DBZ: The Fallen Empire

Name: Solaris Starblood
Image or Appearance Description: A Saiyan with visible Solarian ancestry in the form of larger body mass (in some situations) and veins that glow a blue color (changes with transformation state). He wears his silver hair slicked back. His skin is abnormally bleached, pale to an unnatural degree. Given enough time it will probably return to a tanned color normative of other Solarians. His eyes carry a striking grey quality to them, the color of storm clouds. In general he wears a set of armor that's a mixture of alien alloys and magic enhanced crystal, covered in a dozen runes. The armor's crystalline color and metallic reflection change color along with his transformation states. In the states that he's not wearing his armor, he's managed to pick up a set of clothes to better suit him. A close fitting black jacket and pants decorated with Solarian religious iconography, along with a metal necklace that contains the symbol of his own sealing. In both armor and regular clothing he wears a silver cape with an eight mark symbol.
Age: Nearly a thousand years old but spent that time mostly in a magical stasis.
Race: Half-Saiyan Half-Solarian
Gender: Male
Small Description of Abilities: In place of the standard Super Saiyan forms Solaris utilizes "Star Form", a form that replaces his ki based abilities with plasma and augments his untapped magical abilities. Can learn Solarian magics if given the proper time and place.
Comparable Saiyan Transformation Level (Use this to gauge your character if they're a ki based fighter, ignore if character is not DBZ based): Dread Saiyan
Notable Weapons: None.
Small Background Story: Originally one of the last surviving Saiyans in his universe, the less than benevolent gods took him and used him as an experiment, pushing his power further and further until he could annihilate the universe if need be. Afterwords he was locked away and left as an emergency back up, the only intent of waking him would be his death. However the combined forces of the Black Kaiser and his enslaved servant the Dark Master slaughtered his masters and freed Solaris, temporarily making him a thrall. Solaris however managed to escape their control, and using what memory he had left went and sought out the Z-Fighters to learn just what made them so terrifying for his former masters.
Personality: Due to having been a science project and weapon since he was a child and whenever he was out of stasis, Solaris has developed a very literal and direct personality. Disliking distractions and lacking patience outside of combat, he also has an appreciation for wit. During his time as a servant of the Black Kaiser he was forcibly taught how to properly act in society, mostly for the sake of the people using him as a tool.
Reference pic for the armor

Theme Song:
Battle Song:
Name: Kira Carsen
Image or Appearance Description: http://jedi.well-of-souls.com/images/kira3.jpg[/LEFT]
Age: 22​
Race: Human​
Gender: Female​
Small Description of Abilities: Master level Jedi.​
Comparable Saiyan Transformation Level (Use this to gauge your character if they're a ki based fighter, ignore if character is not DBZ based): Beyond Super Saiyan, strong as any Jedi Master.​
Notable Weapons: Blue Double-Saber.​
Small Background Story: Once she was a young girl at the Sith academy who heard the voice of the Emperor, until her escape. Eventually she joined the Jedi Order and ascended, in time, to the rank of master. Now she leads the Jedi forces against the Eternal Empire.
Personality: Kira Carsen was a headstrong and confident Jedi, with a strong sense of loyalty towards her friends and allies. Behind this confident front, she hid fear of her past and a near-desperate desire to prove herself. She believed that her past in the Sith Empire would cause those she knew to turn on her if they ever found out, so Kira was determined to prove her loyalty and worth to the Jedi Order. She was also mildly claustrophobic, and she masked fear behind a quick tongue and sharp wit.

Mains: Solaris, Kira Carsen.​
Nice bios, and all approved! Feel free to start posting right away in the main game thread, I look forward to seeing your characters in action! :D
Name: Phantom (real name unknown)
Image or Appearance Description: Black robes with a skull mask. 6'3", slender build. Under the mask, he has blue eyes with a scar on his left eye. He wears a sash with weapons and gadgets in it.
Age: 31
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Small Description of Abilities: Phantom was born with his ki signature naturally masked. How he was born with this is unknown, but he has used his gift to great effect over the years.
Notable Weapons: A high power sniper rifle, sword, a multitude of grenades and other devices.
Small Background Story: Phantom is an assassin that specializes in targeting ki users. He has done so since the age of fourteen, when he was first taken in for his ability to mask his signature. He has since grown into a formidable foe, even standing toe to toe with the Z-Fighters at times. However, he has worked with them in the past. One particular assassination, his greatest and most recent achievement, was the recent murder of the Z-Fighter's ally, Haribu, who was doing research on the Sith Emperor, Vitiate, at the time.
Interesting....I'll approve! Feel free to start posting at your discretion!

