Dinostone National Park


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Sep 3, 2015

Dinostone National Park

Welcome to Dinostone National Park! This is a natural reserve protected by the Heroes Organization, ordered by the Parliament of Adanac in Age 7123, to provided aide and safety of the landmarks and it's inhabitants. Stretches about 9,468 mi² wide, provides an excellent service and space for the Dinosaurs population, that went through trials of generation to generation after escaping the death bringer of destruction in the Before Era. There is plenty of plains, grasslands, lakes, rivers, mountains, suitable for the Dinosaurs to roam around freely without being bother by humans contact.

Dinosaurs was subjected to evolution, as years went by, they began to adapt to the ever-evolving world around them. Some became faster, some became stronger, and some took advantage of the technological fever. In contrast to their cousins, the Dragons, that took the path of magic, they took the path of technology.  It was crucial when they began to be used for warfare by various groups in Desolate Lands, to the point that the species was on the verge of extinction. To save the species, majority of them were transferred to a reserved land, with all the necessary tools and aide to rebuild a new community away from the lands of human contact. This led to the flourish community with Dinosaurs population spurred rapidly; they shaped their community off the combination of styles between all four countries while maintaining tradition and nature. Today, there are a handful of dinosaurs, able to speak the human language and provide tourism to their land and enable the Heroes Organization to send in professional heroes whenever there's a serious problem that needs to be handle.

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The Rules:
Be careful when you go on tour! If you have intent to destroy the Dinostone National Park, you will bring the wrath of the entire Empire State to hunt you down! You've been warned! :B

Please do not feed any Dinosaurs! They will eat more than just your hand! B:​

Notable Information!
  • The First letter of your name must be the same letter of the corresponding Dinosaur.
    Ex: Vicky the Velociraptor, Terry the T-Rex, Stella the Stegosaurus, and Trevor the Triceratops. 
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