Drag-on Draken


The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015

Draken, Home of All Dragons

After the Crisis Era, exposure of Chaotic Energy had affected certain species of Dinosaurs to changed radically. They grew wings, became more slender, more demonic and sway away from their Jurassic roots. Eventually, they became a powerful race called Dragons that roamed Planet Booga with their strong and fearsome power. Humans feared the Dragons, considered them as Agents of the UnderWorld by Lucifer. However, the nature of the Dragons reveals the opposite; they are a prideful race, but they are not destructive beings. They cherished the lands and had the ability to passed down skills to humans they deem worthy enough. Most of the Dragons are kind by nature, although they are extremely territorial. However, not all Dragons are kind, some had malicious thoughts and sent to destroy anything in their sights.

All Dragons came from Draken, a small island far away from civilization to avoid being caught in the affairs of humankind, as the last time Dragons were involved in the war led to many deaths of their kind. 

The Godfather of All Dragons, Destro is said to exist and can create powerful Dragons. Destro's scales is considered an attraction for many people in the world. Reasoning because the scales were able to do spectacular things. Whenever Destro's scales are fallen off, depending on the color, creates a brand new dragon. Black-Scales will lead to regular dragons, and Red-Scales will create specialized Dragons with unique abilities. Golden-Scales are the most valuable ones because it leads to the birth of Dragons that can pass down skills onto humankind if worthy enough. Golden Scale Dragons have vast power, and destructive force can level even the most fearsome enemy to protect the continent they are assigned too. There are rumors that the 7th Dragon of the Dragon Guardians rest in Draken, hidden deep underground, but no explanation of why it would appear there. 

Unfortunately, the scales attracted the darkest bit of people. Dragons were forced into war as weapons to secure an upper hand. Dragons’ population took a blow and reduced at massive rates. Many humans attempt extracted the scales of Dragons to make his scales—because they can be used as fuel for destructive weapons. Destro was about to witness the possible extinction of his race. His conclusion is to prevent any humans from entering Draken and cause the island float far away from any continent—in the middle of Desolate Ocean. The only way any traveler can come Draken is if they can be proven to be worthy under the eyes of the gods. The last human to step foot on Draken was Image Man, 800 years ago. 

A fleet of powerful Red-Scale Dragons protects Draken from foes. Destro is said to live on the non-active volcano, preserving his strength. According to legends, when the world is under threat imaginable, Destro will reveal his real power. The island itself is mostly covered by forests and has few volcanoes. Each Dragon is unique is their way. Some of them fly, some of them have humanoid appearances and so forth. Dragons can leave the island if they wished and ventured out to the world.
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