Quick question though: is he a main or a secondary character?
Could I Be Goku and Vegeta if its not too late? And i was also planning on registering A few ocs later if thats alright.
No worries Freak!

Also Panich, Goku and Vegeta are currently dead from the Zakuul Empire's invasion of Earth. You can still play them if you want, but the main issue is that they will be outside of the plot.

For OCs, let me know who you want to bring and if they are a "main" or "secondary" character. This is very important for the story progression, as mains and secondaries will under go two different types of character development.
Name: Panich

Image or Appearance Description: Rather short, almost the same height as Vegeta. Her hair curls to the front of her face (As seen in my profile pic), where she sports a similar scowl to the Prince. and she also has her saiyan tail and wears saiyan armor

Age: same age as Goku

Race: Saiyan

Gender: Female

Small Description of Abilities: Ki based attacks, martial arts

Comparable Saiyan Transformation Level (Use this to gauge your character if they're a ki based fighter, ignore if character is not DBZ based): Dread saiyan

Notable Weapons: none

Small Background Story: She is the sister of Vegeta, the Prince of all saiyans. She was wished to earth along with the namekians and the other fighters during the destruction of Namek, and is now a current resident on earth along with the Z-fighters. She later moves on to have two children with her Husband Bage

She is a main

Name: Bage 

Image or Appearance Description: A tall saiyan (slightly shorter than Goku), who wears a Gi of black and orange and has similar hair to Gogeta but shorter. He also has a saiyan tail and is usually seen with a similar smile to Goku's

Age: 2 years younger than Goku and Panich

Race: Saiyan 

Gender: Male

Small Description of Abilities: Ki based attacks, martial arts

Comparable Saiyan Transformation Level (Use this to gauge your character if they're a ki based fighter, ignore if character is not DBZ based): Dread saiyan

Notable Weapons: none

Small Background Story: A clone of Goku's DNA sent by a sinister android, that Bulma reassembles to use as help around capsule corporation, to the past to destroy the Z-fighters, along side with other clones. But in the process, he lost his memory and stayed in the past, not knowing his true purpose for being there. Then was attacked in his timeline by the other three clones, who threatened to kill him and the other Z-fighters. After the incident, Bage returned to the future, but not before asking Bulma to create him so that he would not cease to exist. He is currently Panich's husband and father of his two children, Basil and Paprika.
He is a main

Name: Zibarica

Image or Appearance Description: average sized Namekian who wears saiyan armor and a bandanna on his head. He has two scars racing up to create an 'X' across his left eye. 

Age: 1 year younger than Piccolo

Race: Namekian

Gender: Male

Small Description of Abilities: Ki based attacks, Martial arts.

Comparable Saiyan Transformation Level (Use this to gauge your character if they're a ki based fighter, ignore if character is not DBZ based): mystic saiyan

Notable Weapons: none

Small Background Story: He was a runaway who would live on different planets to make a living as a child, then was taken by Friza's army to become a soldier and destroy inhabited planets for profit. after Frieza's defeat, He found his way to earth in his assigned saiyan pod and befriended the Z-fighters.
He is a secondary
I'll approve, but two things:

1) Bage and Panich were Dread Saiyan level, iirc. I'd normally be ok with any sort of lowering to their power if that's what you'd like, but since Panich's alter ego turned out to be Dread Master Brontes (go read that sum up for the War on Terror were the Masters reveal their origins), she kind of has to be Dread Saiyan/SSGSS at least haha.

2) The battle between the Eternal Fleet and the Z-Fighters' forces has already begun and is somewhat close to finishing. So in order to place these two in the story, I'm going to allow them to enter into the game as prisoners of Zakuul. There are a few others who have been currently captured, so when you see me using Vegetto and Gogeta again, that's the signal allowing you to get into the game!
Okay thats what i assumed 
I'll edit that! And i hope you wont mind if i make Zibarica about mystic saiyan level
I just making sure that thats what it would be
Cause tbh i thought it was gonna be different for some reason! :teehee:
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Secondary Character
Name: Maki Tamazaki

Image or Appearance Description:

