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Sep 3, 2015
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Dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball Heroes is the re-imagination of the Japanese arcade carddass game of the same name. First released in November 11, 2010, the series had spawned different medium based on the game; including several comics (Victory Mission, Charisma Mission, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission), ported to the Nintendo 3DS game (Ultimate Mission), events on Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle (JPN) and recently became available in merchandises. 

The purpose of this fanfiction is an attempt to turn the animated introduction of Dragon Ball Heroes into a comprehensive, action-packed story, following the main protagonist, Beat, in a, rather, creative continuity (snipping from various mangas and Ultimate Mission if I felt can contribute the story somewhat and it make more impactful). The second reasoning is to expand my creative writing of constructing dynamic fighting in explicit details to push my limited descriptions further in my own stories. You can think of this creative work as a project of self-improvement. 

You do not need to watch any extra supplemental material to understand Dragon Ball Heroes, as any basic viewing of Dragon Ball (whether manga or animated format) should be sufficient. I will include sources and information as fun little tidbits things I include in the story; none of it enhanced the story at anyway but it something to add a little trivia every now and then. Thank you for taking the time to read this fun little project and I hope you enjoy what I have in store, for this story and future ones.

Earth Mission Arc
A massive crowd gathered around in front of a star-shaped Megamall, located in West City, region #29, the most technologically advanced city on Earth. In front of the mall, there was a stadium composed of several chairs and a podium, with a ceremony ribbon, with Capsule Corporation written on it, planted across the front doors.

Among the anxious crowd, dozens of them were carrying decks of cards; each card had stunning artwork in the front and written text in the back; some were standard, some were holographic, and some were completely covered with glitter that sparkles when the rays of sunlight hits it. 

“When is this going to start? I have been waiting for ages!” A person among the crowd said aloud. “I had been here since the beta-testing days and wasted my entire life-savings coming here!” He foolishly boasted, drawing strange looks from other people in the crowd.

Suddenly, a limousine with a giant “C” logo on each side of the vehicle, its tires hovering above the ground, appeared behind the crowd. Afterwards, four individuals, wearing black suits, black pants and black sunglasses, exited out the vehicle; two of them went to the right side of the car, facing the crowd and opened the door for two more people to exit out of the car. One person was noticeably an elderly woman, wearing a yellow bucket hat, with a single, purple stripe ringed around it, over her grayish, long hair. She also wore a light, purple jacket with an orange-yellow vest over it, accompanied with blue pants. Slightly lifting up her shades as she walked towards the stadium, set front of the crowd, she broke into a smile. Walking alongside her, in contrast, is a woman with blue hair, wearing a brown, sleeveless formal business dress, accompanied with red and gold earrings; each of them has a logo “C” imprinted on it. The woman was carrying a phone in her right hand, emitting a holographic screen in front of her, checking out information as both women got on the stage.

“Who are those ladies…?” The foolish man from before asked, unable to recognize the two that appeared.

“Are you daft?” A man behind him responded to his question with an insult. “That’s the president of the Capsule Corporation! The driving force of what made this city to what it is today!” The man pointed towards the woman with the blue hair. “In addition, that’s Pan! She is the granddaughter of the famous hero, Mr. Satan!” He pointed to the elderly woman. “Is this the first time you been to this place or something?”

“Ah!” The man, seemingly embarrassed by his comments, tried to come up with a witty response. “I knew that! It just that their outfits, if you put them side-by-side, really shows the differences between two generations and it throw me off!” A slight sweat appeared on the right side of his cheek. “They’re here now, so let’s ignore my comments and focus on what the president has to say.” He gave out a nervous, pathetic laugh before turning to the stage where the two women stood.

The president of Capsule Corporation stood in front of the podium, adjusting the mic in accordance of how she likes it and faced the crowd. 

“Hello, fellow citizens!” She spoke for the first time. Her tone was strong, passionate and clear. “Today marks a very special occasion, in which why you all have gathered here to partake this generous event and then some.” She turns around, facing the Megamall before returning to her original position. “As most of you are aware, our planet had face numerous threats; whether from armies to alien invaders in search of power or destruction.” She raised a finger, pointing towards the audience. “And over the years, in response to fighters, we had great, no, remarkable fighters that changed the way we think about strength. Mr. Satan had that passion with the first opening of Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course, but it turns out that its description to turn the weak into remarkable fighters was not accurate.”

The president turned to Pan, nodding to her, which signals the elderly woman to stand up from the chair. “It was then, Son Pan, the great granddaughter of the hero, transform the course into an actual Martial Art school into Pan Fighting Network: training those to become formidable warrior with almighty strength.” She places her hand on Pan’s shoulder. “This woman dedicated herself as an instructor for nearly all of her life. However, she was still not satisfied with the results. There were massive interests with young people about the foundation of Martial Arts, Ki and techniques; however, she wanted them to experience the adventures that she and her family have in their lifetime. That’s when she approached me to make that dream come true.”  

