyed and despite the years of separation, quickly bonded again. Mai was a little less enthusiastic, a fact that Kasir sadly failed to notice. Kasir was a bit put out by his best friend’s newfound drinking habit, but chose not to fight him on the issue. The trio started talking and agreed to head north to Portland after Madrid, Kasir then helped Brawny to fix up a truck at a nearby garage, and salvaged a ton of gas from abandoned vehicles and generators. (Loading a small camping generator Brawny found on the back of the truck to use later.) They then finished packing and headed north, getting within a mile of the border before the radiator blew…    
Adding 3 more if it's ok

Name: Mai Pham

Age: 23

Personality: Mai is a respectful, well-mannered young lady. She never curses, and is uneasy when others do so. Even when she’s angry, she just becomes sulky and puffs her cheeks out. She is friendly and optimistic despite living in the apocalypse. However, Mai is not a damsel in distress. She is capable of defending herself when needed to.

Appearance: Mai is quite short, only about 154cm in height. She has a round face, large black round eyes and shoulder length black hair.

Major skill: Stealth. Mai is quite agile, having taken gymnastic lessons when she was in grade school.

Small Bio: Mai was just a little 8 years old girl when the Blinders started showing. She had no idea what was even happening. Her dad would go out to find food in the morning and she thought he was just going to work as always. Mai was sad she missed many classes and wanted to go to school so she could play with her friends. It went on for two years. Then one day her dad didn’t come home. She waited with her mom until there were little food left. Her mother eventually told her to lock the door and wait for her to come back. But of course she never returned. Hungry and lonely, she stopped being the good girl and opened the door to wander outside.

There was a man standing in the street when she came down from her apartment building. She attempted to ask him about her parents when the man turned around and started chasing her. A group of adults saved her. One of them was an elderly woman who convinced the group to let her go with them. The group traveled for three more years together.

The old lady who took her in was getting old and weak so the men wanted to leave her behind. Mai was really furious and stayed too. They stayed together in a small abandoned shop where they tended to each other. But since her new mother figure was too old, she passed away just some years later and Mai was all alone again for a year.

It was when she made a mistake while sneaking past some Blinders and triggered a large number of them that she met her knight in shining armor. She was saved by two brothers, Kasir and Masaya. She befriended them and they all traveled together for a few more years until one incident separated the three of them. Eventually though, she was reunited with Kasir and they have been looking for Masaya.

One day, they decided to spend the night hiding from a storm in a pub and accidentally found Kasir’s old friend. Mai had had mixed feeling about it. On one hand she was happy but on the other she was annoyed that she had to share her boyfriend with another person. They were too busy catching up they even forgot that she existed for quite a while.  The fact that Kasir has such a messy friend didn’t cheer her up one bit. She had been sulky ever since, pouting and giving the two men the cold shoulders after every time they forget about her.

Name: Bernardo “Brawny” Santos

Age: 28

Personality: Bernardo is a brawn before brains kind of guy. He is not the sharpest needle in the bunch when it comes to anything other than cars. A goofy and easy-going kind of guy, he has no problem socializing and will treat you how you treat him. His biggest weakness though, would be the fact he’s an alcoholic. He would complain all day if he runs out of liquor and would be the first to snatch any unattended booze in his path. However, if he’s not drunk enough to pass out yet, the alcohol actually boosts his strength and bravery. Hence, before doing anything dangerous, he would gulp down a bottle or two.

Appearance: Bernado is buff but with a beer belly. He is 192 cm tall, looking like a giant compared to his two companions. His hair is long and messy, tied to a short low ponytail. He is quite a slob, resulting in his clothes being all dirty and saggy most of the time. He also has poorly shaven stubbles to further annoy his neat buddies. His eyes are round and sky blue.

Major skill: Strength

Small Bio: Bernado was best friend with Kashiru, having lived in the same neighborhood with his friend’s family. Unlike his buddy though, his life didn’t go as smoothly. His parents were always fighting and once they were done, they would vent all their anger on him. Eventually they divorced and Bernado found himself in the custody of his drunkard father. Having no adult really supervising him, he mostly spent his time outside and started drinking since he was 12 when his dad left the bottles in the kitchen (though, at first he thought it tasted terrible).

After the whole chemical attack happening, Bernardo found himself stuck in chaos and just struggled to survive, following groups of adults whenever he had the chance. But when he was older and had enough knowledge to stay alive, he headed out by himself and chose to make the Corkscrew pub in Ocala his home. On one of his scavenging trips, Bernardo saw a skinny, hungry border collie. He felt bad for the poor thing and shared a bit of his food with him. The dog followed him all the way back to Corkscrew and he just decided to keep him, naming his new companion “Buck”.

Buck’s keen nose proved to be quite helpful alerting him of the Blinders. He was also a smart dog, learning several commands very quickly (leading Brawny to believe Buck was once someone’s pet.) Fortunately, Buck wasn’t a noisy dog to begin with. He only growled most times when he smelled something strange.