Age: 17

Race: Angel/Fallen Angel

Gender: Female

Small Description of Abilities: Maki has great talent in the use of light energy, so much that she is actually WAY more powerful than Oriko in use of said energy. She is also capable of using demonic energy as a result of her having fallen from grace due to her being in extreme emotional distress. Overuse of said energy, however, may result in her turning into her Fallen Angel state, resulting in a power boost at the cost of every bit of cognitive thinking she had in her, making her very aggressive to just about everything that's not a Fallen Angel or Demon (of her universe). Her two ultimate abilities, one in her regular state and one in her Fallen Angel form, are "Floodgates of Heaven" and "Hell's Calling", respectively. The Floodgates are just what they seem to be, a giant floodgate that releases a massive amount of light energy, "flooding" anyone in the area. "Hell's Calling" has her use her Angelbane to rip open a black hole, sucking anything in a small radius. She tends to avoid using either move, though. Especially Hell's Calling, due to its overly destructive nature.

Notable Weapons:
Moonlit Guardian: Maki's longsword, which turns into a shortsword in her Fallen Angel form.
Light's Bane: Maki's shortsword, which turns into a longsword in her Fallen Angel form. It also has an ultimate state, which is a greatsword called the Angelbane. Use of the Angelbane GREATLY increases Maki's chances of turning into her Fallen Angel form.

Small Background Story: Maki is Oriko's Guardian, the one mostly responsible for keeping him safe. She's laid off a bit on this role lately due to him being able to hold his own lately, but that doesn't mean she won't come to his aid when he needs it. She was the one who sent him to aid the Z-Fighters (remember Oriko's entrance in AF SoR? Yeah..... About that..). As the lead scientist of "Heaven", she was the one who put the "God Fragment" in Oriko, giving him his powers (and his life back, of course).
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Name: Basil

Image or Appearance Description: A tall man who resembles Bage, only with short hair that goes down.

Age: 7 years younger than Gohan

Race: Saiyan

Gender: Male

Small Description of Abilities: Martial arts, ki blasts

Comparable Saiyan Transformation Level (Use this to gauge your character if they're a ki based fighter, ignore if character is not DBZ based): Inverted Super Saiyan

Notable Weapons: none

Small Background Story: He is the son of Bage and Panich. He loves to fight, but also tries to follow in Gohan's footsteps to become a great scholor. He can be kind-hearted like his father, but is more serious and focused like his mother.

Name: Paprika

Image or Appearance Description: A woman of average height (slightly taller than Panich and almost as tall as Vegeta); has a slimilar hairstyle to Panich

Age: Same as Goten

Race: Saiyan

Gender: Female 

Small Description of Abilities: Martial arts, ki blasts

Comparable Saiyan Transformation Level (Use this to gauge your character if they're a ki based fighter, ignore if character is not DBZ based): Mystic Saiyan

Notable Weapons: none

Small Background Story: Paprika is the daughter of Bage and Panich. She enjoys fighting as much, if not, more than Basil. She is a very sweet and kind-hearted like her father and rarely lets her temper get the best of her.

They are both secondary characters
Name: Genn Undying
Image or Appearance Description:
Age: 55
Race: Human (Distant Sith Pureblood in DNA)
Gender: Male
Small Description of Abilities: Imperial Agent. Trained and field experienced to expertise in sabotage, infiltration, interrogation, negotiations, starship piloting, and Agent style combat. Trained and experienced in the use of stealth generators, sniper rifles, blaster rifles, blaster pistols, virboblades, personal shield cover generators, explosives, field medicine, and poisons.
He has traveled around the galaxy, picking up unique abilities from where he can. He has unlocked the ability to survive in the harshest climates due to training from the Hailstorm Brotherhood letting him unlock the deepest parts of his body, preventing him from dying in extreme climates. To further augment his abilities he used his own embedded mind control programing "limit break commands" to make himself immune to pain and exhaustion. Having traveled to dozens of planets, he collected, stored, and utilized the power of the Infinite Empire Datacrons to increase his ki and thus his mind, body, and command ability.
Notable Weapons: Carries the top quality equipment the Empire can currently produce under Zakuul's rule, made by a personal friend and master class weapons and armor designer. His general arsenal he keeps around are a blaster rifle, blaster pistol, sniper rifle, vibroblade, several kolto healing devices, and a good deal of poisons. In addition, though his use of it is extremely limited and unpraticed, he carries the Lightsaber of Ardun Kothe to as a continual reminder of the religious war decimating the galaxy, and as a reminder of the number of Jedi he's killed. Not to be underestimated with it.
Vehicles: A white and grey Imperial speeder that he always makes sure is around wherever he's operating.
X-708B Phantom -
Small Background Story: (Will be updated to reflect Chapter 3 of the story when I get around to finishing it.) Cipher 9, the Hand of Jadus, Imperial Agent. Born on Balmorra he grew up into Imperial occupation and grew to love the Empire with the Republic having abandoned his planet, joining Intelligence and working to assist the Empire in delicate matters. After a series of adventures he ended up working with an Admiral of the Imperial fleet as his primary liason, and felt deeply betrayed by the invasion the Eternal Empire brought upon all he had worked for. Had a Sith brother named Drask, was in love with Watcher 2 / Keeper, and was partners with Vector Hyllus.
"Iconoclasm. That's my keyword. That's what describes me best."
"Get ready to see how Intelligence handles things!"
I'll drop the edits of Jaz and Red Mist in here since I can't find where I dropped her info. Might be in another thread stuck on AF so eh...

