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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
Between Grey n' Al.

A man sat at a table, holding a chalice of blood, taking small sips, the dying twilight reflected on the crystals in his blue skin. His eyes irises were black, like his short hair, and he was dressed in a black cloak, the hood down. Armor with a sigil etched in was underneath that, weapons at his side. Not far behind him was a container, holding four dragon eggs. One red, two brown, one white, one blue.

"You are probably wondering," his echoic voice said, "how I happened upon these orphaned eggs, aren't you?"
A Munitara woman, blue in scales and amber of eyes stared at him for a while, "Not really, I'm more wondering what the hell you are and why you're in such a small village and not a big city." She scratched her chin and tried to make sense of him, nothing like him had been seen on Nafine yet... nor would they for another few thousand yet unless Jacen pulled some strings. The lady thought that the eggs were just typical Durakuni eggs, she had no way of knowing these were feral yet. But in this little village in the country of Wyveli, things were about to change forever.

Jacen laughed a bit.

"What am I? That's a good question. Suffice it to say, Deathlord is the title. A God of Death. Also, because I need someone capable of raising these whelps in a more, healthy manner."
That title made her blink, "Omyoriniwama? What bizzare form have you taken? But if a god desires me to raise one of these eggs, who am I to say no? I am Ankiwari, humble basket weaver, my lord." She kneels, having mistaken him for the death god of her own universe. She took one of the egss, taking one at random, "Preytell milord, what race or races are these hatchlings to be?"
Jacen chuckled in reply.

"I am not your god of death. I am another, alien to this universe. But these eggs are from a certain kind of dragon. The sentient feral kind unlike this world's."
She seemed very confused. "I do not understand... But are you saying that these eggs contain something like Durakuni ancestors?" She gasped.
Ankiwari coddled the egg closely.

After that, someone else came in, bursting through the wall. He was a Black-scaled Lynada, and his deep voice resounded with an "OH YEAH! I heard there was someone paying serious money for something?"
(As it turns out, five eggs instead of four. Just for clarification.)

Jacen sighed, telekinetic power rebuilding the wall.

"I need someone to raise some dragon eggs, could you assist?"
"Um, I can try!" He made a huge grin. "For some Wurona, I'll do just about anything, hoho!
Jacen grinned a bit.

"Well you two can figure out how to do this. That's why I came here. And another thing." He pulled out a black crystal and let it fly into the air, energy flowing within its cracks.

"I'll be using that to monitor you."
"If you got five eggs, arent'cha gonna need more people?" Asked the Lynada man. "Well whatever. Time to find someone to teach my how to care for an egg! Name's Bivorogo."

"What a manly name." The lady mumbled.
"If you can't handle it," Jacen said, "I'll ask more people. Until then, I trust you both. Name's Jacen." He then put a hand out for a shake.

"Jacen, Kaiser, Petronov-Drake, of the Drake and Blackford clans, titled the Black Kaiser, leader of the Death Lords."
"Never heard of you." The black-scaled man said with a smile as he shook his hand, "Yer name's funny too. See ya round, Jesenu."

"Yes, um, what he said," The lady agreed sheepishly. They both left.

Another eventually came in, a feathery Ampitera man with striking purple plumage. "Excuse me, is this the house of Karura Telaki? I've come to deliver some mail." Poor guy must have been given the wrong address...
"Pardon my intrusion! ...How the hell do you spell that? Jasenu... Kyseru?" The little mail carrier left and mulled to himself about how that would be spelled. And what the guy was, that too. But he likely would not be seen again.
Jacen sighed watching him leave.

"You would figure that a man wanted by no less then three multiversal organizations could get his name properly pronounced." He complained. He was about to burst out into song when two Wyrana, a man and a woman, walked in.

"Hm... Interesting." He said. They both nodded. "An infertile mother..."
(Juicy. :D And yeah, Nafine's linguistic system makes his name impossible for them to properly spell. Even the gods of this 'verse aren't immune to having their names butchered! XD)

Meanwhile, the other two losers care for the eggs while one more is on the way.
(And then there was one left... I think)

Finally, one last character came to call. "Excuse me!" they called. They were a sandy-brown Lynada man who mostly slithered about in the place, "I heard something about a job raising some eggs?"
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