She lifted up her left arm, which reveals a remote in her hand with a giant red button in the center of the device. “I shared her beliefs that the world should experience what true strength is really like; the feeling of becoming strong and the excitement of battles. Thus, Pan-sama and I worked together to transformed the Fighting Network into something extraordinary! Dragon Ball Heroes is the result of that passion we both have for such excitement. We first release the beta to the public in exclusive spots all over the planet for testing for bugs, glitches and any other potential problems that could have arisen. Those cards that you have are a representation of past warriors throughout our history that you can use in various missions and understand and appreciate the strong.” Griping her fist, the president had a smile on her face as she pulled out a tiny capsule from her pocket. “It is not an understatement that the work on the project had been brutal. Yet the overwhelming positive comments from you people, especially the beta-testers, had been large and wide!” 

She pressed the top of the capsule and lightly tossed it upwards to the air as it explodes into a giant pair of scissors, catching it in her hands quite easily. “Starting up Dragon Ball Heroes, you will get to experience all their adventures and become accustomed to their strength. As the beta-testers and those who kept up the news are aware, Dragon Ball Heroes is a turn-based card battle system composed of five rounds, which take history of the Son family and others in unique ways. The better cards you have, the better the adventure. The cards that we have gave out during the beta will be compatible to the official version of the game.”

The President turned to Pan, giving her the scissors. “I believe that we can make something more to reach that potential: the potential to truly become a remarkable warrior.”

Pan grabbed the scissors and turned to the ribbon. “Thank you, President. It is an honor to know that everyone will experience the grand adventures of my grandfather, Son Goku and my family and friends in unique ways. Please, enjoy Dragon Ball Heroes!” She cut the ribbon of the front door. 

The president presses the button on the remote, which caused the main doors of the Megamall to open, revealing dozens of Arcade machines within it. “I had constructed this Megamall to be a center of that ambition! In there, dozens of clerks will be selling tons and tons of cards to not only assist you in missions of Dragon Ball Heroes, it makes your experience of diving into the world of Dragon Ball Heroes a much grand experience and makes you a powerful Hero!” 

As the President finished talking, the crowd went wild, storming into the mall en masse; they went to the stores to buy cards until their hands were full of them, they tackle the dozens of arcade machines and jumped straight into the missions and readied themselves to experience the Dragon Ball journey. 

“As you can see, the Dragon Ball Heroes fever from the beta-testing days had not died down. Instead, it was stronger than ever!” a news reporter, wearing a grayish suit said towards the camera. “So, whether you’re one of the beta-testers or simply a fan of Dragon Ball Heroes today is the days to official become a hero and join the world of Son Pan and her adventures! All young people should definitely jumped on this! Even the elderly cannot help themselves but get excited about this kind of thing! I know I’m going to play a few rounds myself!” He chuckled at the end. The reporter turned around, seeing the President and Pan stepping down from the stadium and went over them quickly to get an exclusive scoop.

“Miss President! Can you spare a few minutes before you take your leave?” the reporter asked.

“Sure, I can spare a few moments.” She smiled gently. “What kind of questions do you wish to ask?” 

The news reporter cleared his throat as he fixes his tie and adjusted the microphone in his hand. “You said in your speech that Dragon Ball Heroes is targeting to bring out the potential of individuals to become remarkable fighters. What do you mean by that statement?” 

“Well, the foundation of Dragon Ball Heroes centers on the concept of strategy and communication skills. Nowadays, aspiring Martial Artists often get into tons of fight physically, but mentally, they are unable to make proper decisions during battles. Therefore, to accommodate such, the Arcade brings out to fight these battles, analyzing your mental prowess. That’s the purpose of Dragon Ball Heroes.” 

“Interesting.” The reporter responded. “And how exactly does this battle system works?” 

“As I said in the speech, it is a card-based system, using a variety of cards provide by the company for players to use and build powerful team of fives alongside your hero avatar.” The president explained. “Teams of past warriors such as Mr. Satan and Son Goku to give an example. There are various missions for each player to participant in and fluctuate based on their level. The more missions you complete, the higher level you gained, more cards become available and the challenge on your mental state becomes extremely difficult. If you can retain your focus at such a high levels, your mental state is definitely working its magic.”

“A fighter can have vast strength, but a remarkable fighter has a stable and calm mind.” Pan added in her response. “That’s what my grandfather always says. There is also a big prize for those who reach the highest rank of the game. Be sure to get to that level!” 

“Wow! That is an interesting scoop!” He turned to the camera. “Once again, Dragon Ball Heroes is now officially opened! Son Pan just confirmed an exclusive prize for those who reach the highest rank! Do you have what it takes to become the strongest hero?!”

*Information about West City is drawn from the Daizenshuu 7 Geographical Dictionary, translated by Herms. 

*The President of Capsule Corporation first appeared in the episode 64, the finale of Dragon Ball GT. She is the mother of Vegeta Jr. According to Herms and TheDevilsCorpse, neither her name nor age are specified in the GT Perfect Files or anywhere in the Japanese version of the cartoon [1].

*Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course and Pan Fighting Network is drawn from timeline of the now defunct Dragon Ball Online, translated by both Herms and TheDevilscorpse [2] [3] [4]. "....Purchasers of the “Satanic Martial Arts Correspondence Course” begin demanding their money back en masse, complaining that the course hasn't made them any stronger. Disgruntled costumers storm Satan’s house, only to be beaten back by Pan. Pan’s handling of the situation becomes big news, and so the “Satanic Martial Arts Correspondence Course” is revived with Pan as the instructor."

*Certain keywords, phrase and names will drawn from their Japanese spelling, rather than FUNImation names.
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