Name: Jaz Evelyn Rebbel

Image or Appearance Description:

Black hair, green eyes, and the most adorable freckles.

Age: 22-23 

Race: A.I Earthling? (Kire created her in a lab.)

Gender: Female

Small Description of Abilities: Jaz has a remarkable ability to restore any part of her body as long as there is water nearby, even in the air. Jaz is very agile and quick on her feet. Her fighting style is unpredictable, and despite her childish personality, she is able to learn very quickly, finding ways to counter-attack her enemies. Jaz has a core inside her body that acts as her heart, keeping her alive at all costs, that is about the size of a tennis ball. The core is made of the densest material known to man, making it hard to destroy. The core is always learning, even when Jaz is not aware of it (She never is...) because it is constantly renewing itself to keep Jaz alive. The core has three main parts to it: The dense outer core, the coding of Jaz's programming/functions, and the true inner core ('The Essence' as Kire calls it), the sole reason Jaz is alive. It is the pinnacle of Kire's work, and he has yet to make something close to it.

Notable Weapons: Jaz uses two large blades that come out of her arms. In combination with her unpredictable movements, her blades are a deadly force to deal with and hard to counter. They are also strong enough to block attacks and act as a small shield for Jaz thanks to how they are designed. Jaz's other persona, known as Red Mist, is a weapon as well but her character needs almost an entire bio dedicated to her.

Small Background Story: Ever since the death of her brother, father, and lover, Jaz wondered the Earth in search of something to do. She's taken a few jobs as a dancer, part-time stunt actor, and even acted in a few small movies. When none of it felt fulfilling, Jaz left the city she was raised in and live life in the forest, trying to figure out her purpose and fill the empty hole in her heart. It wasn't long until she met Vegetto and had a spar with him. She was amazed at how powerful he was and she opted to stick with him through his adventures. In the midst of it all, Jaz befriended Vegetto's son, Vegetto Jr., and they seem to grow closer every day. Jaz is still hurt from her past adventures and struggles to accept Junior in her life.

As time went on and Jaz became closer to Junior and Vegetto, the gap in her heart was beginning to fill up. She accepted Vegetto as a father-like figure who she looked up to and vowed to be as strong as him. As for Junior, she began to show more affection and love for him since he cares about her so much. While she doesn't like to admit it, she has fallen in love with him and the same can be said for him. His shy and awkward personality is a contrast to Jaz, and the more she hangs out with him, the more she sees him beginning to shine and break out of his shell.

Name: Red Mist

Image or Appearance Description:


Age: 22-23 

Race: A.I Earthling? (Kire created her in a lab.)

Gender: Female

Small Description of Abilities: Red Mist is a soldier and is able to learn much faster than Jaz and is much more powerful. She is faster, stronger, and smarter than Jaz in every way. She will always kill her target no matter how overpowering they may be. She is very efficient in using almost all weapons (new or old) and regenerates much faster than Jaz when in water. One major aspect of Red Mist is that she is unable to feel pain (unless it's her core), which makes her continue in the fight without stopping. Red Mist also doesn't rely on air like humans do, making her capable of staying underwater/vacuum for very long periods of time. Unlike Jaz, her core directly linked with Red Mist in terms of learning, making her think of counters and strategies on the spot and as time goes, like a supercomputer. If you control her core, you control the solder that is Red Mist.

