Digimon: Network Crash [Registration]

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Sep 3, 2015
The respawn menu
Planning/Preview thread here!

You must register a tamer and digimon partner.

Tamer template:
Age: (College students)
Appearance: (basic required. Detailed optional)
Survival Skill: (max 2)
Training style: (optional to avoid training posts)
Background: (something basic)

Digimon Template:
Digimon type: (Agumon, etc)
Appearance: (If any differences exist)
Background: (completely optional)

Name: Forte Brass
Age: 22
Appearance: Black hair in a fade. Wears a black jacket with two vertical green stripes over a blue shirt. Green eyes and glasses. Cargo pants and thick soled shoes.
Survival Skill: Knowledge of plant life, UV rays
Training style: Conservative. Focuses on Defense and Brains.
Background: Botany major. Wishes to heal people with medicine. Overly protective of his friends.

Digimon type: Wormon
Appearance: Wears goggles
Personality: Timid. Doesn't like fighting. Stays near strong allies.
Background: Bullied for being a weakling. Dreams of being strong.
Name: Judo Ryan
Age: 22
Appearance: Has brown skin, black eyes and black hair. He hears a white sweater vest, jeans and sneakers. 
Survival Skill: Knowledge of Web Design 
Training style: Focuses on Attack and Speed
Background: He working towards Web Design with history on the side. He tends to be avoidance of people. 

Digimon type: Elecmon
Appearance: Wears a ripped scarf. 
Personality: Often hot blooded and doesn't think about his actions through until after the fact. 
Background: He has a tendency of pulling pranks on other Digimon to the point that it lead to being kick out of his home. However, he doesn't seem to mind that.
Tamer template:
Name: Colton O'Hara
Age: 21
Appearance: Red-haired and pale-skinned, he's fairly tall and thin. He's got green eyes, freckles, and a bit of a beard. He wears loose-fitting shirts and bell-bottoms with a pair of black-and-purple tennis shoes. Often seen with a smirk.
Survival Skill: Knows Martial Arts, highly effective at analyzing what people say to detect contradictions (Think Phoenix Wright)
Training style: Focuses mostly on speed and power, effectively making any Digimon he would train a "Glass cannon"
Background: An exchange student from Ireland who majors in law. His father was killed by gangsters when he was young, and since then, he's vowed to become the best police officer the world had ever seen. He was into Digimon before his father's death, and playing the games or watching the shows fills him with fond memories and a certain happiness.

Digimon Template:
Digimon type: Squiremon (my own creation if that's allowed)

Personality: noble, true, and loyal to the end, he will not stand to see any innocent suffer, nor will he easily give up in the face of adversity.
Background: Squiremon is the result of an experiment by several good digimon who wished to create new digimon to combat to growing viral influence. At first, it was thought that he was a failure since he had hatched into Botamon, and then became Demiveemon, but it wasn't too long before his personality traits started to come forth, and one day while protecting a friend from some bullies, he became Squiremon, a never-before-seen type. He was then released into the digital world and told to wait for a human to hopefully arrive some day. While he is slightly annoyed with his creators, he decided to wait anyway.
Attacks (since it's a custom): Wood slice (attacks with its wooden sword), tinshield punch (punches enemy with its shield), Hot spit (spits fire)

EDIT: fixed survival skills. Also CURSE YOU, SHINE!!
Tamer template:
Name: Risa Mendoza
Age: 19, almost 20
Appearance: Tan/olive skin with dark brown wavy-curly hair. A large clawed hair clip holds most of it in one place at the back of her head. The ones remaining frame her face. Brown eyes and glasses. Dark circles under her eyes. Clothes consist of a high-waist navy dress with black leggings and a crimson cardigan. Wears red slip-on shoes. Often forgets to take off her hospital band, so it is almost always on her arm.
Survival Skill: Identifying illnes/injury. Has a basic idea of treatments.
Training style: Currently unknown (hope it's okay)
Background: Majors in Violin Performance, but she is often in the hospital or visiting the doctor because she gets sick easily. It's made her tired easily, enough to just perform. Keeps a diary to manage stress that exacerbates her illness.

Digimon Template:
Digimon type: V-mon
Appearance: Wears one of Risa's recent hospital cuffs on his arm (or limb). 
Personality: Sassy, but also quite friendly and caring. Seems a bit too energetic sometimes. 
Background: Met Risa after she left the hospital a year prior to the story. Tries his best to keep her cheered up. Wants to find a fulfilling purpose in life.
Since I'm not going to be home for the next 36 or so hours, you have until Thursday to register or you're playing catch up.
Name: Seth Mordick
Age: 19
Average height, rather slender in build. Blond hair with tiny strands of pink at the sides. Has green eyes with traces of blue, and wears a purple sweater with purple sweatpants. Also wears a hoodie on his head, which is has a small, yellow silhouette of Monodramon on the left side.
Survival Skill: Adept knowledge in cooking and gathering and identifying food in the wild.
Training style: Focuses on Speed and Brains.
Background: An assistant cook at college and studying for a Master's Degree in Culinary Arts.

Digimon type: Dorumon
Appearance: Medium sized, about a foot or so shorter than Seth is. Bigger than most Dorumon.
Personality: Energetic, desires to explore and fight.
Background: Sometimes gives information to imply he's been partnered up with humans in the past, often treats certain issues with no big deal as well for similar reasons. Also seems to be from a species of Digimon not seen very often throughout history.
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