Bernardo had had lots of interests in cars since he was little and helped his dad with the car many times. So, when he found an old pick-up truck in a garage near his hideout, he began to try reviving it. In the morning he would go looking for scraps and then go back to the pub by night. Though one day he came back a little late to find two people taking shelter in his “home”. When he recognized his friend he was thrilled. They spent the whole night revising the good ol’ time (and on his part: teasing Kasir about the girl). When he learned his friend had lost his brother, he suggested they fix the truck as fast as possible and hurry up North.

wish to die
Name: Arthur “Arturo” Rhodes

Age: 53

Personality: Arthur is a sadist and heartless man. He wouldn’t mind hurting or killing people to get what he wants. He enjoys seeing the fear and suffering of people, and the terror in their eyes as he kills them. He has an undying love for human blood. It is a fortunate thing for people that he has found a new hobby other than killing fellow humans. He spends most of his time killing the Blinders in the most sadistic ways possible, setting up fatal traps so the staggering undeads would walk into them. This often distracts him from his needs of taking human life. However, if he were to see blood frequently it would trigger his murderous tendency again. Seeing he’s also impulsive, it would be hard for him to stop himself at that point.

Appearance: Arturo is a tall, muscular man, reaching almost 190cm in height. He has a copper skin tone, and long messy dark brown hair. His eyes are upturned and light brown in color. He prefers to not wear any shirt, just an unzipped insulated coat over his torso. He wears a red bandana on his head and has bandages over the right half of his face to cover up the burnt scars.

Major skill: Survivalist

Small Bio: Ever since he was young, Arthur was a disturbed child. He liked hurting other kids by tripping them or pushing them on the playground. The boy would gleefully watch them cry, especially if they bled. He had a fascination for blood, often scared other kids by saying he would love to try tasting it if his parents ever allowed him to. As a teen he was impulsive and lacked control of his emotion. He had caused enough trouble to earn him a spot in the local school for juvenile delinquents. While they had managed to tone down his violence there, he was eventually freed from it when he was  18.

It wasn’t long until he really tried human blood for the first time, killing a random stranger on the street one night. He craved for more and continued the act for years until he was finally caught by the State police of Alabama. He was sentenced and put on death row. However, luck was in his favor when just a year later the chemical attack happened, which helped him escape along with the inmates.

Viewing the Blinders as a bunch of humans he can outright murder with no consequences, Arthur was living a dream. He had no problem killing other survivors for supplies either, seeing no one had time to give a damn. He had thought he was the best of the best, until he was bested by a runt nearly 5 years ago. The little brat was supposed to be his next thrill kill but he had underestimated him. Needless to say, he got into a ‘Home Alone’ styled chase with the teen, resulting in him losing his favorite weapon (a katana looted from a japanese culture exhibition) and suffered some burnt on his face. Absolutely livid, he swore if he ever see the brat again he would end him.
I accept all your characters under ONE condition. If you want to add your character, one of your current 3 characters has to die off permanently. This will apply to everyone and this will be a new rule. Just between you two alone is already 9 characters (Plus me, Shine, and Loopy, that's 14!). The RP hasn't even developed yet and I have to look over 14 people already? I'm not even counting the Blinders or other NPCs. @_@;

This is to not overwhelm the others and myself with so many characters. I can't keep up with 10 characters that are all scattered about in Ocala, Jacksonville, Georgia, some woods in Georgia, etc. You two are making a lot of characters that focus more on you two and your plans rather than everyone as a whole. That's fine and all but remember that any ideas you want to add must fly by me first. PM me if you wish to talk about it.
So is this what you would have said if Tobi have been an acceptable age? Where you gonna say: "All four approved but one has to die now."

Common man seriously?? Oh and fyi I already asked in planning about the 3 in Ocala.
You asked me to plan things AFTER you already went ahead and done it without discussing with me first. You had already posted in the RP, claiming you were already in Ocala before you told me anything in the planning thread. I just assumed you were going to find your way to the group somehow. Furthermore, you added too many characters that it would be simply too much for me to handle, considering this is my first RP - and we barely even started.

In addition, you controlled Blinders to do something that I didn't approve or wasn't aware of yet (Blinders climbing trees). You played off an entire scene by yourself killing 250+ Blinders. I let that slide, because I was being nice.

Sorry, but I'm not allowing it. No more than 3 characters, and if you want to add another, one of has to die (which I could have easily flat out rejected to save some headaches but I had to bend my own rules just for you). By 'Die', I don't mean they have to die immediately. They can die at any point in the story. Once the character is dead, you can add your other character any time. If this is something that you're not into or don't understand then it is clear that this isn't the right RP for you it seems. I can't look after 15+ characters and I shouldn't have to force myself to do so.
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