Red Mist's personality is very unstable and she will only serve those strong enough to control her. Being so unstable, Red Mist has been seen disobeying her masters more frequently and attacking both friend and foe for the sake of becoming more independent. Her goal is to eliminate all those who 'disrupt' the peace, regardless of race, gender, or age. The more unstable she gets, the more skewed that view tends to become. 

Notable Weapons: Red Mist's entire body is a weapon. She is also able to use Jaz's blades. 

Small Background Story: Red Mist served during The Great War when Kire was still alive. She was the ultimate weapon that Kire created that stopped the war. She strictly obeyed Kire and protected him diligently. One day, Trevosky's army managed to capture Red Mist and figure out what made her so powerful. They almost managed to shut down Red Mist, but Kire rescued his daughter before such a thing happened. Seeing the core slightly damaged, Kire fixed the Red Mist back to the fullest capabilities. When the war ended, Red Mist was locked deep within the confines of the core, allowing Jaz to take over the body and live her life. With all the years that passed by, Red Mist slowly grew stronger and more unstable each day, waiting for the day to unleash her power. 

When Jaz stayed with Vegetto and his friends, Red Mist studied the Saiyans from deep down, learning each of their flaws and weaknesses. She has an extreme loathe for Junior, him being the reason she cannot escape due to the support he gives Jaz and the feelings both youngsters have for each other. As Jaz continued to meet more people, Red Mist gathered more knowledge, adding it to her core and making her grow stronger. As of now, Red Mist is kept controlled by Kire but can sometimes come out during a fight, waiting patiently for her time to escape the chains that hold her.
Might as well retcon Brachi and Xenest's behavior on this actually.

Brachi would still be traumatized from her initial demise against Siber, but would be more understanding when she's been told that Vegetto had other emergencies to attend to in the time period very shortly before Siber killed her, which would make her a bit more level-headed rather than pressing Vegetto to at least apologize to her for leaving her behind. 

Xenest was actually meant to be Future Xenest, but I'll stick with the present Xenest on this one.
Name: Atama Buster, Lunar Sage
Image or Appearance Description:
Atama is an 8 foot tall man who bears an aged look, and has two massive blue wings on his back. His eyes are two different colors, one gold, one silver. His hair is a lunar silver, and is tied up in a pony tail that goes from the back of his head, all the way down to his legs. His veins produce a black glow. He wears a massive black coat to cover his overly large frame, complete with silver gloves and boots.
Age: 500
Race: Solarian-Human Fusion
Gender: Male
Small Description of Abilities: God Level (Planet Buster) Darkness Manipulation, Master level Time Magic user, Solarian Biology
Transformations: Lunar Empowerment, Unleashed Darkness State
Notable Weapons: Shadow Forged Katana, an unbreakable weapon born alongside Atama and bound to his soul, massive enough for him to be able to use all his strength with it, acts as a conduit for his magic

Atama was a being born of dire circumstances, who later became his own person. The hero, king, and strongest of the Solarians was dying, his body collapsing from battle damage that broke down his very cells. In a last ditch effort, his future self and two of his mentors completed a sacrificial ritual, discarding their physical forms and combining said forms with the hero's dying body, creating a vessel to keep the hero alive until they could find a means to save his life. Atama was that vessel, a combination of four being's memories, physical characteristics, and magical power, and none of their spirits. He quickly fled his former loved ones, and spent time in isolation, trying to find an identity for himself that wasn't born from who he formerly was. His power was so great that he became a Solarian god of magic, darkness, and the moon. However, the universe demanded a balance be made, and a similar god of strength, light, and the sun came into being, Atama's life, soul, and magic linked brother, Ultima. Atama and Ultima battled for a year, what started off slow fist fights escalated further and further into massive magics of destruction, which prevented Atama from being able to find a way to save the Solarian hero he was born to protect. One year, on the same day Atama was born, Ultima pushed Atama to the final limit. Summoning all of his magic and strength into one blow, Ultima was ready to destroy a planet, the ultimate sin a Solarian could commit. Unwilling to allow one of his people's religious deities to die, Atama knew that his and Ultima's lives were linked. Neither could defeat each other, but Atama didn't need to defeat Ultima to stop him. With resolution, Atama destroyed his katana, allowing his existence to fade away. This in turn took away Ultima's strength, and then his own existence.
Years later, Atama's existence was restored by the Guardian of his universe, Jack Oblivion. Confused as to how he was alive, Jack offered him a deal. A chance to be his own person, independent of the people that created him, on the condition of being the founding member of a team of special persons to handle threats in the universe. Though hesitant, Atama accepted the deal, and Jack recreated his life-bound katana, handing it to him.

Character Theme: Midna's Lament cover by Lizz Robinett -
Battle Theme: Darkness of the Unknown 2.5 Remaster -

Name: Memora Buster, Heart-Bound Champion
Image or Appearance Description:
Age: 62 (Physically 25 thanks to Atama)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Small Description of Abilities: Continent Destroyer (Master level) Light Magic, Novice level Darkness Manipulation, Adept level Magic Link
Transformations: Darkness Empowered Form, Drive Link (Dark, Ice, Star/Dread, Trinity)
Notable Weapons:
The Lost Memories Keyblade, given to Memora after being forged by Jack, is the conduit and source of Memora's abilities. A powerful weapon bound to her heart, it is capable of many feats, including unlocking any complete lock, locking away things based on training, channeling magic, use as a weapon, and transformation.

Memora was not someone who was supposed to be destined for greatness. She was a normal woman, of normal standing, with normal aspirations. She never intended to become a hero. One day, on a simple walk, Memora came upon a bloodied woman in a black coat stumbling towards her. Memora grabbed the woman, but the woman shoved some sort of weapon into her arms. She was told to run, and then Memora watched the woman die. Looking up, Memora saw several Neo-Shadows, all hungry for the heart of a Keyblade wielder. She didn't even have time to panic before she died. However, her will was strong enough to form a nobody, who could still wield the power of her Keyblade. Forced into the role of the hero, Memora managed to find allies and become strong enough to repel the Heartless' destruction of her world. At the very end, she herself managed to locate her own heart, and defeated the massive heartless it had become. Grabbing the vital part of her being, she adsorbed it back into her body, turning from Nobody to human. Returning to her shattered home, she found two strangers waiting inside for her. An angelic being with massive blue wings, and a punk dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt. The punk explained who they were, Jack Oblivion, and Atama Buster, respectively, and showed Memora a vision of the future. After the Heartless invasion, countless world threatening incidents would occur and continue to occur, Memora growing ever stronger from these fights to the point that she causes the destruction of her universe in a final, ultimate battle between darkness and light that reforms the X-Blade, and the X-Blade's return allowing Kingdom Hearts, the source of her universe, to be destroyed. Jack offered a simple deal. Atama would prevent her world from being threatened ever again, via the ability to manipulate time, but Memora would have to come to their universe and work for Jack, and she could not help Atama in his fights in her universe. Jack explained that Memora fighting here would propel her power higher and higher until eventual destruction without outside help, and that he needed Memora to help him to prevent an even greater calamity that he had foreseen. Though extremely hesitant, at the last moment Memora agreed, and so Jack handed her a keychain, him explaining that it was an upgrade over her current keyblade's form.

Character Theme: Unknown
Battle Theme: Simple and Clean Rising Sun Remix -

Name: Snow Destiny, Lunar Princess
Image or Appearance Description:
A woman with blue eyes and white hair. Her veins glow white. She normally wears a simple blue jacket and pants with silver boots.
Age: 200
Race: Solarian
Gender: Female
Small Description of Abilities: Continent Destroyer (Master level) Ice Magic, Master level Swordsmanship, Solarian Biology
Transformations: Ice Unleashed State
Notable Weapons: Broken Oath - A Solarian sword and one of the strongest ever made. A powerful conduit for Solarian magic, it also hosts a small concentrated mass of crystals. Most importantly, the handle of the blade contains an advanced computer that records the fights of every single person who wields the blade, building an AI replica of their fighting style, which allows the user to tap into sword masters past in combat.

Snow was the first born child of the Solarian hero, King, and Grandmaster. As a result, she was the child of the currently active hero of her people, the princess of their ruler, and the daughter of the strongest Solarian alive. Though this created tremendous pressure in her social life, her parents loved her and gave her unconditional positive regard. She became a successful mage, and a somewhat okay duelist, by the time she was a young adult. It was at that point her life changed for the worse. Her father became possessed by the armor of a chaos god, and was defeated in combat via six mana-burn bullets by a dark hero, who went on the run after killing another hero. The father's body as an infant suffered degeneration, his body was falling into pieces. Final Oblivion, a servant of Snow's gods and college of her father's, created an artificial organ system to hold his body together, a system of wires that would spread all through the body, connected to a set of wings. However, the mana-burn bullets destroyed those wires and aggravated the condition to the extreme, the father's body beginning to fall apart on the cellular level. In desperation, the father's future self operating on the code name of "Time Traveler," and his two mentors Final and Origin sacrificed their physical bodies, creating a vessel of the four beings to sustain his life. Snow was there when the sacrifice was preformed, and saw the vessel's birth. The vessel, in confusion at Snow, flew away. However, that vessel refused to find a way to stop the father's degeneration from killing him, and the vessel eventually allowed its own existence to fade away. Once again dying, her father passed away in the arms of his wife, telling her to take care of the children. Snow became disillusioned with the world, retreating from her widowed mother and fatherless younger brother, to a barren moon. There, she constructed a castle of ice and snow, refusing to return to the cruel world which had killed her father, and tore her family apart.
Decades after the death of her father, an angel of darkness descended onto Snow's frozen home. Walking inside, the freezing cold having no affect on the dark, Atama looked up to the throne of his daughter, and asked for a chance to make right what went wrong. Her only response was anger at the fact that Jack had brought back Atama, but not her father, despite being able to. Atama explained why Jack left her father dead, it was so the hero could rest. Atama explained he wanted to help Snow leave her isolation and help the world again, and Snow questioned why now and not when Atama was first brought back. He explained that one of his teammates had died outside of their universe, and as a result Jack was unable to undo their death. As a result, the team was weakened without a four member. Despite the danger, Snow accepted the offer coming onto the team to do the one thing her father wanted her to do. Make the world a better place.
Character Theme: The Path to Isolation -
Battle Theme: Fly Me to the Moon (Climax) -
Limit Break Theme: DELTARUNE - Tokyovania Remix - https://youtu.be/0gxv4KR3fxE
Name: Raditz
Image or Appearance Description:
Age: 78 (physically 56)
Race: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Small Description of Abilities: Martial Artist and user of Godly Ki
Comparable Saiyan Transformation Level (Use this to gauge your character if they're a ki based fighter, ignore if character is not DBZ based): Dread Saiyan
Notable Weapons: Ki Based Attacks
Small Background Story: The older brother of Kakarot who escaped Hell and was resurrected due to becoming a trusted ally of the Z-Fighters. He became a part of their regular adventures, disappearing at times, but always showing up to help during important times as his battle power had increased immensely from his training in Hell and after being resurrected. After the final confrontation against the evil future counterpart of Vegetto Jr., Raditz decided to travel across the universe to hone his skills of his newly acquired Dread Saiyan form. Now that he's traveled for some time he decides it's time to make a return.


[size=small]Name: Ale[/size]
Image or Appearance Description: The Lupans are a race of anthropomorphic canines, their appearance is similar to the grey wolves found on earth. Ale is 6'4 and is physically imposing due to him being the most powerful being in Universe 5 and from his training as a destroyer from Cukatail. His general attire are the garments worn by other destroyers, his pattern and coloring looking very similar to Arak's uniform. He wears silver rings on his arms, a silver choker, and a silver earring on his right ear. This indicates his status as a destroyer in training since official destroyers wear gold instead
Age: Over 100 (physically 20s)
Race: Lupan
Gender: Male
Small Description of Abilities: Martial Artist, user of Godly Ki and Hakai energy
Comparable Saiyan Transformation Level (Use this to gauge your character if they're a ki based fighter, ignore if character is not DBZ based): God of Destruction
Notable Weapons: Martial Artist, Claws + Fangs, Ki Based Attacks
[size=small]Small Background Story: During his time as a mortal he was a revered champion of the planet Lupani which is located in Universe 5. They were an isolationist planet and as such were neutral in exchanges between other worlds, only interfering if the planet was being threatened. Ale acted as the trusted and loyal bodyguard of the Lupan King as well being known to end conflicts among the Lupan people or visiting aliens. His overwhelming strength and sense of duty caught the attention of Cukatail who was in search of a new candidate for God of Destruction. The Lupan King saw this as a great honor and allowed his royal bodyguard to leave and become a destroyer. After Ale was formally turned into a deity he began his training with the angel as well as being taught lessons on how to work as a destroyer from Arak. A requirement for candidates is to travel across the 12 universes and take note of how things are run by the other destroyers.[/size]
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